At the first part of the chart, up to the end of the church ages, the Scriptures and the Message do not give us the exact order of these events as they occur, therefore the succession might not be exactly in the right order. But the sequence of the events AFTER the church ages will happen as explained in the chart, which is correctly according to the Message and the Bible.


The 7 written Seals opened in 1963

    REVELATION 10:1  And I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven, clothed with a cloud: and a rainbow was upon his head, and his face was as it were the sun, and his feet as
    pillars of fire:
    2  And he had in his hand a LITTLE BOOK open: and he set his right foot upon the sea, and his...

72-4 {32} THE.BREACH... 63-0317E  And he had in his hand a LITTLE BOOK open:.. Now, here it was closed here, and sealed, and here it's open; it's been OPENED. Since that time of the sealing we're getting into TONIGHT, NOW the Book's OPENED. A little Book in His hand--in His... It was opened.

146-3 {196} THE.FIRST.SEAL 63-0318  And we know CHRIST is always the Messenger to the Church. All right. He's called a Pillar of Fire, the Angel of the covenant and so forth.
And he had in his hand a LITTLE BOOK opened:... (Now, the Seals had done been broke here. WE'RE breaking them NOW; but this, the thing's opened.)... and he set his right foot on the sea...

These quotes tell us that the opening of the 7 Seals of the LITTLE BOOK took place in March 1963, and the next quotes tell us that the little Book is the Bible. The Voice of Revel.10:7 reveals the whole mystery of all what the servants the Prophets wrote in the Bible. The Message must stay within the Bible, nothing can be added or taken away, as Revel. 22:18+19 says.

74-2 {40} THE.BREACH... 63-0317E ...seventh angel's message, the MYSTERY of God should be finished that's been declared by His holy prophets. That's the prophets WHO has WROTE the WORD.

522-6 {396} QUESTIONS.AND.ANSWERS.ON.THE.SEALS 63-0324M is impossible to please God without faith. We just can't do it. And now, with faith believing, with this PROMISES laying before us, with the SEALS of the BIBLE being OPENED to us that God keeps His Word...

24 HE.THAT.IS.IN.YOU 63-1110E  So, the Message of the Seven Seals, in their closing, that's the Message of the ENTIRE BIBLE. The Seven Seals CLOSES the New Testament and sealed it up. That is true. Now, we know that that is, by PROPHETIC utterance, by scientific, and by the Word.

43 THE.FEAST.OF.THE.TRUMPETS 64-0719M  There where the Angel of the Lord met us, and the Bible become a NEW Bible. There It opened up and revealed all the things that the reformers and things had LEFT OUT. It was the COMPLETE REVELATION of Jesus Christ, altogether NEW...

    REVELATION 5:1  And I saw in the right hand of him that sat on the throne a book WRITTEN within AND on the backside, sealed with seven seals.

239 IS.THIS.THE.SIGN.OF.THE.END.SIR  62-1230E  And the seven Seals that we're trying to speak of when I come THIS TIME, is the seven WRITTEN Seals. And these seven seals, as you know, is JUST the manifestation of the seven Angels of the seven churches. But there are SEVEN OTHER SEALS that's on the back side of the Book, that's outside the Bible.

When I come “this time” was fulfilled in March 1963. Like lots of other quotes, we see here that there are 2 times 7 Seals opened at different times. The 7 Seals WRITTEN within hold the revealed mysteries written in the Bible, the LITTLE Book. This is different to the opening of the 7 LAST, or 7 OTHER, or 7 DIFFERENT Seals of the GREAT BOOK, which is the LAMB'S BOOK of Life, as we will see later on. In 1963, the Prophet said that these Seals reveal what IS, what WAS, and what IS TO COME.

297 The Book that is WRITTEN within is then completed when this angel ceases. Now, please understand this. When the seventh angel's message is COMPLETED, the Godhead mystery, the serpent's seed mystery, all the other MYSTERIES of all these things, eternal sonship, as they talk about.

303 Now, there's writing on the INSIDE of the Book, but the backside had seven seals on the back of it that WASN'T WRITTEN in the Book. Now, this is the revelator talking: John. Now, remember, it wasn't written in the Book. "And in the days of the voice of the seventh angel ALL this mystery that's WRITTEN WITHIN should be finished." It should be taken care of in that day.

262 THE.ANOINTED.ONES.AT.THE.END.TIME 65-0725M  And, remember, the THIRD PULL was the opening of them Seven Seals, to REVEAL the hidden Truth that's been sealed in the WORD.

In 1933 at a baptism service at the Ohio river, the Angel of the Lord came down and told the Prophet that his Message will FORERUN the second coming of Christ. To forerun means to foretell, to explain describe and reveal the hidden truth sealed in the Bible BEFORE the second coming of the Lord can actually take place, and these quotes in the Message DO exactly that.

90-1 {140} THE.BREACH... 63-0317E  This is DESCRIBED in this seven-sealed Book that we're talking of now. All right. The Book of Redemption, it's all described in here. ALL that what Christ WILL DO at the END will be REVEALED to us this week in the Seven Seals if God will let us. See? All right; it'll be revealed. And revealed as the Seals break and are released to us, then we can see what this great PLAN of redemption is and WHEN and HOW it's GOING TO BE DONE. It's all hidden in this Book of mystery here. It's sealed up with Seven Seals... And so the Lamb is the only One Who can break them.

346-2 {87} THE.FIFTH.SEAL 63-0322  But these Seals here are REVEALING what HAS BEEN, what IS, and WHAT WILL BE. See?

427-1 {249} THE.SIXTH.SEAL 63-0323  Now, see, if you can get back here under these Seals, if they can ever get... When they're OPENED, you can see EXACTLY what God IS a DOING, what He HAS DONE, what He is GOING TO DO. Here it is exactly,

527-2 {15} THE.SEVENTH.SEAL 63-0324E  Now, the opening of the Seals shows WHERE the church GOES, and HOW it ENDS UP.

The last 4 quotes are very important, they are prophetic. They explain that the opening of the 7 written Seals of the Bible in March 1963 revealed and FORETOLD what Christ WILL DO at the END of the church ages, AFTER the last one has come into the fold, and is saved and sealed UNTO the day of redemption. The next 2 quotes show what Christ will DO at the END.

125-6 {59} THE.FIRST.SEAL 63-0318  Now, the Lamb in the time of intercessory back here, He knew that there were names in there that was put in there from the foundation of the world, and as long as them names have NEVER BEEN MANIFESTED ON EARTH as yet, He had to STAY THERE as Intercessor. Do you get it? Perfectly predestination... 
...Therefore as long as there was ONE NAME hadn't NEVER YET been DECLARED in EARTH, Christ had to stay there as an Intercessor to take care of that name. But as soon as that FINAL name had been splashed in that Clorox or bleach, THEN His intercessory days was over. "Let him that's filthy be filthy still. Let him that's holy, he's holy still." See? And HE LEAVES the sanctuary, and then it becomes a JUDGMENT SEAT. Woe unto those outside of Christ then. Now, notice: But it's to BE REVEALED when the Lamb leaves His intercessory place from the Father. (Now, that's Revelation 5). Now, HE TAKES the BOOK of Seals, the Book of Seals or a Book sealed with Seals, breaks them and shows them (look) at the END of the AGE now, AFTER the intercessory is OVER; the church ages has DONE FINISHED UP.

408-2 {120} THE.SIXTH.SEAL 63-0323 There's no more Blood on the seat of the--in the sanctuary at all. There's no more Blood on the ALTAR. The sacrifice has been REMOVED; and there's nothing but smoke and lightning and JUDGMENT in there. And that's just exactly what's poured out here tonight. (See?) The Lamb's done left His mediatorial work. The mediatorial work has been finished from over on the throne, and the Sacrifice, as we've typed Him perfectly, the Kinsman Redeemer, the BLOODY Lamb that come forth, the Lamb that had been slain (a bloody One, been killed, bruised), come forth and TOOK the BOOK out of His hand. That's... The day's are FINISHED. Now, He's coming to CLAIM what He has REDEEMED. Amen.

There are at least 27 quotes like these 2 in the Sealsbook, explaining in detail what Christ will DO at His second coming in Glory. The Pentecostals rejected this teaching of the coming of the Lord, they insisted that the Bride must go through the Tribulation for purification, which made the opening of the 7 written Seals in March 1963 to have no effect on the people. In 1960, after Brother Branham had preached the church ages according to Revelation chapters 2 and 3, he continued with chapter 4. He made it very clear that the chapters 4, 5, 6 etc. are FORETELLING, they will happen AFTER the church ages are completed.


122 STANDING.IN.THE.GAP 63-0623M  I had built myself a complex, because the people didn't hear my Message. And if you'll... And God forbid that I'll try to compare the life of now like Moses, but it's exactly what Moses did. The people wouldn't listen to him when he come to deliver them, so he just left them alone and went into the wilderness, but God turned him around.

69 REVELATION.CHAPTER.FOUR.3 61-0108  Just listen here. I read this again this morning; it just nearly tore me to pieces: the place and the attitude of Christ at the END of the church age, found from the 20th verse to 22nd verse of Revelation 3. Think of it: Christ, at the END, where HE'S AT. Where is He at the END of the church age? Outside His church, pushed out by denominations and CREEDS. What's His attitude? Trying to GET BACK IN. That's a pitiful condition.

120 WHO.DO.YOU.SAY.THIS.IS 64-1227 ...this Laodicea, to show that it's already over, that she's already sealed in there, and Christ is on the OUTSIDE. NEVER did say HE come BACK in AGAIN, you know. So we find it today, putting the WORD OUT, just as it always was.

356 THE.INDICTMENT 63-0707M  So do I indict this high-polished, church-going bunch of Christrejecting people of this day. You, with your forms of godliness, crucify my Christ the second time, by telling the people, that, "These Words are for some other day, and It isn't for this day.' I INDICT YOU. You're guilty of the same crime that they was, on the day of the crucifixion.

245 THE.INDICTMENT 63-0707M  There'll be INDIVIDUALS in there, sure. But, NOT the church; you have to come out of the church, to get It. See? That's right. Individuals is all right.

After the preaching of the Seals, Brother Branham knew that it was not received by the churches, and he developed a complex, and he wanted to stop preaching altogether. There are no sermons in May 1963, then the Lord anointed His Prophet to preach Indictment, which condemned all the denominational churches. The true predestinated believers are called out of those churches into the Message, and those Message believers are now in the Bride age, which runs PARALLEL with the Laodicean age until the end of the 7 church ages.

The Bride Age

96 IT.IS.THE.RISING.OF.THE.SUN 65-0418M  It was waved over the people. And the first time there will come forth, for the BRIDE AGE, for a resurrection out of DARK denominationalism, will BE A MESSAGE, that the full maturity of the Word has turned back again in Its FULL POWER, and being waved over the people, by the same SIGNS and WONDERS that He did back there.

324 THE.INVISIBLE.UNION.OF.THE.BRIDE... 65-1125  The Word that fell on the Day of Pentecost will not work this day. No, sir. That was for Pentecost. This is for the Bride, going Home of the Bride. We got something different. The Pentecostals represented that, again. We're in the BRIDE AGE.

187 I.HAVE.HEARD.BUT.NOW.I.SEE 65-1127E  This is not a Pentecostal age. This is the latter-day age. This is the BRIDE AGE. This is the evening Light. This is when Malachi 4 must be fulfilled, to follow God's pattern. This is Luke 17:30, to be fulfill.

55 MODERN.EVENTS.ARE.MADE.CLEAR.BY.PROPHECY 65-1206  We're living on up here to the BRIDE AGE, the CALLING OUT of the Church and getting IT TOGETHER for the RAPTURE. That's the AGE that we're NOW living.

The Laodicean Age

1160-Q-391 QUESTIONS.AND.ANSWERS.4 64-0830E = August 1964  391. Brother Branham, have you made statements recently concerning that church age HAS ENDED, Laodicea?
NO, I never said it's ENDED. If I did, you misunderstood, or I said it wrong. It is--this is the last church age; it's the end of church ages, the LAODICEA. It HASN'T ENDED; when it ends, the church is gone. So as long as the church IS HERE, it HASN'T ENDED. See?

76 THE.RAPTURE 65-1204  We all know we're living in the LAODICEA  Age. There will never be another age to it. It can't be. So, we're living in the LAODICEA  Age.

365-1 CHURCH.AGE.BOOK CPT.9 this moment, this age is NOT OVER. He is yet crying... ...In the days of the seventh messenger, in the days of the LAODICEA age, its messenger will reveal the mysteries of God as revealed to Paul.

There is no quote which says that the Laodicean Church Age has ended, therefore the Bride Age runs parallel with the Laodicean Age till the End of the age.

Another worldwide persecution of the Jews

    MATTHEW 24:8  All these are the beginning of sorrows.
    9 Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of ALL NATIONS for my name's sake.

95-221 QUESTIONS.AND.ANSWERS.1 54-0103M ...the BEGINNING of sorrow; right here's where we START in. Right here is when the time begins to SET CLOSE... Now, the PERSECUTION come upon the JEWS, and they begin to persecute them from EVERY nation and drive them right into Jerusalem. Is that right? Every one, they're going right... And you will have a hundred and forty-four thousand.

97-234  Then, oh, I want to be gathered in there. "I've sent a persecution here and a persecution there, and I've run the JEWS and drove them as hard as I could. And they've drove back in.

475-2 {127} QUESTIONS.AND.ANSWERS.ON.THE.SEALS 63-0324M  ...but they will not all be saved because they are in Judaea. See? Do you have any idea how many is there now? I don't know, but they're probably... after this NEXT PERSECUTION begins to rise, they're accumulating by...

This will be an important sign for us, when we see the Jews being persecuted once more, and driven from ALL the nations back to Israel. This persecution has started already, anti-Semitism is widespread, but it has not yet come to it's fullness, something drastic will happen to start that persecution.

The 3 curtains, and Russia will go will back to Communism

62 CONFERENCE 60-1125  I predict THREE curtains. In the Name of the Lord, there's one called the IRON Curtain, which will be RUSSIA. Watch Red China. That'll be the BAMBOO Curtain. They're horrible, but watch that PURPLE Curtain that's rising in the United States and over the WORLD, the Roman Empire.

44 THE.LAODICEAN.CHURCH.AGE 60-1211E  And how that then the three isms (Nazism, Fascism, and Communism) would all wind up in COMMUNISM. And how many in here remembers me just keep having you stand, and say it over like that, "Watch RUSSIA. Watch Russia, the king of the north. Watch Russia, king of the north. Watch Russia, king of the north"?

116 THE.VOICE.OF.THE.SIGN 64-0321E  And I said, "There is three isms; Communism, Facism, and Nazism. They'll all wind up out of RUSSIA, in COMMUNISM." And it will destroy CATHOLICISM.

19 THE.SERPENT'S.SEED 58-0928E  That's the reason God has raised up RUSSIA yonder with an ATOMIC BOMB to wipe her off like the antediluvian FLOOD was, when He raised the clouds. Sure He has, and the Bible says so. RUSSIA, the atheiotic country that they are (atheistic), has absolutely playing just exactly in the hands of Almighty God. Just as King Nebuchadnezzar was to destroy Israel because they failed to walk with God, Russia's raising right up to AVENGE the saints of the Catholic church of the blood that she's shed of the saints. The Bible said so. It's going to take the whole thing.

86 WATER.FROM.THE.ROCK  55-0224  The BOMB that would probably burst every atom in the EARTH is hanging yonder in RUSSIA tonight. It ought to HAVE BEEN FIRED a long time ago, but God's long-suffering, not willing that any should perish, PAST DUE.

169 GOD.CALLED.MAN 58-1005E  The Bible claims that RUSSIA and Communism is playing right in the hands of God to absolutely RID THE EARTH of the PEOPLE, but before that can take place, the RAPTURE comes and takes the church home, before that can take place.

52 A.GREATER.THAN.SOLOMON.IS.HERE.NOW 64-0306  ...and people will have to quit hollering about communism. It's so worm-weeded in until even communists has ANTICOMMUNIST SETUPS, to find out who they are. The thing has to be that way. But LET THEM COME BACK!

In 1991, the Soviet Union and Communism collapsed, it looked like as if the Prophet's predictions came to nothing. But as he said, it had to be that way for the Message to get into Russia, and all the other 15 republics which made up the Soviet Union, because the Message has to go to every nation and tongue. But as the Prophet said, the Communists will COME BACK and take Russia over again.

A short restoration Message will go out

82 FAITH.IS.THE.SUBSTANCE 51-0508  AFTER I go, it'll probably come on SOMEONE. But look, because the Holy Spirit, the same ANGEL has already SAID THAT. So I--I know that's--that's that way.

50 ADOPTION.2 60-0518 the last days, waiting and groaning for those sons of God to rise in the LAST days with the POWER of the Holy Ghost at the END of the AGE, to REVEAL the SECRET THINGS from the foundation of the world, to BRING IT UP.

656-55 QUESTIONS.AND.ANSWERS 61-1015M  I believe that we still have GREAT LIGHT coming on now that'll just FLOOD the EARTH one of these days for a SHORT PERIOD, maybe just in a matter a MONTHS. But I believe that there's great Light coming.

112 LETTING.OFF.THE.PRESSURE 62-0518  Can't you see we're at the end time? It's all over. The NEXT THING will be a SWEEP will...?... that LITTLE GROUP together. In a MONTH or so she'll be GONE, as soon as she's GATHERED TOGETHER.  (see Mark 13:27)

724-179 QUESTIONS.AND.ANSWERS 62-0527  I've watched for something. Has it slipped BY US in humility and we've MISSED IT? Is it GONE and the church is left in HER SIN? If that be so, then it's later than you think. IF NOT, then there's coming ONE with a MESSAGE that's straight on the BIBLE, and QUICK WORK will circle the EARTH. The seeds will go in newspapers, reading material, until EVERY predestinated seed of God has HEARD IT.

43 SPIRIT.OF.TRUTH 63-0118  It may be my going-home time. It looks very much that way. If it is, there will RISE SOMEBODY AFTER ME, that'll take the Message on. He'll be an ODD PERSON, but he'll RISE AFTER THIS and take the Message on. And you listen to it. As long as it's SCRIPTURE...

