It would be difficult to find the appropriate words to describe the importance of the gathering described in this chapter, Brother Branham calls it the most sublime thing in the Scriptures. 1 Peter 1:7 to 9 says that it is the end of our faith, the salvation of our souls when we are found unto praise and honour and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ. That applies to all the saints of all ages, from Adam to the last one, all those whose names are written and sealed in the Lamb's Book of Life, on the backside of the Book. All the true children of God, those faithful Prophets of old, those devoted Sages, the genuine Kings and all the holy men, all the Apostles and the other 120 who were in the upper room, all those unwavering millions who were martyred for the sake of the Gospel, they are all waiting in the Heavens right now for the dawn of that great day of Redemption.

The Prophet explained in detail all about Revelation 5 on the 17th of March 1963, the night before he started to preach the opening of the seven written Seals. Those meetings changed nothing in Heaven and on earth, it was and still is a lecture, a teaching of the history of the church. It is also an explanation and placing of the present time, and most important, it revealed, unveiled and foretold the future coming of the Lord and the Sealopening on the backside of the Book.

How else would we know what to expect and what to prepare for? The Prophet came as the forerunner of Revelation 5:6 to 8:1, to open up and "unseal" the full Revelation of Jesus Christ, to reveal the whole plan of God beforehand that nobody would have an excuse if they are unprepared when time has run out. Revelation 22: 6 and 7 tells us that the Lord God sent us the Message to show "the things which must shortly be done". Then follows, "Behold, I come quickly".

Brother Branham described Revelation 5, the coming of the Lord from the Mercy Seat so vividly, that it sometimes sounded as if it was happening right there and then. Being a Prophet, he saw many things in visions, to him it appeared as if it was present tense as he saw the events unfold in the vision, and he talked and explained it as such, but in reality it is still a future event. During the preaching of those seven Seals, he interjected at least 10 times that the Lord will return AFTER the last sheep has come into the fold. Certainly, how could it be any other way? The following quotes are just 2 of those 10,

It is redeemed by Christ but He is doing the part of the Kinsman Redeemer taking His subjects, until the last one name is put on that Book, has already received it and been sealed away. Now, do you got it? Then He comes from His Throne, His Father's Throne, walks forward, takes the Book out of God's hand from the Throne and claims His rights. The first thing He does is call for His Bride.
136-4 THE FIRST SEAL -- JEFF. IN. -- 63-0318

He's standing in the Holy Place tonight in Glory as an Intercessor, making intercessions for everyone of those souls whose name is on that Book. And nobody knows that name but Him. He's the One that's got the Book in His hand. And He knows when that last one comes in, then His intercessing days is over. He comes forth then to claim what He has interceded for. He's doing the Kinsman Redeemer work now and comes forth to receive His own.
400-4 THE SIXTH SEAL -- JEFF. IN -- 63-0323

The Prophet called Revelation 5 "the Breach", he placed it unmistakably and distinctly BETWEEN the seven church ages and the seven Seals. That statement affirms logically and soundly that there are seven other Seals to be loosed AFTER the church ages are over, when this present last age has run out and time shall be no more. What does the phrase "the Breach" mean? According to Webster's dictionary, one of the definitions is: "A break of accustomed friendly relations". The Prophet says,

See, there is--there is nothing that we can do for ourselves, we're a total failure. No way at all. When man sinned, he crossed the chasm between him and God, and left. There is no way back, at all. But God, rich in mercy, accepted a Substitute. And That substitute today, for us, is Jesus Christ. Only that alone will God recognise, the Blood of His Son, when it comes to that time.
9 INFLUENCE -- SHP.LA -- V-17 N-8 -- 63-1130.1B

All the saints of all ages are waiting for this chasm, this gulf or breach which separates God and man, to be removed and eliminated. Only the Kinsman Redeemer, the bloody Lamb can do that on the day of Redemption, at the time of the full adoption and the manifestation or confirmation of the sons of God. According to the Prophet, this chasm is potentially taken away when we accept the Lord Jesus as our Saviour, but it still has to be removed literally on the day of our personal redemption, then we will be fully restored as Adam and Eve were before the fall.