94 AND.KNOWETH.IT.NOT 65-0815  I'm ONLY BUILDING. The hour is close at hand when you're going to see something happen, when something is going to take place. And all this BACKGROUND here has only been laying a FOUNDATION for a short, QUICK Message that will SHAKE the whole NATIONS.

49 THE.INVISIBLE.UNION.OF.THE.BRIDE.OF.CHRIST 65-1125  ...when, the spiritual Bride, when She begins to have a REVIVAL, when She begins to COME BACK and line Herself up with the WORD of God. Watch then again, you see, how that the SCRIPTURES, at that TIME, There'll be a MESSAGE sweep out to CATCH THAT BRIDE, catch that Woman, ELECT.

211 ON.THE.WINGS.OF.A.SNOW.WHITE.DOVE 65-1128E  And there was wrote in the quartz, in the stone, "WHITE EAGLE"; just exactly what the vision said that the NEXT Message would come forth by.

33 THE.REPROACH.FOR.THE.CAUSE.OF.THE.WORD 62-1223  ...when I was in Zurich, Switzerland, that time when He showed me that German EAGLE watching that English horse rider come down through Africa. And He said, "ALL have sinned and COME SHORT of the GLORY."

177  He got a Samson. As long as He can get ONE MAN in His control, that's HIS VOICE; He can speak through it; He can condemn the WORLD. Oh, my, how He hungers and pines to get A MAN in His control. "That I can speak to him, I can let My Voice be known. Though he will stand a reproach, but I'll make MY VOICE known." See?

202 THE.INVISIBLE.UNION.OF...65-1125  What Time Is It, Sir? How many ever heard it? Say, "Amen." [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] Was it EXACTLY right? ["Amen."] Then we've got the REVELATION in this last days, for the MESSAGE of the Lord God to GATHER His Bride TOGETHER.

Very significant, the last quote preached 3 weeks before the end of the Prophet's ministry shows that the sermon “Is this the sign of the end, Sir?” contains the EXACT revelation which will go out to GATHER the Bride TOGETHER. The most important part of that sermon is the fact that there are two times 7 Seals opened at different times.

The last Pope coming in, about 6 month before the coming of the Lord. The Pale horse rider.

87 ACTS.OF.THE.HOLY.SPIRIT 54-1219E  I believe, one of these glorious days, when this united confederation of church goes together, and the NEW POPE is brought out of the UNITED STATES and put over there according to prophecy, then they'll form an image like unto the BEAST. And I tell you, the true Church of God will be DROVE TOGETHER. The real, true believers...

63 THE.TOKEN 64-0208  Every Word that's been promised to us before the end time, we are laying right in it now. Even to the MARKING of the BEAST, and the denominations getting together, and the PAPAL REIGN coming in, and everything just exactly the way it is...The ATOM BOMBS is in the hangers.

    REVELATION 17:10  And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a SHORT SPACE.
    11 And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition.

254 THE.MARK.OF.THE.BEAST 54-0513  If we'd take the history, and go right back and show it, where the kings had fallen in ROME, since the Babylon kingdom... one is... (Nero)... and one is TO COME, ... and he must continue a short space... ( ABOUT SIX MONTHS WHEN HE COMES.) And the BEAST... (Oh. Look at this. Now, the power is going to take the PAGAN PLACE.) And the beast that WAS, and is NOT, even... is the eighth,... (now watch)... and IS of the seventh.

214 THE.SEVENTIETH.WEEK.OF.DANIEL 61-0806  Watch who that guy is. Watch that PALE HORSE ride after him. See? Watch WHO he IS, and look HOW he COME IN. Watch those 144,000 come in.

301-5 {160} THE.FOURTH.SEAL 63-0321 ...fourth, the beast, PALE HORSE, Satan being kicked out of heaven. You want to read that? Revelations 12:13, Satan being kicked out of heaven...

170-1 {361} THE.FIRST.SEAL 63-0318  Revelation 12:7-9, Satan the spirit, the devil, which is up there NOW, accuser of our brethren, all right; the Church is TAKEN UP, and Satan is CAST OUT. When the Church goes UP, Satan comes DOWN. Then Satan INCARNATES himself in the antichrist and is called the BEAST.

304-4 {182} THE.FOURTH.SEAL 63-0321 Now, we find out here that this Satan, after being KICKED OUT of heaven, incarnates himself in the beast, and now he is a BEAST. Antichrist, false prophet, and now BEAST and given the name of DEATH, and HELL follows him: fully Satan on HIS THRONE... Oh, my. On the earth--he's Satan representative on the earth; that he now is HEAD of the kingdoms of the WORLD, the very same kingdoms that he offered to the Lord Jesus in Matthew 4, Satan now becomes a FULL KING.

    DANIEL 11:21 And in his estate shall stand up a VILE PERSON, to whom they shall not give the honour of the kingdom: but he shall come in peaceably, and obtain the kingdom BY

That last pope will come from the USA, he will be the 7th king according to Revelation 17:10. He will not be elected as the other popes were, he will come in by flatteries. He will start as the antichrist like the other popes before him. But after about SIX MONTH, at the coming of the Lord, Satan will be cast out of Heaven and he will come down to earth and INCARNATE himself into that antichrist, and then the same man will become the BEAST, when the 7th king will change and become the 8th king. Then he will be as vile as the pagan kings were, like Nero was, and as the other Roman Emperors ruled.

When the last one has come in, the Power will come

145-202 QUESTIONS.AND.ANSWERS.2  54-0103E  Oh, brother, give me a church full of the Holy Ghost. God will do in one year what all theology's failed to do in two thousand years. You wait till the ANOINTING of the church really STRIKES HOME to that faithful the LITTLE REMNANT. AFTER the doors of the Gentiles is CLOSED, oh, God will ANOINT a church THEN. "He who's filthy, let him be filthy still. He who's righteous let him be righteous still, and he who's holy let him be holy still." And God will ANOINT the church with the POWER of God, and things will be taken place. Not only that then, but He's DOING IT NOW.

191 A.TRUE.SIGN.THAT'S.OVERLOOKED  61-1112  Let the people, let that little flock, that little REMNANT, that God will give him, let that little remnant go to calling out to God and watch what happens. There'll be a NATIONAL SHOWDOWN. There'll be a POWER that they never seen before. Trouble of it is, this time it's going to be TOO LATE for them THEM. The DOORS will be CLOSED. So remember, we're at the END TIME. Pray. 

365 PERFECT.STRENGTH.BY.PERFECT.WEAKNESS  61-1119  Lord, just BEFORE that Church is RAPTURED, may there RISE POWER. O God, fill these vessels. RAISE THEM UP, Lord. Shake this world once more. We know it'll be PAST TIME; there'll be no repentance; they'll be TOO FAR for them then. But show Your POWER, Lord; FILL those vessels and SHAKE this world like it's never been shook before. Take Your Church then.

280 THE.SPOKEN.WORD.IS.THE.ORIGINAL.SEED  62-0318  That's the reason the planting's just about over (See?), all over. SEEDS must be planted BEFORE the rain falls (That right?) or otherwise the SPIRIT. Now, you're going to disagree there, but hold on just a minute. See? Seeds must be planted and THEN the RAIN FALLS to water the seed. Is that right?

195 INFLUENCE  63-1114  And love burning in our hearts, trying our best, to seeing a LOST WORLD. And seeing the signs that God... Even down, as far as I know, to the VERY LAST ONE that the Church is going to receive BEFORE the FIRE FALLS from heaven. The same Pillar of Fire that was seen back there in the wilderness...

97 THREE.KINDS.OF.BELIEVERS  63-1124E  That's the reason I do believe that when that Bride IS CALLED OUT and elected, and set in the Book of Life, there will come a SOUND from Heaven that'll take such A BAPTISM of the Holy Spirit INTO that BRIDE that'll take Her from the earth, in a RAPTURING grace.

204 THE.RAPTURE  65-1204  Wonder, could it be ALREADY PAST? Could the Bride already be CALLED? Is that what we're going through today? She has to be MOLDED and made into the IMAGE OF CHRIST, and Christ is the WORD. That's the only thing. See? It's in There, in the Word. It's ju-... See? There cannot be ONE THING ADDED.

The Latter Rain

29 THE.ANGEL.OF.GOD 48-0304  God promised that He was going to send a FORMER rain and a LATTER rain. And He promised the former and the latter rain IN the LATTER rain, in other words, a double portion. Like the garment of Elisha. When Elijah dropped it, Elisha picked up and had a double portion.

58 FAITH 53-1213E  And we're living in the last days; don't you believe it? He said, "In the LAST days I'll send down the RAIN in abundance like that. Both FORMER and LATTER rain will fall in this day. And what they had back there PLUS what God's going to give us is right now at hand. Amen.

126 MAKING.A.WAY 56-0304  We--the Church in this day, that glorious Church that's to be HERE ON EARTH when Jesus COMES to receive a glorious Church... We're receiving the LATTER rain to pour out a double portion of the Holy Ghost is coming on the EARTH and is sweeping EVERY nation, and revival fires are burning on every hill. In China and Japan, from Korea to dark Africa, and everywhere, the Holy Spirit is being POURED OUT upon the people. God made a way.

36 MARY'S.BELIEF 61-0121  The prophet said there'd be a FORMER rain and a LATTER rain; in the latter rain would be BOTH former and latter rain TOGETHER--a great church universal that would sweep from one side of the world to the other side of the world. A great MESSAGE, great SIGNS and WONDERS, would be accomplished by this church.

358 THE.SPOKEN.WORD.IS.THE.ORIGINAL.SEED 62-0318  Why, that LATTER rain will sweep the WORLD, brother. And then a former rain sowing Word... That's right. Now, you'll see what the latter rain produces. You'll find out there'll be an AFFILIATION. The Pentecostals and all the groups will come together, and they'll shut the doors on them guys that won't listen to it; and you won't even be allowed to open your mouth. That's right. That's when He will COME. That's when He will SHOW. That's when you'll see a RAIN. Oh, my, lay still; be quiet; let it go. 

60 COMMUNION 65-1212 ...the hour will soon arise when-- right among us will... the HOLY SPIRIT will speak out like It did in ANANIAS and SAPPHIRA. Remember, see, that hour is arriving. See? And we are... Now, you just remember that, see, that GOD is going to dwell AMONG His people.

363-1 CHURCH.AGE.BOOK CPT.9 ...the Bride Church will mature, and her ripeness shall be an identification with her Lord by means of the WORD, and her Head Who will come to her is the MYSTERY of GODLINESS, Which indeed is Christ. And as the FALSE church with all cunning and diabolical power made up of political force, physical force and demons of darkness come against this true vine, the true vine with the FULLNESS of the SPIRIT and the WORD will do the very ACTS of POWER that Jesus did. Then as she nears her Headstone, becoming like Him through the WORD, Jesus will come that the Bride and Groom may be forever UNITED AS ONE.

379-1 CHURCH.AGE.BOOK CPT.10  The people of God are being made ready by the Word of Truth from the messenger to THIS AGE. In her will be the FULNESS of Pentecost for the SPIRIT will bring the people right back to where they were AT THE BEGINNING. That is "THUS SAITH THE LORD."

174-1 CHURCH.AGE.BOOK CPT.5  By the time Jesus comes ALL Scripture must be fulfilled. The Gentile dispensation will be in its last church age when that messenger of Malachi comes. He will be right with the WORD. He will take the whole Bible from Genesis to Revelation. He will start at the serpent's seed and carry on to the MESSENGER in the LATTER RAIN. But he will be rejected by the denominations.

174-2  Jesus came and had a Mount Transfiguration show down. The second forerunner of Christ will SOW for the LATTER RAIN. Jesus will be the SHOWDOWN between the denominations and creeds, for He will come to BACK UP His Word and take His Bride in the RAPTURE. The first showdown was Mount Carmel; the second was the Mount Transfiguration, and the third will be MOUNT ZION.

These few quotes should be enough to explain what the latter rain is all about. The last 2 quotes are taken from a section which the Lord directly dictated to his Prophet to write down. These quotes also show that the “Messenger” in the LATTER RAIN will be none other than God Himself, which is Jesus in the form of the Holy Spirit. In 1 Thessalonians 4:16 Paul calls Him the “Voice of the Archangel,“ and in the following quotes Brother Branham refers to the same ONE as the Angel of the Lord.

The Angels come and separate

    MATTHEW 13:39 The enemy that sowed them is the devil; the harvest is the END of the WORLD; and the reapers are the ANGELS.
    40 As therefore the tares are gathered and burned in the fire; so shall it be in the END of this WORLD.
    41 The Son of man shall send forth HIS ANGELS, and they shall GATHER out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity;
    42 And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.
    43 Then shall the RIGHTEOUS shine forth as the sun in the KINGDOM of their Father. Who hath ears to hear, let him hear.

33 THE.PHILADELPHIAN.CHURCH.AGE 60-1210 ...the ANGEL appears right at the END TIME, and just at the end time, to REBUKE the church for losing its first love and how it's got away from God like they did down through there, the ages. And at THAT TIME the RAPTURE comes to take the church home; the church GOES UP just at the TIME of the MESSAGE. And so we are--we are NEARING that age now.

94 GOD.BEING.MISUNDERSTOOD 61-0723E  Did not Jesus say, when the fields was planted, "Let them all grow up together, the tares and the wheat together. Don't you try to pull up the tares. Don't you try to judge them; just let them GROW TOGETHER. And at that day the ANGELS will be sent forth; they will take all the tares and burn them, and the WHEAT will be gathered into the garner"? 

212 THE.TOKEN 64-0208  ...stand here just a moment, you without Christ. Look, the hour is getting late, friends. The DEATH ANGEL might separate between the BRIDE and the CHURCH, at anytime.

19 THE.SEED.OF.DISCREPANCY 65-0118  He said, "He sends HIS ANGELS to separate them." An ANGEL is coming to bring the SEPARATION, the segregation between the right and the wrong. And no one can do that but the ANGEL of the LORD. He's the One that is going to tell which is RIGHT and which is WRONG. God said He will send His ANGELS at the LAST TIMES. Not Angels down through here, but Angels at the last time, and would GATHER TOGETHER. We know that this is the coming HARVEST TIME now.

32  Eve listened to the word of discrepancy, contrary to the Word of God, and it STARTED the ball of sin ROLLING right there, and has rolled EVER SINCE. And we'll NEVER GET IT ALL OUT until the ANGELS comes and segregates the thing, and God takes His children to the KINGDOM, and the tares will be burned.

199  ONENESS 62-0211 God's gathering the ELECT from the four winds of the EARTH. He said He'd send ANGELS and gather them. Is that right? Gather them together, SEPARATE them from the tares. Amen. The tares will be burnt, not the wheat. That's right.

The “shout” is the Message according to Revelation 10:7, it is still going out to every nation, and kindred and tongue. When the LAST predestinated saint has received it, then it will be completed. Then the “Voice of the Archangel” will appear among the believers, and separate the make-believers and the unbelievers from the true believers, and lead the true saints to the full stature of the perfect Man.

The great Depression

32 WHEN.THEIR.EYES.WERE.OPENED 56-0420  When the barrel was empty during the DEPRESSION, the children had no clothes, you never knowed where the next meal was coming from, somehow YOU MADE IT. You didn't realize it WAS HIM. See? How you've been blessed.

4 HEBREWS.CHAPTER.THREE 57-0901M  They won't believe nothing. See? They just got their own hard-headed ideas, and they're set. And the NEXT THINGS for this nation is JUDGMENT. She is going to have it, too. It may be through DEPRESSION. It may be through an ATOMIC BOMB. It may be through a great plague, a DISEASE or something, but, she is ready. It's coming. Thousands times thousands WILL FALL.

100 JEZEBEL.RELIGION 61-0319  When God sends forth a MESSAGE and tells the people, and they don't receive it, then He withdraws HIS SERVANT and sends His PLAGUES: FAMINE, DEATH, spiritually speaking, physically also. You watch for a DEPRESSION, brother. You think you've SEEN something; you just wait after while. You haven't SEEN NOTHING.

Brother Branham has seen the Great Depression in the 1930s, and here he says “You haven't seen nothing” in comparison to the one which is right at the door. The financial experts say that the worldwide money collapse can happen any time, it is actually long overdue. Then the confederation of churches will step in, acting like charity organizations, giving food and shelter to the needy. But to receive that help, everyone has to sign a declaration to join that system, and obey the rules. It seems that this Coronavirus we have now could be the start of it, it weakens the economies and many Businesses go bankrupt.

The Mark of the Beast

166 ISRAEL.AND.THE.CHURCH.1 53-0325  The churches of Christ of America has already confederating with all their churches, and they're going to have a band here someday that'll shut out to FIGHT COMMUNISM, which will hook up with CATHOLICISM, with the Protestant church and the Catholic church TOGETHER. And the interdenominations who stand out for the truth, and get away from that dogma that they've got, will be PERSECUTED. The MARK of the BEAST, the SEAL of GOD, the showdown will soon come. And, brother, if that's not in there, you'll be DECEIVED as sure as the world, 'cause it'll look so nice. You'll say, "Now, IF COMMUNISM made a-- for the world, why, LET US make another AGREEMENT, and bring all the Christian, and Christianize the WORLD back." And look so good, the people will jump into it. See? They'll confederate the churches, and bring, try to make Christianity ONE UNIT.

52 JUST.ONCE.MORE.LORD 63-1201E  Everything, our great evangelical teaching, we have to FORFEIT that, to be an organization. Cause, all organizations that isn't in this Council of Churches, I got the paper on it, that even if your church IS NOT in this Council of Churches, in time of TROUBLE, they can use your church to store ammunition or anything they want to. And if any man is caught having a prayer for anybody, outside of affiliating with this Council of Churches, CAN BE SHOT, as a federal offence. That's right. I got the papers on it, from Washington. You, they're going to FORCE YOU into it. That's why I've been against this organizational system. That's it. I had to keep it quiet about it being the MARK of the BEAST, but it's late enough now till you can KNOW it's the TRUTH.

42 THE.MARK.OF.THE.BEAST 56-0715  And there's going to be a group of people that's going to be marked for DESTINY in HELL. And there's going to be people marked for their eternal DESTINY in HEAVEN. And these TWO MARKS run side by side. And it's going to get so great (Listen.), so pinching, that just BEFORE the coming of the Lord, that YOU'LL have to have ONE mark or the OTHER one, or there'll be a BOYCOTT: you can't buy nor sell.

169 THE.CHOOSING.OF.A.BRIDE 65-0429E  But, you young people, remember that you heard a minister say that. That'll finally wind up. And that is the MARK of the BEAST, when she forms that World Council of Churches. And she'll give birth to HER SON, the ANTICHRIST. The other is pregnated by the WORD of GOD and will bring forth the Body, the FINISHED BODY of Jesus Christ, which is the Bride.

57 THE.PATMOS.VISION 60-1204E  And so there'll be a unionize amongst the churches, and they'll UNITE themselves TOGETHER, form up the head of the confederation of churches, which they've already got a big U.N. building and every denomination is in it. And you'll either have to BELONG to some of those denominations or BE OUSTED. And that's the TIME where we have to show our COLORS and be sure that WE KNOW, not a guess work, but KNOW THUS SAITH THE LORD where you're STANDING.

We have a very, very severe test coming our way, and nobody can avoid it. That will be the time we have to show our colour, all the individual believers for themselves. And if our standing in the Message is not exactly with the THUS SAITH THE LORD of the Word of God, we will have no chance to make it. How many will rather compromise instead of losing all their possession?

We will lose all our earthly possessions

    LUKE 14:33  So likewise, whosoever he be of you that FORSAKETH NOT ALL that he HATH, he cannot be my disciple.

265-1 CHURCH.AGE.BOOK CPT.7  And as they are even now controlling world politics, they will soon control the FINANCES of the world. Then, if you DON'T belong to the world organization of churches, you won't be able to buy or to sell. YOU WILL LOSE ALL. Those who stay true to God and keep their garments clean from the defilement of this 'world-system' of church orders will be PHYSICALLY BEREFT. There will be presented to them a great temptation to give in.

313-2 CHURCH.AGE.BOOK CPT.8  The ecumenical move that has started on what seems such a beautiful and blessed principle (fulfilling Christ's prayer that we all might be one) becomes so strong POLITICALLY that she bears pressure upon the government to cause ALL TO JOIN with her either directly or through adherence to principles enacted INTO LAW so that no people will be recognized as actual churches unless under direct or indirect domination of this council. Little groups will lose charters, privileges, etc., until they LOSE ALL PROPERTY and spiritual rights with the people.

376-1 CHURCH.AGE.BOOK CPT.10  With the world church system under her Rome will be controlling, and this image (church system) will be obedient to Rome because Rome controls the GOLD OF THE WORLD. Thus all the people have to belong to the world church system or be at the MERCY of the ELEMENTS for they cannot buy or sell without the mark of the beast in the hand or head. This mark in the head means that they will have to take the DOCTRINE of the world church system which is trinitarianism, etc., and the mark in the hand which means to do the will of the world church.

    REVELATION 13:7 And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over ALL kindreds, and tongues, and nations.
    8 And ALL that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are NOT written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.

172-1 {375} THE.FIRST.SEAL 63-0318 ...they have been given over to a strong delusion to believe a lie and be damned with it. That's exactly what it is, and the antichrist takes it ALL. And the Bible said that HE deceived ALL, a-double-l, ALL upon the face of the earth whose names were NOT written under THOSE SEALS from the foundation of the world. Now, if the Bible said he did it, he did it.

183-3 {43} THE.SECOND.SEAL 63-0319  He's an antichrist, "So close that" Jesus said, "would deceive the very elected." And that's the one that's hid down in THESE SEALS, whose NAMES are on the Book since the foundation of the world.

How can anybody survive without any property, and no way to buy any food or anything to drink, and being at the mercy of the elements? We will survive the same way the children of Israel survived in the wilderness, Almighty God provided their needs. The true Bride, those who are written in the Lamb's book of Life know already that the 3rd Pull will see us through that time.

The Third Pull

203 MY.NEW.MINISTRY 59-1115  O Lord, I believe the hour is soon coming that when the loaves and fishes will be multiplied. There'll come a mark of the beast soon. There'll come a confederation of churches, and they'll put out a sign that--a unionized church that no man can buy or sell. And Your Church, it WON'T BOTHER THEM; for Your Holy Spirit shall LEAD them and FEED them as You did Israel in the wilderness. You are God. Don't let us MISS THAT, Lord. Let us remain faithfully.

38 LOOK.AWAY.TO.JESUS 63-1229E ...the thing that we have looked forward to for so long (for at least many years, four or five years, or maybe longer), the THIRD PULL, has now been vindicated...

39 ...but it will not be used in a great way until this Council begins to tighten up. And when it does, when that does... The Pentecostals, and so forth, can almost impersonate anything can be done. But then that time comes, when the SQUEEZE comes down, THEN you'll SEE, what you've seen temporarily, be manifested in the FULLNESS of its power.

49  It's tightening. And then when that time comes, and the press comes to a place to where you're PRESSED OUT, then watch what I'm fixing to tell you in a few minutes. Watch the THIRD PULL then, see, and it'll be absolutely to the total lost, but it--it will be for the Bride and the Church.

179 ...That's right. "That that tumor isn't there. You don't have any tumor." What was it? Just exactly according to the Word of the Lord, that was...?... Amen. That's the FIFTH TIME. Five is the number of grace, a number of f-a-i-t-h, too. There is no more doubt in my mind. I know what the THIRD PULL is, and I know what it DOES. Now be reverent, just keep quiet, the hour will soon arrive where God is going TO DO SOME GREAT THINGS for US.

392 THE.INDICTMENT 63-0707M  May there come forth a revival of the just, and a great POWER come among the Church just BEFORE IT'S GOING. It's not hard to pray that, because You promised it. And we're looking, Lord, for that THIRD PULL that we know that will do great things for us in our midst.

232 WHY.CRY.SPEAK 63-0714M …at this stage of the journey where we are standing. Look where we're at NOW, yes, sir, at the THIRD PULL... we're right here at the door, of the Coming of the Lord.

138 HIS.UNFAILING.WORDS.OF.PROMISE 64-0120  Now, that GREAT GIFT! Others I've tried to explain and say how it was done. This can't be explained. Just wait. It will not be in operation so perfectly now. Wait till that Council of Churches brings on that persecution, THAT'S WHEN it will happen.

121 SPIRITUAL.FOOD.IN.DUE.SEASON 65-0718E  And this widow had not associated herself with the unbelievers; took the MARK of the BEAST during the drought. So He called her out to... called Elijah to sustain this widow. They just had one little cake, one little thing she was holding onto. And Elijah said, "Give that to me, first. For, THUS SAITH THE LORD, that barrel will NOT go EMPTY neither will the cruse RUN DRY, until the day that the Lord God sends rain upon the earth." Putting God first...

266 SHALOM 64-0112  And we all know that's the identification. We know what the THIRD PULL is. We all, we all understand that. Now, you got, you'll have the tape. See? And I think it'll just lay dormant for a little while, until the great hour of PERSECUTION comes on. That's when it be. IT'LL SPEAK. It'll be manifested just like the FIVE straight SIGNS without failure, perfectly.

What are the 5 signs of the third pull? The first manifestation was creating squirrels by the spoken word, which were used for food. The second time was to re-create a fish, which is also food. The third sign was to speak wayward children into the Message, and the fourth manifestation was to speak a tumor out of existence. The fifth sign was to change the weather, to scatter a storm. With these 5 manifestations we will be save in the constant presence of the Holy Spirit, till we hear that Voice which will call us to “COME UP HITHER” to meet our Lord in the air.

We must come into the full Stature of the Perfect Man

    EPHESIANS 4:13 Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a PERFECT MAN, unto the measure of the stature of the FULNESS of Christ:

166 JEHOVAH.JIREH.1 62-0705 ...the Church of today that goes to MEET Christ, will have to have the SAME Spirit that HE HAD, 'cause it'll have to be Letter by Letter, WORD by WORD.

32 HEAR.YE.HIM 60-0313  And the church will have to have the SAME SPIRIT, doing the SAME THINGS that Jesus did; or it'll never go in the RAPTURE. Dovetailing...

94 HEAR.YE.HIM 60-0712  Jesus beats it with the Holy Ghost until He sees His own reflection in it. Then you can see the works of Christ being PERFORMED in the Church; then she's ready for the RAPTURE. Pure gold... Do you believe that, ALL of you?

414 THE.SPOKEN.WORD.IS.THE.ORIGINAL.SEED 62-0318  These last days, true church Bride comes to the HEADSTONE, will be the SUPER CHURCH, A SUPER RACE. As they near the great Headstone they will be much like--so much LIKE HIM, even they will be in HIS VERY IMAGE in the order to be united with Him. They will be One. They will be the very manifestation of the Word of the living God.

172 THE.STATURE.OF.A.PERFECT.MAN 62-1014M  Christ never sent me to build an organizations. Christ sent me to build INDIVIDUALS to the STATUE of Jesus Christ that they might be the power house... dwelling place of His Spirit by His Word... ...Build up the INDIVIDUAL TO THAT PLACE.

354 THE.STATURE.OF.A.PERFECT.MAN 62-1014M  But each age, God has placed these things into His church, and patterned it by showing that each INDIVIDUAL has these, possesses these qualities. And this "BEING," when it's COMPLETED, is the church of God going to RAPTURE. And this "being," when COMPLETED is a servant of God in the church of God that's GOING IN THE RAPTURE. Glory. 

303 CHRIST.IS.THE.MYSTERY.OF.GOD.REVEALED 63-0728  And the Life of Christ is projecting Itself through YOU, with the pre-eminences, to the people; that they see the very LIFE, and works, and signs, and wonders, that HE DID, is doing the same thing through YOU. Outside of that, the rest of it's NOT EVEN CALLED to, at all. Watch God's great revelation unfolding! By lack of THIS revelation is why we have so many different DIVISIONS among US, and so much mockery. So much division among us, is because the people LACK THAT REVELATION. See, they lack that revelation, THE TEACHERS.

193 THERE.IS.ONLY.ONE.WAY.PROVIDED.BY.GOD.FOR.ANYTHING 63-0731 …may that infection be taken out by the power of the Spirit; and the germ of Eternal Life might live in them, that they might grow to the FULL STATURE of Jesus Christ, that, in this LAST DAY, that He and His wife would BE ONE.

301 THE.HARVEST.TIME 64-1212  Noah, Moses, David, reflected the coming of this PERFECT BRIDEGROOM; so has Luther, Wesley, and Pentecost, reflected the coming of a PERFECT BRIDE.

196 GOD'S.PROVIDED.PLACE.OF.WORSHIP 65-0425 ...the Pentecostals; and go right on into the PERFECTION of the Son of man, that when Husband and Wife will be the SAME-SELF PERSONS. God will be so manifested into His Bride, His Church, till they will BOTH be the SAME. They are ONE.

153 POWER.OF.TRANSFORMATION 65-1031M ...last age has to END with the Word, which is Christ. And these other things, these shucks and so forth, as I have explained, is just carriers of the WORD, to serve its purpose until It comes into the FULL STATURE, see, of what the original grain was.

307 THE.INVISIBLE.UNION.OF.THE.BRIDE... 65-1125  You're born anew. Don't try to dig him up. He's dead. If you're a born-again Christian, that little germ that was predestinated to you, it's Word coming on Word, on Word, on Word, on Word, and come into FULL STATUE of Christ, that's right, so He can COME GET His Bride. Now we're just READY for one thing, that's the COMING of the Lord.

Nobody can triumph over DEATH and bypass the GRAVE without being in the FULL stature of the perfect man! The Angel of the Lord will bring us to that lofty height at the latter Rain outpouring. Every one will be in a sinless unity of the faith, there will be no discrepancies among those perfected saints. Brother Branham spoke much about this at the end of his ministry. As he said, without being in that state, we cannot go in the Rapture, and we would NOT be ready for the Coming of the Lord.

204 THE.RAPTURE 65-1204  Is that what we're going through today? She HAS TO BE MOLDED and made into the IMAGE of CHRIST, and Christ is the Word. That's the only thing. See?

68 THINGS.THAT.ARE.TO.BE 65-1205  Why does the Holy Spirit keep crying out? It knows there's something lacking there. We MUST BE in the FULL STATURE of Jesus Christ. We must be sons and daughters of God. We must act like God's children.

138 LEADERSHIP 65-1207  Now the shuck has to pull away, give the Wheat a chance to lay before the Son, to ripen; the MESSAGE coming RIGHT BACK into the Church AGAIN, forming the Body of Jesus Christ just LIKE THE FIRST ORIGINAL ONE that went into the ground.

Satan will be defeated

    GENESIS 3:15 And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and HER SEED; it shall BRUISE thy HEAD, and thou shalt bruise his heel.
    ROMANS 16:20 And the God of peace shall bruise Satan under YOUR FEET shortly. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Amen.

76 ADOPTION.4  60-0522E  (Adam) ...lost his godship; he lost his sonship; he lost his domain; and Satan took it over. But, brother, we are waiting for the MANIFESTATIONS of the SONS of GOD, who will come back and TAKE IT OVER AGAIN. Waiting for the fullness of time, when the PYRAMID gets up to the TOP, when the full SONS of God will be MANIFESTED, when the POWER of God will walk out (Hallelujah.) and will take every power that Satan's got away from him. Yes, sir, it belongs to him.

15-3 CHURCH.AGE.BOOK CPT.1  ...if the people get the TRUE REVELATION of the TRUE CHURCH and what she is, what she stands for and that SHE CAN DO THE GREATER WORKS, she will be an INVINCIBLE ARMY. If they get a true revelation of the TWO SPIRITS within the framework of the Christian church, and by God's Spirit DISCERN and WITHSTAND the antichrist spirit, Satan will be POWERLESS before her. He will be as definitely THWARTED TODAY as when Christ withstood his every effort to gain power over Him in the desert. Yes, Satan hates revelation. But we love it. With TRUE REVELATION in our lives, the gates of hell cannot prevail against US, but we will prevail over them.

170-3 CHURCH.AGE.BOOK CPT.5  He is Spirit and He is Life. That is exactly what the Word is; that is exactly what Jesus is. He is the Word. So when a Spirit-born, Spirit-filled man in faith takes THAT WORD into his heart and places it upon his lips, why that is the same as Deity speaking. Every mountain has to go. Satan CANNOT STAND before that MAN.

Hebrews 11:40 says that all the saints of all ages cannot be made perfect without us, because they had only a part of the Word, but we have the full Revelation of Jesus Christ revealed to us. We will be the flesh and bones of God at that time when He will get the full pre-eminence among us, and HE will fulfil Genesis 3:15, bruising Satan's head by and through US, as explained above in Romans 16:20.  

The END of the Church Ages, Christ on the outside

24 THE.REVELATION.OF.JESUS.CHRIST 60-204M  Now, Revelations the first three chapters deals with the church; then the church disappears; we see it no more until the end time. From Revelations 1 to 3 is the church; Revelation 4 to 19 is Israel a nation; and 19 to 22 is both together, and the plagues and the warnings and so forth at the end: set in three parts. See?
    REVELATION 4:1  After this I looked, and, behold, a door was opened in heaven: and the first voice which I heard was as it were of a trumpet talking with me;
    which said, COME UP HITHER, and I will shew thee THINGS which must be HEREAFTER.

109 REVELATION.CHAPTER.FOUR.1  60-1231  AFTER the church ages was OVER, and everything was come ready, made ready the setting of the 4th chapter here, the church ages WAS DONE. He had done left the earth. You see? Remember, the voice that spoke to him, behind him, in the seven golden candlesticks, the work was FINISHED. And now that same voice was speaking up in HEAVEN. What was it? He had done redeemed His people. His EARTHLY WORK was finished, and He was in glory...

17 THE.TEN.VIRGINS.AND.... 60-1211M  And then tonight that great last age of the Laodicean church, how it RECEIVED its MESSAGE, and then GOES on OFF, and IGNORES its MESSAGE, right straight into a lukewarm condition that God spues from His mouth. See?

69 REVELATION.CHAPTER.FOUR.3  61-0108  And the church age GOES OUT with such a little bitty MINORITY that we find... Just listen here. I--I read this again this morning; it just nearly tore me to pieces: the place and the attitude of Christ at the END of the church AGE, found from the 20th verse to 22nd verse of Revelation 3. Think of it: Christ, at the END, where He's at. Where is He at the END of the CHURCH AGE? OUTSIDE His church, pushed OUT by denominations and creeds.  

321 TOKEN  63-0901M  The BLOOD of Jesus Christ is called "the everlasting COVENANT." Yes, sir! "Everlasting covenant." Why wasn't it called "Eternal covenant"? Because that it wouldn't be Eternal. When we're redeemed, it's ALL OVER then. It's an everlasting, which means, "certain amount of time," till time is out. There'll never be another one. When time runs out, we won't need no covenant.

64 THREE.KINDS.OF.BELIEVERS 63-1124E  ...we know what age we're living in. And, then, we're at the CLOSING of the history of the world. The BOOK is now being finished. The last line will be wrote across it someday, and she'll be CLOSED UP, then TIME SHALL BE NO MORE.
    REVELATION 10:6  And sware by him that liveth for ever and ever, who created heaven, and the things that therein are, and the earth, and the things that therein are,
    and the sea, and the things which are therein, that there should be TIME NO LONGER:

In Genesis 22:16-18, the Angel of the Lord swore to Abraham that He by his seed (Christ) He would bless all the nations of the earth. This was the New Testament foretold, and in Revelation 10:6 the same Angel will soon swear again that all those blessings and that Covenant of the New Testament is completed, and time for salvation for the Gentiles shall be no more. That will be after the LAST one has been sealed, and has come to the full stature of the perfect man, just before the coming of the Lord. Brother Branham said there would be a great earthquake at that time. 

The Great Earthquake

9 THE.PILLAR.OF.FIRE 53-0509   And fear, sights upon the earth, perplexed of time, distress between the nations; sea roaring, big tidal waves washing away parts of cities and breaking upon the shores, just BEFORE the coming. It is get... It's setting a stage for the GREATEST DRAMA that was ever acted out in all ages, the COMING of the LORD JESUS CHRIST.

368 PERFECT.STRENGTH.BY.PERFECT.WEAKNESS  61-1119  They just want to be filled with You, Lord. Now, I pray that You'll SHAKE the world with THEM, just a FEW DAYS BEFORE the coming of the Lord.