And that's the way the Blood of Jesus Christ does. Then that sets a man across the chasm again as a son of God. Then he becomes a... Why, even he's a creative power of God that's in him, and at least whenever God can command it to be done, it will be done, and we get back.
283-1 THE FOURTH SEAL -- JEFF. IN -- 63-0321

Now, Adam could say, "Let this mountain here be moved over there," and it would do it. Adam could say, "Let this tree, here, be plucked up and planted over here"; it would do it, see, for he had complete, supreme control, as a minor god under God, our Father, because he was a son of God.
83-1 THE BREACH -- JEFF. IN -- 63-0317.2E



Let us consider this Book in the right hand of God Who sat on the Throne, verses one and two explain it like this,

And I saw in the right hand of him that sat on the 
throne a book written within and on the backside,
sealed with seven seals.
And I saw a strong angel proclaiming with a loud
voice, Who is worthy to open the book, and to loose
the Seals thereof?

We see that this Book has 2 sections, one is written within and the other section is on the backside of this Book, sealed with seven Seals. The Angel's proclamation calls for someone who is worthy to open the Book, and to loose the Seals thereof. That appears to be the wrong way around, how could the Book be opened first, and then the Seals loosed? The very purpose of the seven Seals is to keep the Book closed and sealed, one would have to loose the Seals first before the Book can be opened. Brother Branham explains,

...and this Book was sealed, and the back of the book was sealed with seven Seals; but in the days of these Seals to be opened, "The mystery of God would be finished."
39 EPHESIAN CHURCH AGE -- JEFF. IN -- ROJC 131-183 -- 60-1205

And the seven Seals that we are trying to speak of when they come this time, is the seven written Seals. And these seven Seals, as you know, is just the manifestation of the seven Angels of the seven Churches. But there are seven other Seals that's on the back side of the Book, that's outside the Bible.
30-1 IS THIS SIGN OF THE END SIR - JEFF - V-2 N-11 - 62-1230.2E

This explanation is plain and clear, both sections in the Book are sealed with seven Seals each. The first chapter on this web-site entitled "The missing link identified" explains this most important fact in more detail. There are hundreds of quotes in the Message which make it clear that a true Prophet must and will always stay with the WRITTEN Word only. Therefore, only one part of the Book, the section "written within" is fulfilled in Brother Branham's ministry, not more and not less.

The Book that is written within is then completed when this angel ceases. Now please understand this! When the Seventh Angel's message is completed: the godhead mystery, the serpent's seed mystery, all the other mysteries of all these things...
36-7 IS THIS SIGN OF THE END SIR - JEFF - V-2 N-11 - 62-1230.2E

Now as we approach the Word in prayer, and approach the written Word, we ask that You will take this written Word and make It alive to us tonight.
28 WHO IS THIS MELCHISEDEC -- JEFF. IN -- V-5 N-10 -- 65-0221.2E

To say that the other section of the Book, the part "on the backside, sealed with seven Seals" was also completed in the Prophet's ministry is absolutely unscriptural and untrue. That second section was revealed and explained by the Prophet as it is written in the Bible, but it is foretold before it will take place. He clarified what the phrase "on the backside" means, it indicates that AFTER the last one has come into the Message by accepting and believing the "unsealed" written Word, THEN the second section will be fulfilled.

John was forbidden to write it. But it was sealed on the backside of the Book, that is, after all of the mysteries of the Book has been given out and revealed.
2 IN HIS PRESENCE -- JEFF. IN -- V-11 N-4 -- 62-0909.2E

When a book is completed... Now He didn't say on the front side, He said on the backside. After it is all done completed, then these Seven Thunders--voices...
38-3 IS THIS SIGN OF THE END SIR - JEFF - V-2 N-11 - 62-1230.2E

Brother Branham said that Scriptures have a compound meaning and a compound revelation. Malachi 4:5 and 6 is a typical example, the whole of chapter 4 pertains to the endtime. Verse 5 promises the forerunner, a Prophet anointed with the Spirit of Elijah to turn the heart of the last day children back to the apostolic fathers. Malachi 3:1 explains the ministry of John the Baptist, but in chapter 4:6 he appears again even so his ministry has no part at the endtime. But because he was the forerunner of the first coming of Jesus Christ and was anointed with the Spirit of Elijah, his ministry is mentioned together with the forerunner of the second coming of Jesus Christ, the endtime Prophet who was anointed with the same Spirit of Elijah. In Matthew 17:11 and 12, the Lord Jesus mentioned these two Prophets again in one breath, the one who shall come and the one who had come and gone already, two different men almost 2000 years apart. Like Malachi 4:6, Revelation 5:1 to 5 also has a similar compound revelation,

And I saw in the right hand of him that sat on the
throne a book written within and on the backside,
sealed with seven Seals.
And I saw a strong angel proclaiming with a loud voice,
Who is worthy to open the book, and to loose the seals thereof?
And no man in heaven, nor in earth, neither under the
earth, was able to open the book, neither to look thereon.
And I wept much, because no man was found worthy to
and to read the book, neither to look thereon.
And one of the elders saith unto me, Weep not: behold
the Lion of the tribe of Juda, the Root of David, hath
prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof.

The compound revelation of these 5 verses is that the first section marked red, the opening and "unsealing" of the Word "written within" was done by the Lord Jesus in the form of the Holy Spirit through His Prophet William Branham. This first fold of the threefold coming of the Lord was in progress throughout the Prophet's ministry. Revelation 10:7 says that in the days of the Prophet's voice, when he BEGINS to sound, the mystery of God should be finished. The following quotes show us exactly how that Scripture was fulfilled, they take us through most of the 19 years of his ministry to demonstrate how the Holy Spirit, the Word, came to the Prophet to anoint him to open up and reveal the contents of the written Word, the "little Book" which is the Bible.

And now, as we're just about to open up the Bible and read It, we realize that no man can open the Book. John said, "No man in heaven or on earth could open the Book, or beneath the earth. But the Lamb, which had been slain from the foundation of the world, was worthy to come take the Book out of the hand of Him that sat upon the throne, and to open the Book, and to loose the seals thereof.
And now, may the Lamb of God, by the Holy Spirit, come right into this meeting this afternoon, take the Word of God, and just open it up into every heart.

Now, Father, we're approaching Your Word. There's no man was able to open the Book, or to loose the Seals thereof. But the Lamb which was slain from the foundation of the world, He was worthy. And He came and took the Book out of the right hand of Him, and opened the Book and loosed the Seals. And now, may the Holy Spirit come, get all these words, that we've just read. And may He speak, today, go right out over this audience here, and may the Holy Spirit give to the Church just what we have need of: faith.

Now, no man is eligible to open the Word of God. In the Bible It said, that even One come, and as One slain from the foundation of the world, a Lamb, and He was the only One Who was able to take the Book, to loose the seals, and to open the Word. Now, the Holy Spirit, that Jesus sent back in His place to abide with us until He comes again...
Brother Neville, will you stand and ask God to meet with us now, and to bless His Word as It goes forth, if you will, and may ask Him to come and help us now to explain His Word.
5 ISRAEL.AT.THE.RED.SEA.2. - - JEFF.IN - IC 65-96 - 53-0327

There's no man can open this Word of God. We can pull back the pages, but to open It takes the Holy Spirit. Man cannot do that. That's not our ability. John saw the Bible laying in heaven and said, "There was no man in heaven, nor on the earth, or beneath the earth, worthy to even take the Book, to open It, or to loose the Seals." And then he seen a Lamb, as It had been slain from the foundation of the world; He came and taken the Book out of the right hand of Him that set upon a Throne, opened the Seals, and loosed the Book, and opened It up to the people. And may He come tonight, and do likewise. 
41 WITNESSES. - - JEFF.IN - - V-25 N-6 - - 53-0405E

We pray that You'll bless us now. And open the Word, O Lamb of God, we have... We might read from the Bible, but Thou art the only One Who can open the Book, or loose the seals thereof: the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.

We're not able to open this Word, Lord. John saw it over there, One setting on the throne. And He had the Book, and there was no one that was able or worthy to open the Book or to loose the seals thereof: no man in heaven, no man on earth, or no one beneath the earth. Oh, he wept much.
And then he heard a Lamb bleating. And he looked, and it was a Lamb as though It had been slain from the foundation of the world. And He was worthy. And He went and took the Book out of the right-hand of Him that set upon the throne. And loosed the seals thereof and opened the Book.
And O Lamb of God, come tonight. And as I turn back these pages, open the Word to us, Lord. Loose every seal, and may the Spirit of God move in this building tonight.