47 WHO.DO.YOU.SAY.THIS.IS  64-1227  Look at the EARTHQUAKES over here in California. I predict, BEFORE the coming of the Lord Jesus, that God will sink that place. I believe that Hollywood and Los Angeles, and them filthy places over there, that God Almighty will SINK THEM. They'll go beneath the bottom of the sea. And it's so much sin, you see, it's the barrier.

    JEREMIAH 25:32  Thus saith the LORD of hosts, Behold, evil shall go forth from nation to nation, and a great WHIRLWIND shall be raised up from the COASTS of the earth.
    33  And the slain of the LORD shall be at that day from one end of the earth even unto the other end of the earth: they shall not be lamented, neither gathered, nor buried;
    they shall be dung upon the ground.

Could this description in Jeremiah 25 be the result of the great California earthquake? The shock waves will cause big tidal waves at ALL the COASTS around the world, it will go from nation to nation. And there will be too many dead people along the COASTS where the tidal waves will hit that they cannot be buried, because there will be far too many corpses. Jeremiah says it will start with a whirlwind, which reminds us of 1964 when Brother Branham was told to throw a stone into the air, which caused a whirlwind. The next day it made 3 blasts which cut off rocks and treetops, and a few days later on Good Friday, it caused a 9.2 earthquake in Alaska. Will that same whirlwind cause this expected BIG ONE?

61 ASHAMED 65-0711  ...the Salton Sea is about two hundred feet below sea level, and if that big churning, that earth swallowing in like that, with hundreds of square miles, HUNDREDS and hundreds of square miles SINKING into the earth, that will throw a TIDAL WAVE plum to Arizona. Sure, it would.

145 A.THINKING.MAN'S.FILTER  65-0822E  Nations are breaking. The world is falling apart. Fifteen-hundred-mile chunk of it, three- or four-hundred-miles wide, will sink... or maybe forty miles down into that great fault out yonder, one of these days, and waves will shoot plumb out to the state of Kentucky. And when it does, it'll shake the world so hard that everything on top of it will shake down.

322-5 CHURCH.AGE.BOOK CPT.9  Once more God will SHAKE the EARTH and with it shake everything loose that can be shaken. Then He will renovate it. Just last March, 1964, that Good Friday earthquake of Alaska shook the whole world though it DID NOT UNBALANCE it. But God was warning by a world tremor what He will soon do on a GREATER SCALE.

This time that big earthquake will UNBALANCE the earth. The Bible says in Isaiah 24:20 that “the earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard,” which will happen during the 3 ½ years Tribulation, and then straighten up to be upright again like it was in the antediluvian age before the flood in the time of Noah. Then the earth will be in the original position again for the Millennium.


    REVELATION 6:12  And I beheld when he had opened the SIXTH seal, and, lo, there was a great EARTHQUAKE; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair,
    and the moon became as blood;
    13  And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind.

467-2 {71} QUESTIONS.AND.ANSWERS.ON.THE.SEALS 63-0324M  He opened the SIXTH Seal by saying the moon would be turned into blood and darkness and everything, these things would take place. We come right over here, open up the Sixth Seal.

The 1906 San Francisco earthquake happened a few months before the start of the last church age, LAODICEA, and it appears that the Californian earthquake will be the one which will END the church ages. The same earthquake will also start the 6th Seal, which will be the start of the last 3 ½ years dispensation for God to deal with Israel.

112 THE.PRESENCE.OF.GOD.UNRECOGNIZED 64-0618  Anyone knows that the world, positionally, everything is sitting in order for HIS COMING. "Earthquakes in divers places; the moon is spurting out red blood, or RED VOLCANIC all over, covering it," as Jesus said WATCH for that SIGN in the last days; "sea a roaring, men's hearts failing for fear, and perplexed of time, distress between the nations.” 

419-2 {190} THE.SIXTH.SEAL  63-0323  This happened the other side of the Gospel age, in the TRIBULATION period. This SIXTH SEAL is the tribulation period. That's what takes place. The Bride has gone. See? There's no living creature, nothing there to say it. It's just... Now, God is NOT DEALING with the Church NO MORE. It's been gone. He's dealing with ISRAEL. See, see? This is the OTHER SIDE.

136 SOULS.THAT.ARE.IN.PRISON.NOW  63-1110M  And remember, in that SIXTH SEAL, where  ALL SEVEN Trumpets sounds under that SIXTH SEAL. When we get to that, you'll see that. Every (seven) Trumpet took place in that Sixth Seal.

138  But under the SIXTH Seal, where these Trumpets opened. Remember, under there, we find out that the Lamb came FORTH, appeared on the scene. He had left the Mercy Seat. His work of redemption was FINISHED. And HE CAME forth and TOOK the BOOK out of the right hand of Him that sat upon the Throne, and “time was no more.”

347 The Bride is sealed in with Christ, the LAST member has been redeemed. The SIXTH SEAL has produced itself. The SEVENTH Seal brings Him back to earth. The Lamb come and took the Book out of the right hand of Him, and set down and claimed what He owned, what He had redeemed.

16 WHAT.SHALL.I.DO.WITH.JESUS.CALLED.CHRIST  63-1124M  I got the Seven Trumpets, I believe, coming up, which ties right in on the SIXTH SEAL. When the Sixth Seal sounded, ALL Seven Trumpets went off at once, you see. And so we... I'd like to get that to the Church before His Coming...

No, these last 3 quotes are not misplaced. As we go along, we will see many more quotes and Scriptures placing the second coming of the Lord AFTER the start of the SIXTH SEAL.

147 THE.FEAST.OF.THE.TRUMPETS  64-0719M  The Trumpets is to gather Israel. Notice, the very First Trumpet sound; blood, fire, hail, and everything, scatter the ground. See? What was He doing? Bringing ISRAEL out of spiritual Egypt, see, back into his homeland. Now let me say this right here, that, every Trumpet that blowed, blowed under the SIXTH SEAL. We'll get to it in a few minutes, where we caught the Seal there. ALL the Trumpets sounded under the Sixth Seal.

24 THERE.IS.A.MAN.HERE.THAT.CAN.TURN.ON.THE.LIGHT  63-1229M  Or this, the Trumpets, they are very, very fine. I looking at it the other day. See, on the Sixth Seal, ALL Seven Trumpets sounds right there on that Sixth Seal, see, just BEFORE the SEVENTH SEAL OPENS the Coming of Christ.

246 THE.FEAST.OF.THE.TRUMPETS  64-0719M  Remember, ALL Trumpets sound on this Sixth Seal. The Sixth Seal finishes the mystery, under the Sixth Seal, just BEFORE the Seventh is opened.

These last 2 quotes look confusing, because they put the coming of the Lord AFTER the sounding of ALL the 7 trumpets, at the END of the 6th Seal, and the end of the 3 ½ years for the Jews. Brother Branham explains that there is a “coming or 7th Seal manifestation” for the church at the end time, and another one for Israel at the end of their 3½ years, and a third for the end of the earth according to Revelation 19:11-21, because all 3 need full redemption. This is explained in the Sealsbook on page 555-6 {229} to 556-2 {233}. There is a further explanation about this in section SS, at the manifestation of Rev. 11:18.

The Start of the LAST half of DANIEL'S 70 weeks

47 THE.GREAT.COMING.REVIVAL.AND.THE.OUTPOURING... 54-0718A  God will never forget them, and they've yet got THREE and a HALF years to be preached to. Messiah was to come and prophesy, and in the MIDST of the seventy weeks of Daniel, He was to be CUT OFF, and He was: He preached three and a half years to the Jews alone. He never went to the Gentiles, but He went to the Jews. Then there's three and a half YEARS LEFT for them yet, of the preaching of the Gospel and the reconciliation to Christ.

1 GABRIEL'S.INSTRUCTIONS.TO.DANIEL  61-0730M  I'd have a study now on this Seventy Weeks of Daniel. That ties in the rest of the Message BEFORE I can go with the--the SEVEN SEALS, which there's Seven Seals, Seven Plagues, Seven Trumpets, Three Woes, the woman in the sun, casting out of the red devil, the 144,000 SEALED away--ALL HAPPENS between THIS TIME.

In Leviticus 25:8, and in Genesis 29:27+28 etc.,the Bible refers to a “Sabbath week,” in which 1 day represents 1 year, and 1 week is 7 years. These weeks apply also to Daniel 9:24-26. There are 69 weeks (69 x 7 = 483 years) from the going forth of the commandment by King Artaxerxes in the year 445 B.C. (Nehem. 2:3-6) to rebuilt Jerusalem, till the coming of the Messiah in the year 30 A.D. According to our calendar which has 365,25 days per year, from 445 B.C. to 30 A.D. is 475 years. But the years in Daniel 9 are shorter, they have 360 days per year, therefore our 475 years are 483 years according to the their 360 days calendar. Before Noah's flood, when the earth stood upright, 1 year had 360 days.

424-2 {227} THE.SIXTH.SEAL  63-0323  You see where the Seals BRING IT OUT now (See?), OPEN it up. Now, this is the LAST three and a half years to the people. Also, if you notice, it's the time that God will call that one hundred and forty-four thousand Jews in this LAST three and a half years.

540-3 {107} THE.SEVENTH.SEAL  63-0324E  They are Jews, the elect that's called out during the time of the LAST three and a half years of Daniel's seventy weeks. Now, that's... I--I keep--keep quoting this over, not so much to you all here, but (See?), people... These tapes go everywhere. You see?

The Messiah's ministry to Israel is one week (7 years). At His first coming, after 3 ½ years He was cut off and crucified in the midst of that 70th week. Therefore, there are still 3 ½ years left, the last half of that week for Him to minister to the Jews, which will start at the second coming of Christ. Some deny that the ministry of Jesus from the year 30 till 33 A.D. was the Messiah's first part of Daniel's 70th week, but in John 4:25+26, Jesus told the woman at the well that “I am He,” the Messiah they are looking for.

    DANIEL 9:24  Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and upon thy holy city, to finish the
    transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity...
    25  Know therefore and understand, that from the going forth of the commandment to restore and to
    build Jerusalem unto the Messiah the Prince shall be seven weeks, and threescore and two weeks...

  7 weeks plus threescore and two weeks (62) is 69 weeks, times 7 is 483 years (1 week is 7 years.)

                   445 years B.C. calculated with 360 days per year equals                    451,489 years
                   plus 30 years A.D. Calculated with 360 days per year is                        30,437 years
                                                                                                                                  481,926 years
             1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 = plus 1 year for changing from B.C. over to A.D.                1,0    year
                                                                                                                                  482,926 years
  B.C. ...4 3 2 1 0 1 2 3 4... A.D.
             4       plus        4 = 8 years

            After 69 weeks (7 plus 62) shall Messiah be cut off... sometimes within the 70th week.

     Quick Calculation: 445 years + 30 + 1= 476 years times 365,25 divided by 360 is 482,941 years.

A GENTILE Prophet will take the Message back to the JEWS 

312 THE.REVELATION.OF.JESUS.CHRIST  60-1204M  This Gentile message, as the Jews brought it to the Gentiles, the Gentiles will take it right BACK to the JEWS again. And the rapture will come.

277 THE.SEAL.OF.GOD  54-0514  Them hundred and forty-four thousand will stand yonder. And one of these days, some Divine, holy, anointed PROPHET of God will go over there with SIGNS and WONDERS. Those Jews will say, "That's what I'm looking for." Yes, sir. And God will baptize a hundred and forty-four thousand JEWS.

57 IT.IS.I.BE.NOT.AFRAID  60-0329  And one of these days God's going to let ME go to Jerusalem. That will be it. Just remember. If you believe me to be God's servant... When the JEWS receive CHRIST as Messiah, the Gentiles are FINISHED. It's your hour. You better come.

18 THE.UNCHANGEABLE.WORD.OF.GOD  60-0724  "The JEWS Seek SIGNS?" He was talking about my ministry in there. And if you're here, Brother Kopp, and listening to my voice, I assure him; I'm coming to ISRAEL. That's what... The Jews wants to see the sign of the prophet.

In 1954, Brother Branham was at the Cairo airport, waiting to fly to Israel to introduce the Messiah to them. Then the Lord stopped him, saying that it is not yet the time for that, he must go to another place. In the last quote, preached in 1960, he still believed that the Lord would send him. But it did not happen, there is someone else who will be anointed to do that.

157 GABRIEL'S.INSTRUCTIONS.TO.DANIEL 61-0730M  The hour was not yet. The iniquity of the Gentiles hasn't filled up yet, just to the end of the cup, but someday that'll be. And God will send somebody there that's a PROPHET, and will prove to them... I trust that God will raise him up right away, whoever HE MAY BE, that'll raise him quickly. I believe it has to come.

The 144 000 JEWS SEALED 

31 THE.FEAST.OF.THE.TRUMPETS  64-0719M  Now here is the calling-out time. At the SIXTH SEAL, when it opened, the persecution struck the JEWS, in the literal standpoint; and here comes the persecution to the church, in the ecclesiastical standpoint; because, the Bride is already CALLED. The sabbaths are over, and READY for the JEWS to be CALLED. Where to? The feast of ATONEMENT.

405-8 {104} THE.SIXTH.SEAL 63-0323  ...the calling now of the hundred and forty-four thousand, which we get into tonight and tomorrow and--and BETWEEN the SIXTH and SEVENTH SEAL, the hundred and forty-four thousand IS CALLED.

406-5 {109} THE.SIXTH.SEAL  63-0323 ...the martyrs in the tribulation of the pre-tribulation of Eichman. Now, they only TYPE the martyrs of the hundred and forty-four thousand, which we're ENTERING INTO BETWEEN the Sixth and Seventh Seal (See?)

542-4 {127} THE.SEVENTH.SEAL  63-0324E  7th chapter, now this is BETWEEN the Sixth and Seventh Seal. ... after these things... (After these things, these Seals, this Sixth Seal was let loose, and that's the TRIBULATION period. Everybody understand that now? SIXTH Seal was let loose, and the TRIBULATION was on. After this, watch.)... after these things I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds of the earth, that... it should not blow upon the earth, nor on the sea...

534-2 {62} THE.SEVENTH.SEAL  63-0324E  ...and it's BETWEEN the Sixth and Seventh Seal that this interval is given. Now, we want to notice this: very IMPORTANT that we notice this little TIME.

536-6 {81}  Now, this interval between the sixth--the Seals is a CALLING and SEALING of the hundred and forty-four thousand JEWS called in the TRIBULATION period after the Church is gone. See? It has nothing to do with the church AGE at all. Oh, called in perfectly in harmony with the Scripture, Daniel's LAST three and one half weeks allotted to Daniel's people.

Yes, this little space between the start of the Sixth Seal and the Seventh Seal is very important for various reasons. Just like Boaz had to redeem Naomi FIRST before he could get Ruth to be his Wife, so Jesus has to redeem and SEAL the 144 000 BEFORE He can marry His Bride on the day of our full redemption. This is according to the law of redemption, explained at Leviticus 25.

267 THE.FEAST.OF.THE.TRUMPETS  64-0719M  BETWEEN the Sixth Seal and the Seventh Seal, there was a calling out of the hundred and forty-four thousand. You remember that? Now there is where these trumpets come in right there, see, and persecution, and horses loosed on there. Then, between that, then there was to be a seventh angel's Message....

88-3 {134} THE.BREACH... 63-0317E  Boaz had to become a redeemer, and he was the only one that could... He had to be a KINSMAN, a near kinsman, and redeeming Naomi he got Ruth. That was Jesus, Boaz typing CHRIST; and when HE redeemed ISRAEL, He got the Gentile BRIDE.

178 THE.KINSMAN.REDEEMER  60-1002  ...if he HAD TO FIRST redeem Naomi in order to get Ruth. And Christ HAD TO redeem the Jewish church FIRST in order to get the Gentile Bride. She come in with Naomi, as an alien from another country, a Moabite, heathens. That's what we were, the Gentiles, the heathen. And remember... He had to get NAOMI. And when he got Naomi, he got ALL SHE HAD.

121 REVELATION.CHAPTER.FIVE.2  61-0618   And when Jesus came, who did He come to REDEEM? Israel. What did He do in taking ISRAEL? He got the GENTILE BRIDE. Sure, He did, when He took Israel. He went... And He went to His own; He had to. What was the first thing He had to do? REDEEM HIS OWN. And the Gentile church is just a sister to that woman, the Israelite church. Certainly. So He had to REDEEM Israel in order to get this. And He had to redeem Naomi in order to get Ruth, His BRIDE.

Another reason for the sealing of the 144 000 in this little space of time is that when Christ leaves the Mercy Seat up there, and the Blood is removed from the Altar in Heaven, NOBODY can be SAVED any more, Jew or Gentile. Therefore, the 144 000 must be sealed BEFORE the second coming of the Lord Jesus. At that time, the 144 000 will be the very last humans ever to be saved.

97-5 {201} THE.BREACH... 63-0317E   ...take that one-half hour that is silent; the sanctuary's smoking; there's NO more INTERCESSION; the Sacrifice has left; it's a JUDGMENT SEAT. There's NO BLOOD on it no more, for the Blood covered Lamb has WALKED AWAY. Don't you wait till that time.

95 REVELATION.CHAPTER.FOUR.3  61-0108  God has given to His Son, to redeem those who He foreknew, and it brings God back from His judgment. But when that BLOOD is REMOVED, and ALL that was foreknown has BEEN CALLED into the precious body, His church has been made ready and taken up, then God's wrath is on the people.

134 FIVE.DEFINITE.IDENTIFICATIONS.OF... 60-0911E  JEW, GENTILE, yellow, black, white, have ALL been baptized by ONE Spirit into that one Body, through the BLOOD of His Own covenant. "And when I see the BLOOD, I'll pass over you," and are free from death, free from pain, free from sin.

152 GABRIEL'S.INSTRUCTIONS.TO.DANIEL  61-0730M   A NATION would be borned in ONE DAY amongst the leaders. Every one of them would say, "We know it." When that rabbi says that, that settles it. A NATION would be BORN in ONE day. ISRAEL would be born in ONE DAY.