I can lay back the pages of this Bible, but there's no man that's able to open the Book or to loose the seals thereof. And it's written in Here, "He that takes out of This, shall be taken out of, his part, of the Book of Life and who adds to It, the plagues of God will be poured out upon him."
Father, realizing as mortal men and women setting here tonight, knowing that we're an eternity bound people, God, may the Holy Spirit come, the Writer of this Bible, and open up these pages to us.
32 SEVEN.CHURCH.AGES. - - JEFF.IN - - V-26 N-2 - - 54-0512

Now, Father, we're not worthy, and unable, we realize, to open the Book or to look thereon. But let the Lamb come now tonight, God's Lamb that was slain from the foundation of the world, take the things that are God's and present them to the congregation. May the Holy Spirit carry these words, and may they not be my words or man's words, but may they be God's Word to every hungry heart, For we ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen.
13 QUESTIONS.AND.ANSWERS. - - JEFF.IN - COD105 - 148 - - 54-0103E

Father, this is Thy eternal Word laying here before me. "No man in heaven, or on earth, was worthy to take the Book, loose the seals, or look thereon, but the Lamb that was slain from the foundation of the world." Now, we call Him. And if we have found grace in Thy sight, we pray, O Lamb of God, that You will take these few moments now, as we turn back the pages of Thy Word, and open It to our hearts. For we ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen.
64 EVERLASTING.LIFE. - - JEFF.IN - - V-26 N-12 - - 54-1231

But One, a Lamb, bleated, a Lamb slain from the foundation of the world came and took the Book out of the right hand of Him that set upon the throne, and was worthy to take the Book and to loose the seals."
And we pray, God, that same Lamb will open this Book for us today. 

Notice. It's a Revelation, this Book is, to the "servants" of God for the last time, "when the time is at hand," when this Book will be revealed. Now, on over in the Book, we find out that the Book was closed, and shut up, and sealed until the end time. Through the ages they've tried it. 
51 REVELATION.BOOK.OF.SYMBOLS. - - JEFF.IN - V-13 N-6 - 56-0617

It was sealed inside and out with Seven Seals. And no man in heaven or in earth, or beneath the earth, was worthy to even take the Book, or to loose the Seals, or to look upon it. And a Lamb that had been slain from the foundation of the world, come and took the Book, and opened the seals, and loosed the things that was on the inside of it. O Lamb of God, come tonight and open Your Word to us and our understanding that we might worship Thee... 
E-12 STAND.STILL. - - SASKATOON.SK - - 57-0518

In the Scriptures it's written, "And there was no one found in heaven, no one in earth, or be-neath the earth, that was worthy to take the Book or to loose the seals thereof or even to look thereon." And there was a Lamb came into the picture that had been slain since the foundation of the world; and He took the Book out of the right hand of Him that sat upon the throne, for He was worthy.
May He open It to us tonight as we listen patiently.

And there's no man that's able to open the Book or to loose the seals thereof, but there was a Lamb that had been slain from the foundation of the world. He come and took the Book out of the hand of Him that set upon the throne, for He was worthy.
O Lamb of God, come tonight in Thy transforming power and take the Words that we shall read and reveal them to us in the power of the Spirit. 
E-12 FROM.THAT.TIME. - - PHOENIX.AZ - - 60-0302

And there come a Lamb that had been slain since the foundation of the world. And He took the Book, loosed the seals thereof, and opened It.
O Lamb, come tonight in our midst, and take the Book, and open the Seals thereof, and loosen the Word to us. 

We see the Book taken out of the hand of Him that set upon the throne. The Lamb was able to take it and to open the Book and to loose the seals thereof. So we pray, great Lamb of God, come among us tonight as we read the Word. Open it to our hearts to give us faith for the journey ahead. We ask in Jesus' Name. Amen. 
E-40 HAVE.NOT.I.SENT.THEE. - - PHOENIX.AZ - - 62-0124

And we have probed, and presumed, and stumbled, and wondered, and--and that's the reason we're all in such a confusion: but with the Divine promise that this Book of Redemption will be perfectly opened by the Lamb, and the Seals thereof will be loosed by the Lamb in the last day in which we're living now. And is not made known until the Lamb takes the Book and breaks the Seals ... 
75-5 THE.BREACH. - - JEFF.IN - - 63-0317E

Now, with the Lamb, with the Book in His hand, we are ready to ask His grace and mercy upon us to open these--seven-sealed Book to us and let us look a-past the curtain of time just a little bit.
105-1 THE.BREACH. - - JEFF.IN - - 63-0317E