In Isaiah 66:8, the Bible does refer to this little space between the end of the CHURCH AGES and the start of the 6th Seal, and then the calling and sealing of the 144 000 Jews to be ONE DAY. And in that day the whole nation of Israel will be born. That is 12 000 of each of the 12 tribes, the other millions living in Israel do not count as the true Israel, because they do not believe the Message.

    ISAIAH 66:8  Who hath heard such a thing? who hath seen such things? Shall the earth be made to bring forth in one day? or shall a nation be born at once?
    for as soon as ZION TRAVAILED, she brought forth her children.

122 GABRIEL'S.INSTRUCTIONS.TO.DANIEL  61-0730M  One day will bring the--completely, ALL Israel right back to God. There'll be such a mighty thing strike Israel one of these days, until it'll shake the whole nation. Even the prophet cried out and said, "In ONE DAY has thou did this"--in ONE DAY.

The Holy Spirit will LEAVE the earth, to go back into the BODY of Christ

111 THE.SIXFOLD.PURPOSE.OF.GABRIEL'S.VISIT...  61-0730E...he whom now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way. (Who's "HE" here, does anybody know? The HOLY GHOST, He that LETTETH.) And --then when--shall that Wicked one be revealed,... (When? Just at the time the Holy Ghost is being TAKEN OUT, which is fixing TO LEAVE right now. What's He leaving for? Taking the Church with Him.)

Brother Branham is talking about 2 Thessalonians 2:7, revealing that the Holy Spirit Who has been letting since the day of Pentecost, will one day leave the earth and go back to the body of Jesus from which HE CAME. This will be the day of Pentecost in reverse, after the last one is saved, and the church ages have ended. Then we will also be called up, as Revelation 4:1 tells us.

307 HEBREWS.CHAPTER.SEVEN.2  57-0922  And someday this Holy Spirit, that's in the Church, will scream and will LIFT UP, and will receive itself into this BODY FORM that's setting at the right hand of the Majesty of God, to make intercessions for we sinners. And by There we are perfectly kept from sin.

41 A.PERSONAL.EXPERIENCE.WITH.GOD  54-0724  And now, I believe that He will come physically in a BODY FORM someday, the same Jesus, went away. The Spirit will be taken from the church BACK to the BODY of Christ, and He will return again in PHYSICAL FORM, just as He went away, the same Jesus eating, and drinking with--and talking with His disciples.

114 REVELATION.CHAPTER.FOUR.1  60-1231  Christ had left earth then; He'd gone up into glory. The CHURCH AGE was through, showed that HIS SPIRIT was finished here. And He'd gone into glory and was calling for John to come up, and He showed him what else was going to take place.

119  John LEFT the EARTH now, Christ HAD left the earth in the form of the HOLY SPIRIT and had returned back INTO the BODY again. Today the body sets there as a memorial, as a sacrifice.

178 Now, notice again in the 3rd verse, or 2nd, "A throne set in HEAVEN, and One set on the throne." Now, the same Spirit that WAS in the EARTH, had LEFT and had gone to glory, and was setting... The same Jesus that's WITH US TONIGHT in mercy was GONE to glory and setting on the throne.  And he that set on the throne was to look upon as jasper and...sardine stone:and there was a rainbow...


193 THE.SEVENTIETH.WEEK.OF.DANIEL  61-0806  All this now that we see will help us by His grace as we endeavour to APPROACH these LAST SEVEN SEALS. See where we'd have MISSED IT? From Revelation 6:1 to Revelation 19:21, we WOULD'VE missed it, 'cause (See?) we'd have been trying to apply it back there in this GENTILE AGE, where you see IT'S OVER in THIS AGE. See?

270 THE.FEAST.OF.THE.TRUMPETS  64-0719M soon as this Church (the Bride) is drawed together, She is TAKEN UP; and that mystery of the SEVENTH SEAL, or the Seventh Seal, the MYSTERY OF GOING. And the Jews is called by the mystery of the Seventh Trumpet, which is two prophets...

Who has NOT missed the Prophet's teaching of the 7 LAST Seals, and it's correct placing under the 6th Seal? Who has NOT MISSED THAT? The 7th Seal is the coming of the Lord, it starts with the TRANSLATION of the living saints, and the opening of the 7 LAST Seals,  and it ends with the resurrection of the dead in Christ. As the last quote says, this is a great mystery among the believers.  

The TRANSLATION of the LIVING saints

125 REVELATION.CHAPTER.FOUR.1 60-1231  Oh, and notice, John, being TAKEN UP immediately AFTER the church age, was a type of the RAPTURED church. Immediately after the church age is over, this Laodicean church age, THEN comes the RAPTURE. The church GOES UP like John did into the Presence of God. Oh, that just winds my soul around. CAUGHT UP, at the RAPTURE of the church.

176 ...HE REPRESENTED THE ENTIRE CHURCH; that, every man or woman, boy or girl that ever believed in Christ and accept Him on the same grounds, he'll be SUMMONED someday, "COME UP HITHER," and be caught up before the tribulation. Remember, the tribulation time hasn't set in yet. This is being the time of SETTING of the JUDGMENT. John is being showed now what's going to take place AFTER the church age.

32 THE.TEN.VIRGINS  60-1211M  ...there'll be the RAPTURE of the church will go up, and THEN the return of Christ. And remember now... What's the NEXT THING we're looking for? The RAPTURE...

This Rapture or Translation of the LIVING saints is a GREAT MYSTERY within the Message. It will be the “NEXT THING.” No, not the resurrection as preached just about everywhere. Brother Branham speaks about it all over, but most Message believers do not know that the “rapturing faith” he talks about is for THIS Translation of the LIVING saints to meet the DEAD saints at the Throne, NOT for the generally known Rapture to the Wedding supper. In the next verses the Amplified Bible says that with rapturing faith we will be well pleased to leave this body to go up to appear at the Judgment seat of Christ, and join all the saints of all ages there, the LIVING and the DEAD, to be fully redeemed by our beloved Kinsman Redeemer Who according to Revelation 5:6 will appear “AS HE HAD BEEN SLAIN.”

    II CORINTHIANS 5:8 [Yes] we have confident and hopeful courage, and are well -pleased rather to be away from home OUT of the BODY and be at home with the Lord.
    9 Therefore, whether we are at home [on earth away from Him], we are constantly ambitious and strive earnestly to be well-pleasing to Him.
    10  For WE must ALL appear and be revealed as we are before the judgment seat of Christ, so that EACH one may receive [his pay] according to what he has done
    in the body, whether good or evil, [considering what his purpose and motive have been, and what he has achieved, been busy with and given himself and his attention
    to accomplishing].

19 SIRS.WE.WOULD.SEE.JESUS  57-0226  Now, He don't--won't come in His CORPORAL BODY. If He DOES it's ALL OVER. He might come in a corporal body BEFORE this meeting ENDS. If it DOES, praise be to God. We'll GO in the RAPTURE, and we'll be WITH HIM.

1 WHY 60-0309  I pray, Father, that if there be some here tonight who does not know You as their Saviour, that this will be the night that they'll make preparations for when that CALL of SUMMONS to come ON HIGH to stand at the JUDGMENT, may they be READY to GO, all washed in Calvary.

16 UNBELIEF.DOES.NOT.HINDER.GOD  62-0128M  ...see it everything right ready, RIGHT NOW... The RAPTURE could come at ANY TIME. That's right. I'm so glad. "All they that love His appearing..."

151 JUST.ONCE.MORE.LORD  63-1201E  I don't know, in my Bible, of ANY other thing God promised to do BEFORE the RAPTURE of the Church. I don't. You're thinking of a mark of the beast, coming; I've told you, it's, they done got it. See? The NEXT THING left is for the Rapture of the Church. It could come at ANY TIME, and NOT DISRUPT any SCRIPTURE in the Bible, as far as I know it.

99 TRYING.TO.DO.GOD.A.SERVICE.WITHOUT.IT.BEING.GOD'S.WILL  65-1127B  ...and they'll realize that they don't know what minute that we may be CALLED or summoned to answer for our lives, ON HIGH. And if our name is still on that stalk book, doomed we'll be; but if it's in the LAMB'S Book of Life, the real Life, then WE ARE SAVED.

There are lots of quotes like these few right through the Message which confirm this most important fact over and over that this Rapture or translation “ON HIGH” is the next thing, no other things BEFORE that Rapture. It is very sad that this is such a great mystery in the worldwide Message, just as predicted in the next few quotes. As Bro. Branham says, one in a million Christians will make it, which works out to be only one in a thousand Message followers, and he confirms that in 170 Leadership 65-1207.

247 IS.THIS.THE.SIGN.OF.THE.END.SIR  62-1230E  3rd mystery is the MYSTERY of the TRANSLATION of the LIVING saints at the end time of this age: I Corinthians 15 and also Thessalonians 4:14 to 17.

293  There'll just be a FEW UNDERSTAND IT. "As it was in the days of Noah, so will it be in the coming of the Son of man." What was saved? Five souls. In the days of Lot there was actually three saved. The wife started out and lost. So shall it be in the coming of the Son of man. There'll be VERY FEW saved, TRANSLATED in that time. One of the MYSTERIES of that church being TAKEN UP.

127 MODERN.EVENTS.ARE.MADE.CLEAR.BY.PROPHECY  65-1206  There's five hundred million, supposed to be, I think, Christians in the world, about that figure, just a round figure. If the rapture would come TONIGHT then, in the LIVING GOING, there'd only be five hundred people.

315 IT.IS.THE.RISING.OF.THE.SUN  65-0418M  Now look at Transfiguration. We was, EVERY ONE, REPRESENTED there. There was the LIVING saints that had RAPTURED, there was Elijah standing there; and there stood Moses, the DEAD saints repre-... Also, both of them had quickening Power. Whether ONE DIED, and the other DIDN'T DIE, they're ALL THERE.

387 THE.UNCERTAIN.SOUND  60-1218  ...Moses and Elijah. Watch that. What did Moses meant? Moses REPRESENTED the ones that HAD DIED and was SLEEPING in the GRAVE, 'cause Moses died and was buried; nobody know where he was buried at. But he represented the ones that were ASLEEP when He come. And Elijah represented the TRANSLATED ones, who DIDN'T have to DIE.

176 THE.RAPTURE  65-1204  The NEXT Rapture takes place is (Second Thessalonians) for the Church, the Bride to be resurrected, to be RAPTURED into Glory. "We which are alive and REMAIN," THAT'S the BODIES left ON EARTH, "will not prevent or hinder them which ARE ASLEEP. For the trumpet of God shall sound first, and the dead in Christ shall rise." See? "And we which alive and remain shall caught up together with them."

    REVELATION 5:13   And every creature which is IN HEAVEN, and ON the EARTH, and UNDER the EARTH, and such as are IN the SEA, and all that are in them,
    heard I saying, Blessing, and honour, and glory, and power, be unto him that sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb for ever and ever.

At the day of our full Redemption, the souls of ALL the saints of ALL AGES will be gathered in Heaven in their Theophany bodies, while the mortal bodies of the living saints will REMAIN ON the EARTH, where we left them behind as confirmed in the last quote. The bodies of the dead saints will still be UNDER the EARTH in the graves, or wherever they perished IN the SEA. Every one of the DEAD or LIVING saints who can be held accountable will give an account of himself to God at the JUDGMENT SEAT of Christ.

    ROMANS 14:9  For to this end Christ both died, and rose, and revived, that he might be Lord both of the DEAD and LIVING.
    10  But why dost thou judge thy brother? or why dost thou set at nought thy brother? for WE shall ALL stand before the JUDGMENT SEAT of Christ.
    11  For it is written, As I live, saith the Lord, EVERY knee shall bow to me, and EVERY tongue shall confess to God.

314 ABRAHAM.AND.HIS.SEED.AFTER... 61-0416  I pray that You'll change OUR mortal BODIES one of these days. Like the vision, or a TRANSLATION, or whatever it was the other night... WE'LL BE CAUGHT UP one of these DAYS, changed, just... Lord, I believe it with all that's in my heart.

227 THE.EASTER.SEAL  65-0410  I look right back and see myself laying on the bed. "O Lord, let me look a past the curtain of time." What is it? It's QUICKENING POWER that will CATCH US AWAY. That great quickening power. The quickening power COME in this LAST DAYS.

55 CONVINCED.THEN.CONCERNED  62-0610E  There's only one thing that I would return, to try to persuade people; whatever you do, DON'T MISS IT. Don't miss it. Don't miss it. You can't AFFORD to miss it. Everything else--let everything else go, but make ready for that (See?) whatever YOU DO.

Like Brother Branham was taken out of his body and translated behind the curtain of time by the quickening power of the Holy Spirit, so will we be translated to the 3rd Heaven on that day of our full redemption. When he looked back he saw his body ON the EARTH laying on his bed, and as he turned his converts who had died hugged him, while their natural bodies are still UNDER the EARTH in their graves or in the sea. The real reason for this outstanding experience Brother Branham had was to show us what we must prepare for, OUR OWN translation. Let us NOT MISS it!!!

4 SPIRITUAL.FOOD.IN.DUE.SEASON  65-0718E   And I want you to get built up now in the... this Holy Oracles of God, in the Faith, the FAITH of THIS hour. The Faith! It's going to take MORE FAITH than EVER was in ANY AGE, for this has to be RAPTURING FAITH, be TAKEN UP.

226  ABSOLUTE  62-1230M  And now, I believe she's ready to strike that FINAL CLIMAX yonder to bring forth a FAITH that'll RAPTURE the Church into GLORY (It's the truth.), and She's LAYING in the MESSAGES. We're really at the end time.

AA  At the THIRD Heaven, on the LORD'S DAY

121 REVELATION.CHAPTER.FOUR.1 60-1231  He said, "John, I can't talk to you down there no more, 'cause I've LEFT down there. I've come up higher. COME UP here with ME." Amen. "And I'll show you what's going to take place hereafter." Oh, my. Oh. CAUGHT UP in the vision, caught up into glory... His EXPERIENCE must've been something like that of PAUL'S. II Corinthians 12:2 and 4, if you're putting it down. II Corinthians... 2 to 4. Paul was CAUGHT UP one day, in a-- vision too. Did you know that?

    II CORINTHIANS 12:2  I knew a man in Christ above fourteen years ago, (whether in the body, I cannot tell; or whether out of the body, I cannot tell:
    God knoweth;) such an one caught up to the THIRD HEAVEN.
    3  And I knew such a man, (whether in the body, or out of the body, I cannot tell: God knoweth;)
    4  How that he was caught up into PARADISE, and heard unspeakable words, which is not lawful for a man to utter.

212 REVELATION.CHAPTER.FOUR.2  61-0101  Now, Moses made things on earth, made the tabernacle like the things that HE SAW IN HEAVEN. We know that, don't we? We find Paul did the same thing. Must have... Hebrews 9:23, that Moses made things just like he did. And Paul in his vision when he WENT UP into HEAVEN, when he taught that great Book of Hebrews, he must have saw in his vision the SAME THING that Moses saw.

303  Just exactly the way the tabernacle set in the wilderness, for JOHN said exactly and saw exactly the same thing that MOSES saw when he was UP THERE, same thing that PAUL saw.

We have seen already that John represents the end-time Bride, the living saints, every one. And as he was translated up to Heaven, so will we when we hear that summons to come up hither. Brother Branham says that John's translation was like Paul's translation, and in these quotes we are told that they saw the same as what Moses saw. All 3 saw the same Throne, and because Paul said he was in the THIRD Heaven, therefore we know that it's THERE where we will meet the Lord at His second coming. We are still in MAN'S day, but all these events will take place on the LORD'S DAY, at the second coming of the Lord. In Malachi 4:5 it is called the great and dreadful day of the Lord, when He will come as the JUDGE, as we see Him in the cloud picture. For the true believer who has the right understanding, there is nothing to fear, because this JUDGE is also our ATTORNEY, the same MAN. The only fear about this Judgment is that we might MISS IT, that would be the greatest tragedy I can think of. 

E-44 THE.POWER.OF.GOD  55-1006E  I want you to see what happens when you stand before the KING Who sent this Message. Uh-huh. Oh, you think you got it big, but just wait till the day comes. This is MAN'S DAY, the LORD'S DAY'S coming.

131 THE.PATMOS.VISION  60-1204E  This is the day of man, men are fighting, but the day of the Lord will come when these kingdoms will become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ, then there'll be the great millennium. The Lord's day, the DAY OF HIS COMING, HIS JUDGMENT, that'll be the LORD'S DAY.

167  An attorney, a JUDGE. The judge with his sash over his shoulder, girded up here, not down as a priest. See, that shows He wasn't in His priesthood now. JOHN went all the way over into the LORD'S DAY day and saw Him coming as the JUDGE.

68 THE.TOKEN  63-1128E  OUR JUDGE IS OUR ATTORNEY. The case is settled. It's all over. The same One is Judge is the Attorney, is OUR Attorney. The case is settled, we have the Token. Both Judge and Attorney is the SAME PERSON.  

BB  The dead WISE VIRGINS “arise,” and go out to MEET HIM.

176 THE.WORLD.IS.AGAIN.FALLING.APART  63-1127  He takes them, just a little minority in the last days. And then all those VIRGINS that has slept, down through the age, they all ROSE, you see.

68 REVELATION.CHAPTER.FOUR.2  61-0101  There we seen them representing those who DIED, Moses to represent the DEAD saints, rose. Elijah, with his group at the last day, with his RAPTURED group standing there ALL before the Lord Jesus.

    MATTHEW 25:1 Then shall the kingdom of heaven be likened unto ten virgins, which took their lamps, and WENT FORTH TO MEET the bridegroom.
    6 And at midnight there was a cry made, Behold, the bridegroom cometh; GO YE OUT to meet him.
    7 Then all those virgins AROSE, and trimmed their lamps.
10  And while they went to buy, the BRIDEGROOM CAME; and they that WERE READY WENT IN with him to the marriage: and the door was shut.

95 BLASPHEMOUS.NAMES  62-1104M  It was the seventh age that when He came and WOKE up those sleeping virgins. That BRING THEM ALL the way back down to here (See?), for in this, through the years, ages, He has built a Bride, borned a Bride, begotten a Bride on earth for Christ.

31 AS.THE.EAGLE.STIRRETH  60-0403  If I never lay eyes on any of you all again, if I never see you in this life, when I MEET YOU at that GATE BEFORE we go in to stand before Christ, the visions from God are true and real.