Now, we pray, Father, that--that You will come tonight and will break this Second Seal for us. And as the--the poet has said, that he would like to look apast the curtain of time. And that's our desire, Lord, is just to--just to look apast and see what lays ahead. And we pray that the Lamb that had been slain will come among us now and break the Seal and--and reveal it to us, the things we have need to see.
177-1 THE.SECOND.SEAL. - - JEFF.IN - - 63-0319

O worthy Lamb, will You loose it to us tonight, and open the seals thereof, and let us have an inside view, just look a past the curtain of time. Grant it, FATHER. 
E-11 ABRAHAM. - - BROOKLYN.NY - - 56-1208

...only the Lamb was found sufficient. So may the all sufficient One come and open the Seal for us tonight that we might just look a-past the curtain of time. It would help us, we believe, FATHER ...
393-1 THE.SIXTH.SEAL. - - JEFF.IN - - 63-0323

The wording and meaning of these last two quotes is almost the same, the first one was preached in 1956, and the second one at the opening of the sixth Seal. This shows as again that the Sealopening of the written Word proceeded from the beginning to the end of the Message, but in 1963 it reached the climax.

Bless Thy Word to our heart. We know that there's no man in heaven or in earth is worthy to take this Book, to loose the seals, or to look upon It even. But there was One appeared, a slain Lamb, bloody, that came and took the Book, and was worthy and able to open It. O Lamb of God, open Thy Word to our hearts today for comfort. 
18 THE.UNVEILING.OF.GOD. - - JEFF.IN - - V-9 N-1 - - 64-0614M

Dear God, we are unworthy to take this Book into our hands, for we read in the Scriptures that no man in heaven or in earth or beneath the earth was worthy or even able to take the Book or even to look upon It. Oh, and there came One that had been--like a lamb had been slain; He took the Book, for He was worthy; and He loosed the seals thereof. And we're looking to Him this morning to reveal these contexts that's written in the Book, because it is the Book of redemption; all that is redeemed is written therein.
22 RECOGNIZING.YOUR.DAY. - - JEFF.IN - - V-5 N-1 - - 64-0726M

And there's no man worthy to open the Book, or to loose the Seals thereof; but the Lamb, that was slain from the foundation of the world, come took the Book and loosed the Seals. O Lamb of God, come this morning, open the Book to us, and let us look in with Thee, Lord, and see what we must do to be prepared for this hour.
51 HARVEST.TIME. - - PHOENIX.AZ - - V-18 N-6 - - 64-1212

During the dark ages, the original Pentecostal Gospel light had been extinct, but the Lord fanned a little flame back to life again with the reformation through Martin Luther and other reformers. They preached justification by faith only, the first step of the restoration of God's Word. Later on, through John Wesley and others sanctification was revealed and demonstrated before the restoration of the gifts by the Pentecostals brought the true church close to the original truth. On May the 7th 1946, the Angel of the Lord appeared to Brother Branham and commissioned him to deliver the endtime Message to all the world, accompanied by great signs and wonders. In the previous quotes we see how the Holy Spirit anointed the Prophet to accomplish the last part of this restoration, the "unsealing" and revealing of all the previously hidden doctrines of the Bible.

And our Message is no different, it's the same Message you've heard all your life, only some-thing more been revealed to It. This Message is the same Message that Luther preached, same Message that Wesley preached, the same Message that Pentecostals preached, only something added to It. What it is, is the revealing of the Seals, what them reformers left off (see?), that's been made known in this day could not be known then.
23 QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS -- JEFF. IN - COD 1143-1189 - 64-0830.2E

I was here many years ago. My old friend Brother Bosworth, Raymond Richey, and many of the brethren come over here. I still believe the same gospel. I haven't changed one bit--just still the same thing.
But you see, the revival was going on then. And where there's no revival you just can't get things done. The ministry's far more advanced. It was only telling you then this would come.
E-13 INFLUENCE -- BEAUMONT. TX -- 64-0315

The 1963 Sealopening was the climax of the restoration of the written Word of God. Brother Branham's ministry "advanced" over the years up to that full restoration of the revelation of Jesus Christ, Who is the Word as he explained in the last quote. After the Sealopening, the Prophet continued to reveal more truth, but he often said that all these things were brought out when the seven Seals were opened, he referred back to that as the final climax of his ministry.