The sleeping virgins AROSE at the midnight cry does NOT mean they will RISE from the DEAD, they will all ARISE from their different dwelling places in the Heavens to gather before the Throne at the THIRD Heaven. Behind the curtain of time, Bro. Branham said he met his converts in the FIRST Heaven. At that cry, they will ARISE and “GO OUT” and “GO FORTH” to be gathered with all the other sleeping saints at the Throne in the 3rd Heaven. Then we which are ALIVE and remain will be translated to join them there at that GATE, BEFORE WE GO IN to be GATHERED TOGETHER. That's the right interpretation of 1 Thessalonians 4:14-18, it does not contradict all the other Scriptures. As Psalm 50 and other Scriptures explain, that midnight cry from above will gather all the DEAD saints in the Heavens, and call UP the LIVING saints from the earth to be GATHERED TOGETHER before the Throne. At her deathbed, Bro. Branham made the same arrangement with Sis. Hope, his dying wife. He instructed her that IF HE should still be ALIVE at the coming of the Lord, then they will meet again at the GATE. He would be TAKEN UP (Raptured / Translated), and she come from among the dead to meet each other there, and go in TOGETHER to stand before Christ.

63 HERE.WE.HAVE.NO.CONTINUING.CITY  50-0200  I want you to go to the East side of the GATE," and I said, "I want you to stand there. And when...?... It'll be terrible DOWN HERE." I said, "If--if I die before He comes, I will be sleeping out there." I said, "We'll get together. BUT IF I'M somewhere on the FIELD and be TAKEN UP," I said, "you go there and wait for the children, and stand there by the side of the GATE. And then when you see Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob coming in, start screaming, 'Bill, Bill, just as loud as you can." I said, "I'LL ANSWER YOU THERE." 

    PSALM 50:4  He shall call to the heavens from above, AND to the earth, that he may judge HIS people.
    5 GATHER my saints TOGETHER UNTO ME; those that have made a covenant with me by sacrifice.
    6  And the heavens shall declare his righteousness: for God is judge himself. Selah.

    MARK 13:27  And then shall he send his angels, and shall GATHER TOGETHER his ELECT
    from the four winds, from the uttermost part of the EARTH to the uttermost part of HEAVEN.

    EPHESIANS 1:10  That in the dispensation of the fulness of times he might GATHER TOGETHER
    in ONE ALL things in Christ, both which are in HEAVEN, and which are on EARTH; even in him:

The DEAD saints who are scattered all over Heaven, and the LIVING saints from every nation, kindred and tongue will be GATHERED TOGETHER by the Angels before the Judgment Seat of Christ.

CC  The LIVING join the DEAD saints

148 THE.TEN.VIRGINS... 60-1211M  That's the way the church will be CAUGHT UP in the air, in the MIDDLE of the air, and meet the Lord on His road DOWN. Oh, what an affair it will be, love at the first sight. And when we stand there upon the rings of this earth and sing them songs of redemption...

    ACTS 10:42  And he commanded us to preach unto the people, and to testify
    that it is he which was ordained of God to be the Judge of QUICK and DEAD.

    2 TIMOTHY 4:1  I charge thee therefore before God, and the Lord Jesus Christ, who
    shall judge the QUICK (living) and the DEAD at his appearing and his kingdom;

    I PETER 4:5  Who shall give account to him that is ready to judge the QUICK and the DEAD.

145 THE.JUNCTION.OF.TIME  56-0115  What's the NEXT THING? Jesus Christ shall come again the second time in GLORY to receive all those who ARE DEAD in Christ and ALIVE in God. God will bring EVERY ONE with Him. And the meek shall inherit the earth...

387 THE.UNCERTAIN.SOUND  60-1218  ...there appeared to Him, Moses and Elijah. Watch that. What  did Moses meant? Moses--represented the ones that had died and was sleeping in the GRAVE, 'cause Moses died and was buried; nobody know where he was buried at. But he  represented  the ones that were ASLEEP when He COME. And Elijah represented the TRANSLATED ones, who didn't have to die.

293 IT.IS.THE.RISING.OF.THE.SUN  65-0418M  First Thessalonians 4:16. Notice how beautiful, see. In the... "The saints, them that SLEEP in Christ, will God bring with Him," see, saints in the GRAVE, resting. Like Elijah was; some like Elisha was; see, some of them be quickened, some will be TAKEN, some will be in the GRAVE. They will go with Him.

315 ...look at transfiguration. We was, EVERY ONE, represented there. There was the LIVING saints that had raptured, there was Elijah standing there; and there stood Moses, the DEAD saints repre-... Also, both of them had QUICKENING Power. Whether one died, and the other didn't die, they're all there.

These few quotes and Scriptures is enough to show that the LIVING and the DEAD saints will meet at the Judgment Seat of Christ to be fully redeemed. That will be before the resurrection, after that there will be no more DEAD saints, obviously!! Most Bibles say the LIVING and the DEAD, but the KJV Bible says the QUICK and the DEAD. The answer is in the next 2 quotes, it means the LIVING saints will be translated to Heaven to meet the Lord by the QUICKENING Power, the same Power and the same way as Bro. Branham was translated behind the curtain of time. That is what the “QUICK” means. 

303 IT.IS.THE.RISING.OF.THE.SUN  65-0418M  And there that morning, the QUICKENING POWER come, and He let me look over the CURTAIN, and I seen all of you OVER THERE.

227 THE.EASTER.SEAL  65-0410  I look right back and see myself laying on the bed. "O Lord, let me look a past the CURTAIN OF TIME." What is it? It's QUICKENING POWER that will CATCH US AWAY. That great quickening power. The quickening power come in this LAST DAYS.

DD  From ADAM to the LAST one, EVERY one

660 HEBREWS.CHAPTER.SIX.3  57-0915M ...that day when we stand on the earth... His blessed feet has never touched the earth yet. There He stands there, IN THE AIR; and the saints and redeemed from ALL AGES, through EVERY watch, first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh, ALL stand there robed in HIS righteousness; WE CROWN Him the KING of king and the LORD of lords...

115 IF.GOD.BE.WITH.US... 61-1231E  God is determined to judge EVERY MAN by the Bible. And the Bible is the Word, and the Word IS Christ. EVERYONE, EVERY man will be JUDGED by THAT.

40 WARNING.THEN.JUDGMENT  63-0724  Now, because, we have a responsibility that we've got to ANSWER to God someday for. EVERY MAN that come on the FACE of the EARTH has to ANSWER to God for a responsibility. And, to many of us, a stewardship, WE HAVE TO answer for.

79 PRESUMING  62-0610M  He JUDGES the church by His, or, judges the world BY HIS WORD, like He did EVE and ADAM. The way God STARTS, He CANNOT finish another WAY. He's got to FINISH the same way He started. If He didn't, He DONE WRONG at the first place. See?

39 ADOPTION.3  60-0522M  He was made sin for me and for you. ALL the SINS of the world from ADAM until HIS COMING, rest upon His shoulder. And God was not punishing His Son. He was punishing sin. See how horrible it was? He was making a propitiation. He was making a way of escape for ALL those that God, by His foreknowledge, knowed would come.

93-1 {159} THE.BREACH.... 63-0317E   And it come from ADAM ALL THE WAY DOWN through all the apostles, and prophets, and everything else, and nobody was found. Now, what about that? Nobody in HEAVEN, nobody ON EARTH, nobody that EVER LIVED... Elijah was standing there. Moses was standing there. All the apostles were standing there of--of all the ones that HAD DIED, all the holy men, JOB, the sages. EVERYONE was standing there, and nobody was worthy even to look at the Book, let alone TAKE IT and break the SEALS.

89-3 {137}  He changed His strain from the ALMIGHTY to be a man to take on the form of man, so He could die to redeem man. WAIT till WE SEE HIM, when there's nobody worthy. See?

105-1 {252} THE.BREACH...  63-0317E  Notice, when HE took the BOOK, the Title Deed, sealed (Just get that in your mind, now.) and BROKE the SEALS of the MYSTRY to REVEAL them, to bring them to His... See? ALL of His REDEEMED SUBJECTS...

125-6 {59} THE.FIRST.SEAL   63-0318  Now, the Lamb in the time of intercessory back here, He knew that there were names in there that was put in there from the foundation of the world, and as long as them names have NEVER been MANIFESTED on EARTH as yet, He had to stay there as Intercessor. Do you get it? Perfectly PREDESTINATION... See?

At Calvary, all the sins of all the predestinated saints of God from ADAM to the last ONE was upon Jesus, when He suffered and died to atone for us. Then He ascended to the right Hand of the Father to be a Mediator between us and God for all our infirmities, till the LAST ONE who is recorded in the Lamb's Book of Life is saved and sealed unto the DAY of our full Redemption. Then that Book will be CLOSED in Heaven, and all the saints of ALL AGES will be gathered to be CONFIRMED and CLAIMED by Him.

EE  The BOOK will be CLOSED in Heaven

276 HE.SWORE.BY.HIMSELF  54-1212  Just think, when the LAST battle is fought, when the arms are all stacked, the smoke of the battle has died down, the sun's a setting, the BOOKS are CLOSED, and WE stand at the JUDGMENT. What then? What then? When the GREAT Book is OPENED, what then?

10 A.PROPHET.LIKE.UNTO.MOSES 59-1120  ...when the books is CLOSED OF EARTH'S ACTIONS, and when they are FINISHED, and we stand at the JUDGMENT bar, may it be said that when this meeting comes to be read off at that great DAY that literally hundreds, yes, thousands, will raise their hands...

162 ACTS.OF.THE.HOLY.SPIRIT  54-1219E  ...and we don't know what time that WE may be CALLED on to answer YONDER at JUDGMENT, and to give an ACCOUNT for what we've done with Jesus Christ. And then the case is CLOSED; the BOOK is CLOSED it's laying closed, and there's nothing can be done. We've JUDGED ourselves by JUDGING HIM.

32 THE.PLACING.OF.DEACONS 58-0720E  ...when the BOOK OF HEAVEN shall be CLOSED, may the Book of the celestial beings and the GREAT BOOK of heaven be OPENED, may their NAMES be one hundred percent BEFORE GOD and the Saviour and all the HEAVENLY HOST to be the same in His Kingdom.

79 THE.BAPTISM.OF.THE.HOLY.SPIRIT.  58-0928M  ...when the body had been formed and that LAST NAME that's on the Book be recognized here on earth, the books are CLOSED, for it is completed; the STORY of REDEMPTION has been read completely. Then we go to SEE HIM, AND to meet Him in the resurrection.

All our earthly actions, all our thoughts, words and deeds are recorded in the Lamb's book of Life since before the foundation of the world. While the Book is open in Heaven, we are acting out everything as foreseen by God, till the LAST ONE has fulfilled his or her “EARTH'S ACTIONS.” Then the Book is CLOSED and sealed, and the One on the Throne takes it into His right hand, and Jesus gathers all His Bride of all ages together, and He takes the Book out of His right hand and redeem and reward us according to our deeds recorded in THAT Book. The next quotes were preached a year after the 1963 Seals-opening.

8 THEN.JESUS.CAME.AND.CALLED  64-0417  ...a little girl was born over in Seattle, Washington. Now, that Book holds HER NAME. He come to redeem whose name was on that Book. Redeem means "bring back from where it fell from." And in the human race, she was fell. And she can't accept It now; she's too young. So the church will slug right along, just play along, will have meetings, and so forth, till that LAST PERSON is brought in, THEN that Book is CLOSED, there's no more added. Then it's ALL OVER.

12 CHRIST.IS.IDENTIFIED.THE.SAME... 64-0415  So we're--we're trying to get EVERY SOUL saved, so that Jesus can come. And HE CANNOT COME until that LAST ONE that has the name of the Book of Life, that was put There before the foundation of the world; when THAT NAME is called, that's the LAST one then. He came to redeem, to bring back. Redeem is "to bring back." And when He brings the LAST one in... He is setting at the right hand of God, TONIGHT, doing His mediator work. And when that LAST SOUL is saved, that was redeemed, and seen and knowed by God before the foundation of the world; when that LAST soul is SAVED, that CLOSES THE BOOK. Then the Lamb comes out, TAKES THE BOOK out of the right hand of Him that sets upon the Throne... He's coming then, HE'S COMING to the earth.

FF  CHRIST leaves the MERCY Seat to come forth to OPEN...

190 IDENTIFICATION  64-0216  If there is those here, Lord, who was in YOUR THINKING before the foundation of the world, surely this is wakening them up. I trust that every one of them was. And There, Father, WE'LL KNOW when You COME and the GREAT BOOK is opened, we will understand THEN.

Paragraph 141 in the Breach is telling us that the opening of the 7 written Seals in 1963 is showing us what Christ WILL DO at the END, followed by over 70 quotes explaining exactly WHEN and HOW it is going to BE DONE. Here are just 3 of the 70 plus quotes from the Sealsbook, they all say the same. That is how ALL the predestinated saints will be JUDGED, and CONFIRMED and CLAIMED, and REWARDED as overcomers of sin and unbelief.

125-6 {59} THE.FIRST.SEAL  63-0318  Therefore as long as there was ONE NAME hadn't never yet been clared--DECLARED IN EARTH, Christ had to stay there as an Intercessor to take care of that name. But as soon as that FINAL name had been splashed in that Clorox or bleach, THEN His intercessory days was over. "Let him that's filthy be filthy still. Let him that's holy, he's holy still." See? And He leaves the sanctuary, and then it becomes a judgment seat. Woe unto those outside of Christ then. Now, notice: But it's to be REVEALED when the Lamb leaves His intercessory place from the Father. (Now, that's REVELATION 5). Now, He takes the BOOK of SEALS, the Book of Seals or a Book sealed with Seals, BREAKS them and shows them (look) at the END of the AGE now, AFTER the intercessory is over; the church ages HAS DONE finished up.

233-4 {34} THE.THIRD.SEAL  63-0320  He was bleeding for the people, intercessing for the people until the LAST soul that was put on the LAMB'S Book of Life before the foundation of the world COME IN...
...And so then when that LAST SOUL comes in, then the time of redemption is finished. THEN the Lamb comes forth to CLAIM His rights to what He has redeemed, and that's all creation. The earth and everything belongs to Him. See? He has redeemed it with His own Blood. And when He come forth to TAKE THIS BOOK to OPEN it, why, my, they was... John didn't weep any more.

332-3 {394} THE.FOURTH.SEAL  63-0321 ...soon He's going to RISE now and come forth to CLAIM what He has redeemed. He's doing the work of Kinsman Redeemer while RUTH is WAITING. But soon, you know, AFTER Boaz done the kinsman work, then he come and claimed his possessions, and that's exactly what the Bible said He done. He come forth and TOOK the BOOK; then intercession is OVER. He's off the throne. There's no more BLOOD on the MERCY seat, and then what is it? JUDGMENT seat.

39 BLIND.BARTIMAEUS  54-0402  But one of these days we're going to have to meet again into His Presence and GIVE AN ACCOUNT for all that we've done and said here on earth, when the GREAT Book is OPENED in the JUDGMENT. Blessed are they that hunger and thirst for righteousness...

22 WORKS.IS.FAITH.EXPRESSED  65-1126  But let us have all of our DEEDS done right, because they're in a BOOK, a record that is to be played at the day of the JUDGMENT.

486-3 {188} QUESTIONS.AND.ANSWERS.ON.THE.SEALS  63-0324M  Now, remember, the Bible said, the Lamb's Book of Life was written before the foundation of the world, and your name was put in--was in that Book when the Lamb was slain before the foundation of the world to REDEEM every NAME that was WRITTEN in that Book...
 ...Your name was put in there before the foundation of the world, when the Lamb was slain to redeem what was in that Book. And now, He comes forward and takes THAT Book to CLAIM His redemption.

GG  ...the LAST 7 SEALS,

The GREAT BOOK is the LAMB'S BOOK of LIFE, it contains all our righteous deeds, and our new names and every other mystery God has foreseen before the foundation of the world, and recorded in that Book. The LITTLE Book is the Bible, we have seen that already on page 1, and without the understanding that there are 2 times 7 Seals opened at different times, it will be confusion all the way. Brother Branham spoke about these 2 times 7 Seals all over the Message, here are some quotes.

193 THE.SEVENTIETH.WEEK.OF.DANIEL  61-0806  ...these LAST Seven Seals. See where we'd have missed it? From Revelation 6:1 to Revelation 19:21, we would've missed it, 'cause (See?) we'd have been trying to apply it back there in this Gentile age, where you see it's over in this age. See?

239 IS.THIS.THE.SIGN.OF.THE.END.SIR  62-1230E   And the seven Seals that we're trying to speak of when I come this TIME, is the seven WRITTEN Seals. And these seven seals, as you know, is JUST the manifestation of the seven ANGELS of the seven churches. But there are SEVEN OTHER SEALS that's on the BACK SIDE of the Book, that's OUTSIDE the Bible.

2 IN.HIS.PRESENCE  62-0909E  ...the next time that we start on the Seven Seals of Revelation, AND the seven NATURAL Seals. And then if we get through in time, take the seven Seals on the BACK of the Book. See? Now, that may take a little time. See, there's seven Seals that's opened; there's seven plagues, seven trumpets, all those sevens; and THEM Seals we could take FIRST. But then on the BACK of the Book is sealed with seven Seals. Daniel heard the Voice as It thundered, and was forbidden to write it. John was forbidden to write it. But it was sealed on the BACKSIDE of the Book, THAT IS, AFTER all of the MYSTERIES of the Book has been GIVEN OUT and REVEALED.

90-6 {145} THE.BREACH... 63-0317E  ...the Seven Seals got the MYSTERIES of God from the foundation of the world all sealed up in there, and revealed by Seven DIFFERENT Seals; that if God willing-- let us pull back THESE Seals and look down through the Book and find out what it's all about.

283-5 {35} THE.FOURTH.SEAL  63-0321  And now, THESE Seven Seals that this Book is sealed with, AND THOSE Seven Seals... Now... And then AFTER these Seven Seals are completed, we find in Revelations 10 there was seven mysterious thunders that John was commissioned to write but then forbidden to write THOSE. And at the time of THOSE thunders, we find Christ, or the Angel come down with a rainbow, and put His feet on the land and sea and swore that time had RUN OUT out at that time.

164 THE.FEAST.OF.THE.TRUMPETS  64-0719M  These Trumpets are let loose on the Jews, (don't you see?) not on the Gentiles. The Gentile, when THEM Seals is OPENED, is sealed away; TIME IS ended; the Church IS called.

6 weeks after Brother Branham had preached the last quote, they asked him in a questions and answers sermon if grace and mercy is finish, and if time ceased when the Seals were opened? At that time the believers were already confused, because they had missed the vital understanding that there are 2 times 7 Seals opened at different times, and that last quote refers to the 7 LAST Seals.

1032-Q-306 COD  64-0823E  See, everything will be finished for the Gentile church when the Bride is taken from the earth. The Spirit of God leaves the earth: "He that's filthy is filthy still; he that's righteous is righteous still; he that's holy is holy still." In other words the sanctuary becomes smoky, where the Attorney stands to plead the case. Christ LEAVES the sanctuary; His day of mediatorial is over. The RAPTURE comes; He leaves from the sanctuary, goes forth and TAKES the BOOK of Redemption, and CLAIMS EVERYTHING He redeemed. There's no more mediatorial work.

When the bloody Lamb will open those 7 OTHER Seals, our righteous deeds will be openly shown on the canvas of the sky for all the gathered hundreds of millions Bride members to see it.

HH  and project it on the canvas of the sky,

79 HEAR.YE.HIM  57-0519A  Jesus said, "He that will confess Me before men, him I'll confess before the Father and the holy Angels." When this great CANVAS is spread across the SKY, and this sermon begins to record up YONDER, and this day has to be brought in, YOUR PICTURE will be standing there on God's big TELEVISION SCREEN. You stood for Christ.

26 GOD.MANIFESTING.HIS.GIFTS  57-0805 ...what will it be at the JUDGMENT BAR, when God's great tape RECORDER OF MY LIFE turns on? and YOUR recorder? and the world recorder? and the great TELEVISION SCREEN that's on the sky and your life is before God and the entire world?

142 THIRSTING.FOR.LIFE  59-0613 ...those here tonight that I'll never look at them again until this sermon is PLAYED on God's great RECORDING machine at the day of the JUDGMENT, and the great FILM will be SHOWN, and there will be the hands up. Lord, they'll be a witness that they believed...

62 AND.THY.SEED.SHALL.POSSESS.THE.GATE.OF.HIS.ENEMIES  61-0212E  But there at the JUDGMENT bar, I'm going to have to face you. See? Now, remember this night... When this day rolls up there on the CANVAS of the skies of the JUDGMENT, this meeting will come to your remembrance.

66 COME.FOLLOW.ME  63-0601  And God's great SCREEN picks that up. And every move and every act that you make, you've got to MEET IT at the JUDGMENT. See? So, young fellow, it's a good thing to stop, think about these things, see, 'cause you're going to MEET IT AGAIN. See?

355 THE.INVISIBLE.UNION.OF.THE.BRIDE.OF.CHRIST  65-1125  Remember, I'm being taped here; NOT only here, but in HEAVEN.

356  Every THOUGHT that goes through your mind is on a RECORD. And some day the record is going to quit playing, it's going to be put in the ALBUM. And then at the JUDGMENT it's going to be come back.

364  Remember, there's a RECORDING making of this, not only on this tape, but God's GREAT RECORD. Each one of you, every move, when you bow your head, bow your heart, what thought goes through your mind, remember, it's being RECORDED right now in Glory, and the record is going to be played on the Day of JUDGMENT.

II  and JUDGE and CLAIM,

    ROMANS 3:4  God forbid: yea, let God be true, but every man a liar; as it is written, That thou mightest be justified in THY sayings,
    and mightest overcome when thou art JUDGED.

The previous quotes show us exactly how we will be judged by our own words and deeds. But there is nothing to fear, no one can fail, we all will be there in our Theophany Word body, dressed in a Robe of fine linen, clean and white, which is the righteousness of saints, as Revelation 19:8 tells us. This Judgment at the second coming of Christ was explained in detail to Brother Branham when he was translated behind the curtain of time. He asked if Paul will be judged, here is why:

    ROMANS 2:16  In the day when God shall judge the secrets of men by Jesus Christ according to MY GOSPEL.

    HEBREWS 13:17  Obey them that have the rule over you, and submit yourselves: for they watch for your souls, as they that MUST give ACCOUNT,
    that they may do it with joy, and not with grief: for that is unprofitable for you.

31 ADOPTION.1  60-0515E  And especially WE shepherds of the flocks, we PASTORS who someday will gather yonder in that glorious land with the little flocks, and we'll stand in the PRESENCE of the Lord Jesus, and we'll see that generation come up, of Paul, and of Peter, and of Luke, and Mark, and Matthew, and ALL THEM, and see them JUDGED THERE with their groups.

381-3 {394} THE.FIFTH.SEAL  63-0322  He will come someday, and He will come to you first, and then you'll be JUDGED." Said, "These people are your CONVERTS that you've led." And I said, "You mean by being a leader, that I--that He will JUDGE me?" He said, "Yes." And I said, "Does every leader have to be judged like that?" Said, "Yes." I said, "What about Paul?" He said, "He will have to be JUDGED WITH HIS." I said, "if his group goes in, so will mine, 'cause I've preached exactly the same Word."

416 SOULS.THAT.ARE.IN.PRISON.NOW  63-1110M  I am not ashamed of what I have preached. And if EACH MINISTER has to stand with his congregation and be JUDGED, as I saw in the vision, I'm thankful for the Gospel that I have preached, because it's the SAME GOSPEL that PAUL and them preached. I am happy for you. I am happy that you have received Christ as your Saviour.

259 IS.YOUR.LIFE.WORTHY.OF.THE.GOSPEL  63-0630E  Hebrews, 11th chapter. Said, "They were sawed asunder, pulled apart; wandered about, in sheepskins and goatskins, and was in desert, and destitute and so forth; lives that this world is not worthy of." There you are. That life's worthy of the Gospel. How is mine and YOURS going to STAND in the Day OF JUDGMENT, with men like that?

568-2 {335} THE.SEVENTH.SEAL  63-0324E  But one of these days, if we never MEET AGAIN on this earth, we're going to meet YONDER at the-- JUDGMENT seat of Christ. And you'll find out that in that room, the revelation coming from God (just like all the rest of them has), that them...

322-5  CHURCH.AGE.BOOK CPT.9  Jesus Christ, Who as the faithful Shepherd will save you and care for you and present you FAULTLESS in GLORY with exceeding GREAT JOY.

    I CORINTHIANS 1:7b ...waiting for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ:
    8  Who shall also CONFIRM YOU unto the END, that ye may be BLAMELESS in the day of our Lord Jesus Christ.

77 THY.LOVING.KINDNESS  58-0228  ...Lord, that they might be PRESENTED to God THAT DAY by Jesus Christ, FAULTLESS and BLAMELESS, standing in HIS righteousness alone. Grant it, Lord.

    JUDE 24  Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to PRESENT you FAULTLESS before the PRESENCE of his glory with EXCEEDING JOY,

In Genesis 3, when Adam and Eve sinned, God came down to judge and sentence them individually. He cursed the ground for Adam's sin, and told them that they must return to the ground from where they were taken. That curse of death spread on all mankind, and is still upon us. At this Judgment of the righteous, that curse is lifted by the same Judge, and we will be confirmed as blameless overcomer of sin and unbelief, according to the evidence recorded in the Lamb's book of Life. Then the RESULT of this JUDGMENT will be the resurrection of the dead in Christ, and the glorification of our bodies.

141-1 {160} THE.FIRST.SEAL  63-0318  He now has come forth from His intercessory work to CLAIM His own throne, His REDEEMED SUBJECTS.

410-5 {135} THE.SIXTH.SEAL  63-0323  There He stands, and until the LAST soul has been redeemed, and then He comes forth to CLAIM what He HAS REDEEMED...

Brother Branham used the word CLAIM 33 times, and the word CLAIMS 14 times at the opening of the 7 written Seals in 1963. At the day of our full Redemption, to be CLAIMED personally and individually by our Kinsman Redeemer in His nail-scared body as one of HIS OWN should be every believer's highest priority, nothing can be greater than that. There are many more CLAIM quotes in the next section.

JJ  and fully REDEEM,

81 REVELATION.CHAPTER.FIVE.2  61-0618  It's God saying, "I have received you now, and I'll give you this Seal that you're just WAITING for that time," till our FULL REDEMPTION, and that is that we have BEEN PARTIALLY already redeemed.

    EPHESIANS 1:13b  ...the gospel of your salvation: in whom also after that ye believed, ye were SEALED with that holy Spirit of PROMISE,
    14  Which is the EARNEST of our inheritance UNTIL THE REDEMPTION of the purchased possession, unto the praise of his glory.

    EPHESIANS 4:30  And grieve not the holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are sealed UNTO THE DAY OF REDEMPTION.

40 DEMONOLOGY.PHYSICAL.REALM  53-0608A  Because that your body is NOT YET redeemed. Your body is not redeemed. No matter how much, how good you are, and how saintly and how holy, how much Holy Spirit, that's only YOUR SOUL. And your soul is NOT completed yet. It's just got the blessing, the promise of God, which is the EARNEST of our SALVATION. 

    ROMANS 8:23  And not only they, but ourselves also, which have the firstfruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves groan within ourselves,
    waiting for the ADOPTION, to wit, the REDEMPTION of our BODY.

173 THE.KINSMAN.REDEEMER  60-1002  ...the SAVED on earth shall GATHER over on the other shore, when the roll is called up YONDER, I'll be there. Resting now, waiting for the FULL REDEMPTION.

89-4 {138} THE.BREACH... 63-0317E  Christ has redeemed us NOW. We are NOW redeemed, but He has NOT CLAIMED His possession yet. Now, you might different with that, but just hold on a minute...  
...He HASN'T CLAIMED it. See? If He took the Book of Redemption, EVERYTHING that Adam had and everything that HE LOST, Christ redeems back; and He's already redeemed us, but He hasn't took the POSSESSION yet. He cannot until the time appointed, and THEN will come the RESURRECTION...

92-4 {156}  Here is the Book of Redemption. Here is the plan of Redemption. Here is the ONLY WAY YOU'LL EVER BE REDEEMED, for here is the title deed to REDEMPTION of the whole heavens and earth. "Let Him come forward, if He will..."   …Let Him come forward and CLAIM this Book.

104-5 {251}  But now, in this Sevenfold Book of Seals of Redemption that the Lamb took within Himself--was the only One Who could do it. And He took it from the right hand of Him that set upon a throne; now, to CLAIM His redemptive, to CLAIM His rights, to CLAIM for me and you what He redeemed US FROM, to (See?), back to EVERYTHING that Adam LOST in the garden of Eden; He has REDEEMED us BACK to THAT.

433 CHRIST.IS.THE.MYSTERY.OF.GOD.REVEALED  63-0728  ...redeemed by Christ, the second Adam! You believe He was? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] Going back Home, to EDEN, with His fallen wife REDEEMED BACK Home again. That's Christ, and the Church today, taking His Wife back. See the threefold mystery now?

621  Look, but the threefold purpose of God's great mystery is revealed! God manifested in Christ; Christ manifested in the Church; in order to REDEEM the lost Eve back to the original CONDITION in the garden of Eden. Oh, my! Oh, there is going to be some great times on THAT DAY!

When we individually look into the face of our Kinsman Redeemer, and hear him say: “Well done my good and faithful servant, enter into the joys of the Lord,” then we are FULLY REDEEMED, and back again in the same condition as Adam and Eve were BEFORE the fall. Then our Kinsman Redeemer will reward us for our obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit, in words and deeds.

KK  and REWARD each saint...

    MATTHEW 5:11 Blessed ARE YE, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for MY SAKE.
    12 Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for GREAT is YOUR REWARD in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.

    MATTHEW 16:27 For the Son of man SHALL COME in the glory of his Father with his angels; and then he shall REWARD EVERY MAN according to his works.

    REVELATION 22:12  And, behold, I COME quickly; and MY REWARD is with me, to give EVERY MAN according as his work shall be.

13 I.WAS.NOT.DISOBEDIENT.TO.THE.HEAVENLY.VISION  49-0718  I want to go out of this world with that same attitude, knowing that someday, I shall receive a REWARD, if I can only be faithful until that time when the REWARDS are GIVEN. I trust to meet every one of you in a better world...

118 REVELATION.CHAPTER.FIVE.2  61-0618  Ruth was rewarded. That's when WE'LL be REWARDED. That's what this seven-sealed Book is going to OPEN UP TO US. What is these things? They're mysteries. They're NOT wrote in the Word; they have to be revealed by the Holy Spirit; but if you'll notice, actually, they are revealed all down through the Scriptures, but they BEEN HID from the people.

8 JESUS.CHRIST.THE.SAME.YESTERDAY.TODAY.AND... 52-0810E   And then, at the DAY of REWARDS are given out, GOD standing THERE, I hope I'm standing near with my hands up screaming, to see Him place the CROWN upon YOUR head. And be crowned as His jewels in His Kingdom.

157 FATHER.THE.HOUR.HAS.COME  56-1002A  The time will be here soon to give out the REWARDS. Brother, be careful that YOUR CROWN isn't set on someone else's head.

14 THE.WORLD.IS.FALLING.APART  63-0412M  And we don't look at things that go on so much temporarily now, but we look to the END of the ROAD, where the REWARDS are given.

As promised, all the “overcomers” of Satan's perversions, from Adam to the last one will receive their REWARDS personally from our Kinsman Redeemer, Jesus Christ. He will take the Lamb's Book of Life out of the right hand of Him on the Throne and loose those 7 LAST Seals. The righteous works of each saint will be shown HOW he has overcome Satan's temptations, they SHALL BE openly displayed on that canvas of the sky, and every one will be personally and individually CONFIRMED to be faultless and blameless at that day, as Jude 24 and 1 Corinthian 1:8 and other Scriptures tell us.


39 BLIND.BARTIMAEUS  54-0402  But one of these days we're going to have to MEET AGAIN into HIS PRESENCE and give an ACCOUNT for all that we've DONE and SAID here on earth, when the GREAT BOOK is opened in the JUDGMENT.

In Revelation chapters 2 and 3, there are 7 prophesies to the 7 church ages, telling them what the burdens and the orders for each age will be. The 4 horse riders are the Antichrist spirits let loose to try the believers of the 7 ages, like the serpent did to Eve, but she and Adam failed to OVERCOME him. At the end of the 7 prophesies, the Lord Jesus promised the “OVERCOMERS” of each age that He Himself (I GIVE) will give very individual (To HIM or HE) personally his or her REWARD. The next 2 verses are the promise for the overcomers of the first and the last age.

    REVELATION 2:7  He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; To HIM that overcometh will I GIVE to eat of the tree of life,
    which is in the midst of the paradise of God.
    3:21  To HIM that overcometh will I GRANT to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne.

Yes, at His second COMING the Lord will JUDGE and CONFIRM and REWARD every individual “overcomer” personally face to face, as 1 Corinthians 13:12 says.

    I CORINTHIANS 13:12 For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then FACE TO FACE: now I know in part; but then shall I KNOW even as also I AM KNOWN.    

    II CORINTHIANS 11:2  For I am jealous over you with godly jealousy: for I have espoused you to one husband, that I may PRESENT YOU you
    as a chaste virgin to Christ.

233 ADOPTION.2  60-0518  "For I espouse you, engage you to Christ as a chaste VIRGIN." Now, if that was true then on that day, he said (them, the people said to me), said, "Jesus will come to YOU, and YOU will PRESENT US to Him, a chaste virgin." Judged by the Word that you preached to them.

12 MINISTRY.EXPLAINED  50-0711  EVERY ONE of US here has got to MEET God and FACE God someday. And WE'RE going to GIVE an ACCOUNT for the deeds that's done in our lives lives.  

6 ISRAEL.AND.THE.CHURCH.4  53-0328  ...and we want it to be the real true unadulterated Seed of God that's sown into the people's heart, for someday I must stand in the JUDGMENT to give an ACCOUNT for what I've said and done in this life, ALONG WITH YOU.

358 THE.FAITH.THAT.WAS.ONCE.DELIVERED... 53-1129A   And someday I've got to meet EVERY ONE of YOU at the JUDGMENT seat of Christ. I've got to stand there. That's right.

5 DO.YOU.NOW.BELIEVE  53-1206E  ...our last meeting time on earth. I've got to meet UP THERE with you. Then I've got to give an ACCOUNT of my life here on earth. 

31 THE.SAME.JESUS.TONIGHT  55-0826  God knows us both. And someday, God, and YOU, and I will stand TOGETHER. And WE will have to give an ACCOUNT for our lives. You believe that? 

42 THE.MIGHTY.CONQUEROR  58-0329   WE, YOU and I, are going to stand someday at the JUDGMENT seat of Christ, giving an ANSWER for our life. You're aware of that, aren't you?

299  IS.YOUR.LIFE.WORTHY.OF.THE.GOSPEL  63-0630E  I have to come in this generation. I have to stand with you. You are the ones I have to stand for, and give an ACCOUNT before God...   

22 WORKS.IS.FAITH.EXPRESSED  65-1126  But let us have ALL of our DEEDS done RIGHT, because they're in a BOOK, a RECORD that is to be PLAYED at the day of the JUDGMENT.

297 MODERN.EVENTS.ARE.MADE.CLEAR.BY.PROPHECY  65-1206  And I'll have to MEET YOU at the JUDGMENT BAR and answer for EVERYTHING that I SAID tonight.

Lots of pages could be filled with quotes like these few, many of them were spoken to individuals in prayer lines, in the presence of the Angel of the Lord. If these prophetic statements would not be true, then Brother Branham would certainly be a false Prophet, deceiving the people. No, these statements do NOT apply to the White Throne Judgment, he is talking about the second coming of the Lord.

MM  The manifestation of the FIFTH SEAL

    REVELATION 6:9  And when he had opened the FIFTH seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held:
    10  And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou NOT JUDGE and AVENGE our blood on them that dwell on the earth?

365-3 {251} THE.FIFTH.SEAL  63-0322  And they were JEWS, and had the law, and the Law was the Word of God. They stayed right by it. That's right. And for the testimony they held, they were martyred, and here was SOULS UNDER THE ALTAR, after the Church had BEEN GONE.

361-4 {218} ...the BRIDE, has done been TOOK UP; so they wouldn't be under the altar. They'd be in glory with the Bride. Now, watch. For they are gone in the RAPTURE in the 4th chapter of Revelations; they was TAKEN UP.

370-2 {296}  ...a white robe. Amen. Each one of them given a white robe...  ...Them noticing them poor fellows standing there, God help you, brethren. I hope EACH one of YOU are given a white ROBE THAT DAY too. See? Standing, changing back and forth with legs hurting... 

363-1 {228} THE.FIFTH.SEAL  63-0322  They were GIVEN robes. They didn't have them. They were given robes--white robes, each one of them. Now, the saints now have... ALREADY HAVE ONE. They get it here. But there, they were given robes, and the saints already had theirs and gone on. See? See, they had--had not... They... See, they had not a chance because they WERE BLINDED by God, their own Father, so that the grace of God could be fulfilled so the BRIDE could be took from the Gentiles. Is that right?

These Jewish souls under the Altar will witness the full redemption of the Bride. They will observe us in our white robes, and watch when we all will be JUDGED and AVENGED (Revelation 18:20) and rewarded as blameless sons and daughters of God. Then they will cry out, and say “What about us, when will You JUDGE and AVENGE us also, like you did to Your Bride?” Then the Lord will hand out white robes to them as well, and He will tell them that they have to wait till the 144 000 have finished their time, then He will deal with them the same way, as  SS explains. Then God will incarnate Himself into His Bride.

NN  After ALL have been fully redeemed, God will INCARNATE Himself into His Bride with the FULLNESS of God.

    EPHESIANS 3:19  And to know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that YE might be filled with ALL the FULNESS OF GOD.

146 CHRIST.IS.THE.MYSTERY.OF.GOD.REVEALED  63-0728  ...when I see God's great purpose, revealing Himself. And having, first, to reveal Hisself in Christ, "the FULLNESS of the Godhead BODILY."  And, then, to bring that "FULLNESS of Godhead bodily" INTO A PEOPLE, that He could have the PREEMINENCES, the oversight, the leading.

97 THE.SARDISEAN.CHURCH.AGE  60-1209  He's in Christ. Sure. And as WE OVERCOME by the Holy Spirit like He had, WE WILL set with Him as He takes the earthly throne of David, to set and RULE with Him just like HE DID UP THERE (Amen) with power and authority over ALL the EARTH.

237 REVELATION.CHAPTER.FOUR.2  61-0101  Now, the FIRST throne was in heaven, judgment seat. The SECOND throne was in Christ; the THIRD throne is IN MAN.

204-6 {205} THE.SECOND.SEAL  63-0319  When Jesus INCARNATES Himself IN HIS people, the VERY LIFE that was in Christ is IN THIS PERSON.

89 COUNTDOWN  64-0209   And all the nations will stand, they won't need television, they'll see Him. EVERY knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess, as She propels Her way in yonder, into the glorious realms of Heaven, to be MARRIED to Her BRIDEGROOM. God help us to live for THAT DAY!

    I CORINTHIANS 15:28   And when ALL THINGS shall be subdued unto him, then shall the Son also himself be subject unto him that put all things under him, that GOD
    may be ALL IN ALL.

459 CHRIST.IS.THE.MYSTERY.OF.GOD.REVEALED  63-0728  And God, at that day, "The Kingdom be given over to the Father; He might be ALL IN ALL." "While he's yet speaking, I'll hear." David, Christ, David sitting on the Throne, the KING over the whole human race. "And while they're yet thinking, I'll know what they're thinking about. Before they speak, I'LL  ANSWER them.

1046-237 QUESTIONS.AND.ANSWERS.2  64-0823E   And Jesus will NOT be on His Father's throne, He'll be on HIS THRONE. And the Father will hover over the Son, which the Father and Son will be One. "And while they are yet speaking, I'll answer. Before they can THINK, I'M thinking FOR THEM."

When the last saint will be fully redeemed, then the great Jehovah Who had no beginning, the Father, the great fountain of ALL wisdom, He will incarnate Himself into His Bride to become His Wife. He is the ALL because He knew ALL before there was anything, and he will baptise ALL the members of His Bride with the fullness of Himself. Then God the “ALL” will be on His Throne in ALL the saints, and direct our thoughts, words and deeds personally and individually from His Throne inside of us. This INCARNATION of Almighty God into His Bride will be the consummation of the Marriage, then HE will be the ALL knowing Almighty God IN ALL His predestinated Bride members. Then together we come back to earth to pick up our glorified bodies, as Brother Branham was told behind the curtain of time.

OO  Then we come back to EARTH for the resurrection of the dead and our body change

159 THE.REJECTED.KING  60-0515M  Said, "Jesus will COME, and you'll be JUDGED according to the Word that you PREACHED us. And then, if you are ACCEPTED at that time, which you will be," and said, "then YOU will present us TO HIM as your trophies of your ministry." Said, "You will guide us to Him, and ALL TOGETHER we'll go BACK TO the EARTH to live forever."  

69 HAVING.CONFERENCES  60-0608  And she looked up at me. She said, "Brother Branham, Jesus will COME SOMEDAY, and THEN we'll go BACK to EARTH." And said, "THEN we'll RECEIVE our GLORIFIED BODY; then we'll live together forever."

213 THE.TEN.VIRGINS... 60-1211M  I said, "I've preached the same message he did." And them millions raised their hands and said, "We are resting on that." There you are (See?), right there. Yes. Said, "THEN together we'll go BACK to the EARTH for a BODY that can eat, and we drink, and live together through all the ceaseless ages there." That's the COMING OF THE LORD.

382-4 {407} THE.FIFTH.SEAL  63-0322  He said, "Then when Jesus comes, then we're... And He  JUDGES you for your ministry, THEN we go back to EARTH and take up BODIES." (Well, I thought about it then; that's exactly the Scripture.) Said, "THEN we go back to earth and take up bodies; then we eat. We don't eat here, neither do we sleep."

    LUKE 13:29  And they shall come from the east, and from the west, and from the north, and from the south, and shall sit down in the kingdom of God.
    30  And, behold, there are LAST which shall be FIRST, and there are FIRST which shall be LAST.

97 THE.SEVEN.CHURCH.AGES  54-0512  "He that was LAST will be FIRST, and he that was FIRST will be LAST." How can it be that way? That's the ORDER of the resurrection. I won't know nobody in the generation before me or the generation after me. I'll know those in the generation of this. And every generation will come successfully, right as it went down. "They which were LAST will be FIRST." Sure, it has to be. I'll know my people. The next fellow, my dad will know his people; his grandfather, his people, on DOWN LIKE THAT. Wave after wave, after wave, after wave, and the saints arising...

The living saints will be the LAST who were saved, and after we have come back into our bodies again from “UP THERE,” we will call the last ones who died, and they will call those who they knew, and died before them. It will go like that through all the ages, till someone will call Abel, he was the FIRST one to die, and he will be the LAST one to rise from the dead. Then we the LIVING saints will also be changed to receive our glorified bodies, and after about 30 days, we will be ready to go in the Rapture to the Wedding supper, or to the reception as we would call it.

PP  The RAPTURE to the WEDDING supper

77 WHAT.SHALL.WE.DO.WITH.THIS.JESUS.CALLED.CHRIST  64-0126  The church will go through the tribulation, yes, sir, but the BRIDE is FREE from it. She'll go in the RAPTURE, in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye. She'll be CAUGHT UP to meet her Lord in the air, for the Wedding Supper.

36 THE.COUNTDOWN  62-1125E  The spiritual ASTRONAUT is in Christ, and he's listening to the Word of God, the countdown, to see where It's going. And he's fixing to leave now, not for the moon, he will PASS the MOON so fast. He's on His road to heaven, and he's listening to the countdown. Yes, he's headed for heaven in a RAPTURE of the glory of God.

236 PROVING.HIS.WORD  64-0816  His Word so real that it'll UNITE the Church and Him as ONE, the Bride, and then she'll go Home to the WEDDING Supper. Amen. She's already UNITED, see, we go to the Wedding Supper, NOT to the MARRIAGE.

The next and first RAPTURE or Translation will only be for the LIVING saints, while the corporal bodies remains ON the earth, exactly the same as Bro. Branham experienced it in 1960 at his Translation behind the curtain of time. Then after the MARRIAGE up there, and after we come back to earth again and received our glorified bodies, then together we will go in the generally known RAPTURE to the wedding supper. As we see in the second quote, this Rapture is NOT to meet anybody in the AIR, this Rapture goes much further past the moon to somewhere in outer space where the Wedding supper will take place.

QQ  Moses and Elijah join the 144 000 Jews, AFTER the Rapture

168 WHAT.IS.THE.ATTRACTION.ON.THE.MOUNTAIN  65-0725E  So judgment is fixing to strike the Gentile world, and the JEWS got three and a half more years through the period of Tribulation, Jacob's trouble, the continuing of the seventy weeks of Daniel. But, the Gentiles' are numbered, it's TIME TO GO.

304 THE.FEAST.OF.THE.TRUMPETS  64-0719M  The Trumpet sounded for the Israel; the TWO PROPHETS is ready to appear. What is it? The Church must GET OFF the scene right now, so they can appear. He can't deal with TWO at the same time; He never did. See?

422-5 {215} THE.SIXTH.SEAL  63-0323   And while the tribulation's falling, in there comes these TWO PROPHETS of Revelations 11 to preach the Gospel to them. And they preach a thousand, one hundred and three score days. See? Well, that's exactly, with thirty days in the month, like the real calendar has, is exactly three and one-half years. That's Daniel's seventieth part—LAST PART of the seventieth week.


    REVELATION 12:17  And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the REMNANT of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.

55-271 QUESTIONS.AND.ANSWERS.ON.GENESIS  53-0729  And when that time comes, there'll be a persecution rise then and the Holy Ghost will fall and Methodist and Baptists, and all will speak with tongues, praise God, and heal the sick, and prophesy, and all the signs and wonders will be coming. The ELECT will GO UP, and the remnant will be left here to go through the TRIBULATION period. And at the end of the time, when they see what has happened, they'll have to GO DOWN IN MARTYRDOM.

95-223 QUESTIONS.AND.ANSWERS.1  54-0103M   The Bride, correctly, was in HEAVEN with Jesus. And the dragon that spurted water out of his mouth will make war with the REMNANT of the woman's SEED," That was this group here that had to GO DOWN, not that. See? The remnant of the woman's seed, the sanctified church, WITHOUT receiving the HOLY GHOST, that's the ones he make war with.
    REVELATION 15:2  And I saw as it were a sea of glass mingled with fire: and them that had gotten the VICTORY over the BEAST, and over his image, and over his mark,
    and over the number of his name, stand on the sea of glass, having the harps of God.
    3  And they sing the song of Moses the servant of God, and the song of the Lamb, saying, Great and marvellous are thy works, Lord GOD ALMIGHTY; just and true
    are thy ways, thou King of saints.

953-151 QUESTIONS.AND.ANSWERS.1  64-0823M  See, the Gentile BRIDE is in HEAVEN, and the sleeping virgin, the Gentile virgin, is NOT to be saved during that time; she's ALREADY been saved, but has been REJECTED in the BRIDE. And she only goes through the tribulation period for the time of PURIFICATION, because she has rejected Christ, the Word, for her PURIFICATION.

199 REVELATION.CHAPTER.FOUR.3  61-0108  Now, in Revelations 15, the remnant of the woman's seed, which was the TRIBULATION SAINTS that went through the tribulation was found (Look.) standing on this sea. And it was filled with fire, blood, red blazes licking forth, the fire of God...
...And through the preaching of MOSES and ELIJAH, those two prophets that will appear to Israel to pull out the--this group of people, those tribulation period saints, back in that time...

166 THE.TEN.VIRGINS... 60-1211M  This--these churches are just as CLEAN and HOLY as this one is; if they're all virgins, they're ALL VIRGINS, just as clean. The only DIFFERENCE was, was the OIL in the lamp, the HOLY GHOST. And the Holy Ghost, if It's in there, It produces the very same kind of fire It did on Pentecost. But they don't have no FIRE, no OIL in their lamps. They have church ritual, church just as ritualistic as it can be, fine ceremonies (nothing against it), creeds that would shake your conscience, and songs like Angels singing... You'll put your finger on --their life, you couldn't do it. But still that's wrong... it's part of it, but not ALL OF IT. That's the kind that MISSES the RAPTURE.

These are the tribulation saints, those who are without the baptism of the Holy Spirit, including the foolish virgins, which are the Message believers who were left behind. They are saved now by believing the Message, but they do not get the full word to prepare them for the Rapture and the coming of the Lord. When it will be too late, then they will hear from the 2 Prophets in Israel about the true teaching of the second coming of the Lord, and the day of Redemption and everything else what they have missed. Then they will have to give their lives as martyrs that they might receive Eternal life at the White Throne Judgment. The next quote is one of those which show clearly that these Tribulation saints are Message followers, because only Message followers know the teaching that Jesus Christ is the ALMIGHTY.

206 REVELATION.CHAPTER.FOUR.3  61-0108   Who is it left that'll not fear thee... and glorify Thy name?..They was washed by the SAME WATERS that you're being washed by NOW, hearing the Word in the FAITH and power of Jesus Christ being the ALMIGHTY. It's the whole revelation at the beginning...

SS  Revelation 11:18, the day of full Redemption for the Jews

    REVELATION 11:18  And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the DEAD, that they should be JUDGED, and that thou shouldest give REWARDunto thy servants the prophets,
    and to the saints, and them that fear thy name,
small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth.

155 THE.FEAST.OF.THE.TRUMPETS  64-0719M  Notice now, exactly, the continuity of the Scripture, EXACTLY the SAME. Under the SEVENTH TRUMPET, IS TO Israel the SAME as the SEVENTH SEAL WAS to the Church. We find, under the SEVENTH SEAL, that when these souls that was under the altar there, that received robes... They were given robes, not that they earned them...

At our day of Redemption, those Jewish SOULS under the Altar will see how we will be judged, and confirmed and rewarded (see 5th Seal at MM). Then after that they cry: ”What about us? When do You judge and avenge our blood...” Then Jesus will give them white robes, and will tell them they must wait for the 144 000 to be tested and tried and killed. Then at the end of the 3 ½ years, they together with the 144 000 and the two Prophets will be fully redeemed under the 7th TRUMPET. As Revelation 11:18 explains, they the dead, and the 2 Prophets Moses and Elijah, and the 144 000 who fear the Lord's name, small  and great, will be judged and redeemed like the Bride will be under the 7th SEAL, for the same purpose of full redemption.

TT  Revelation 19:11 to 21, the Coming of the Lord WITH His Bride

51 BE.CERTAIN.OF.GOD  59-0708E  The coming of Jesus is THREE TIMES. Did you know that? Jesus come the first time to REDEEM His Bride. He comes the next time; we're caught up in the air to meet him in the air. We caught up to meet Him. He comes to RECEIVE His Bride. The NEXT TIME He comes, He comes as King and Queen to reign on the earth WITH His Bride: THREE COMINGS. Right.

133 THE.SIXFOLD.PURPOSE.OF.GABRIEL'S.VISIT.TO.DANIEL  61-0730E  AFTER the seventy weeks, the Bride appears in Revelations the 19th chapter, the 1st and the 16th verse. She arrives WITH her Bridegroom, the mighty King.

160 GABRIEL'S.INSTRUCTIONS... 61-0730M the end, in the 19th chapter here She comes WITH Her Bridegroom (Hallelujah.), King of king and Lord of lord, vesture dipped in blood, the heavenly host riding on white horses coming WITH HIM. There she comes to take her place for the Millennium.

UU  About Armageddon

294-530 QUESTIONS.AND.ANSWERS.ON.HEBREWS.2  57-1002  The Dead Sea holds MORE RICHES than all the rest of the world PUT TOGETHER. The Jews are returning back; it's been hid from the Gentiles; but they're blossoming like a rose.

77-111 QUESTIONS.AND.ANSWERS.1  54-0103M  ...the Jews real RICH, then that same thing WILL POLLUTE their camp again. Yeah. They'll come right down, the cities of the world. RUSSIA will come down, say, "We just got to have that stuff. That's uranium and everything down there; we got to GO GET IT." And as they go down, then will be the battle of ARMAGEDDON. That'll be when God will stand like He did in the valley for the children of Israel and fight again.

127 VICTORY.DAY  63-0421  Just before the great Millennium, ARMAGEDDON is to clean off the earth. She re-purifies herself with this ATOMIC blowing, and the volcanic ash and thing sinks this soaked blood of men and upon the earth, and sin and crime. She sinks beneath the earth, and the volcanic brays out again, and renews and cleans the earth for the great  Millennium.

86 WATER.FROM.THE.ROCK  55-0224  The bomb that would probably burst EVERY ATOM in the EARTH is hanging yonder in RUSSIA tonight. It ought to have been fired a LONG TIME ago, but God's long-suffering, not willing that any should perish, PAST DUE.

169 GOD.CALLED.MAN  58-1005E  RUSSIA and Communism is playing right in the hands of God to absolutely RID the EARTH of the PEOPLE, but before that can take place, the RAPTURE comes...

V V  Ready for the MILLENNIUM

    MALACHI 4:3  And ye shall tread down the wicked; for they shall be ASHES under
    the soles of your feet in the day that I shall do this, saith the LORD of hosts.

55 SIRS.WE.WOULD.SEE.JESUS  61-0519 will be burnt up with a fire," Malachi 4, and said, "The righteous shall walk out upon the ashes (the volcanic ashes) of the wicked," in the Millennium.

    I TIMOTHY 4:16  Take heed unto thyself, and unto the DOCTRINE; continue in them:
    for in doing this thou shalt both save thyself, and them that hear thee.

We believe this is according to the Message of Elijah the Prophet, to turn us to the correct teaching of the Apostolic fathers. This is the faith we must be earnestly contending for as Jude 3 says. It is the same Word as it was revealed to the Apostles at the the first age, and will always be the same, as Hebrews 13:8 says, nothing can change. We believe we can confidently say that the sequence of events of the coming of the Lord in this chapter is according to the Message and the Bible.