All right now, you see what happened there in marriage and divorce. When the Seven Seals was opened. That brought out the real Truth of it.
22-5 INVISIBLE UNION OF THE BRIDE -- SHP.LA - V-2 N-15 - 65-1125

That climax was in March 1963, and the Message is still continuing to spread into every corner of the world till the last predestinated child of God has heard and believes it, and is sealed until the next great climax, the greatest event in human history as Brother Branham calls it. Before that can take place, the Holy Spirit will leave the earth and return back to the right hand of the Father's Throne, back into the nailscarred corporal body of the Lord Jesus, from which He was separated to come down and fill the 120 disciples on the day of Pentecost.

See, Christ had left earth then, He had gone up into Glory, the Church age was through, showed that His Spirit was finished here. And He had gone into Glory and was calling for John to come up...

See, John left the earth now, Christ had left the earth ( the form of the Holy Spirit) and had returned back into the Body again. Today the Body sits there as a memorial, as a sacrifice...

Now, the same Spirit that was in the earth, had left and had gone to Glory, and was sitting (the same Jesus that's with us tonight) in mercy was gone to Glory and sitting on the Throne.
115+120+178 REV. CPT. FOUR PT.1 - JEFF. - ROJC 551-584 - 60-1231



Let us come back again to the first five verses of Revelation chapter 5, we understand that they have a compound meaning and a compound revelation. We have seen how the first section of the Book, the Word "written within" has been opened and "unsealed" by the Holy Spirit, speaking through the Prophet throughout the 19 years of his ministry.

The compound revelation shows us that the second section is on the backside of the same Book and, as the Prophet calls it, sealed with seven other, different Seals. God is sitting on His Throne, holding this Book in His right hand and a great multitude has gathered before His Throne. A strong Angel is proclaiming a question, He is asking if there is one among those in this great host who would be able to take the Book and loose the Seals of this section on the backside of the Book. John wept much because no man was found to be worthy, not even to look on this Book. The Prophet explains who these people are who stand before the Throne, and why none of them can look at the Book.

And it come from Adam, all the way down through all the apostles, and prophets, and every-thing else, and nobody was found. Now, what about that? Nobody in Heaven, nobody on earth, nobody that ever lived. Elijah was standing there. Moses was standing there. All the apostles was standing there. All the ones that had died--all the holy man, Job, the sages. Everyone was standing there, and nobody was worthy even to look at the Book, let alone take it and break the Seals...
...But this had to be a kinsman Redeemer--no man, because there was none of them redeemed. No man was worthy to look at it.
93-1 THE BREACH -- JEFF. IN -- 63-0317.2E

All the saints of all ages, from Adam to the last one, all those whose names are recorded in the Lamb's Book of Life, all those whom the Father has given Him will be gathered there at that time and place. All those sheep who heard and believed the voice of God for their time and age, as the Lord Jesus predicted in John 10:27 and 28,

My sheep hear my voice, and I know them,
and they follow me:
And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall
never perish, neither shall any man pluck them
out of my hand.

Why could no one in this great gathering look on this Book? Because no one is redeemed up to that time, all are sealed with the earnest only, the downpayment till that day, the day of Redemption according to Ephesians 1:14 and 4:30.

One of the Elders tells John that he should stop weeping, because the Lion of the tribe of Judah has prevailed to loose those seven Seals. Revelation 5:6 continues,

And I beheld, and, lo, in the midst of the throne
and of the four beasts, and in the midst of the elders,
stood a Lamb as it had been slain, having seven
horns and seven eyes, which are the seven Spirits of
God sent forth into all the earth.

He changed His stream from the Almighty to be a man to take on the form of man, so He could die to redeem man. Wait 'til we see Him, when there's nobody worthy. See.
89-3 THE BREACH -- JEFF. IN -- 63-0317.2E

...stand up around walls and stand in the rain just to hear this. What will it be when we see Him sitting there? Oh, my! Oh, it will be a glorious time!
Left the Father's Throne; came forth... to be the...Son of David.
140-3 THE FIRST SEAL -- JEFF. IN. -- 63-0318

That will be the time when WE will see Him, that's the day when I will look upon Him, my Saviour and Kinsman Redeemer. He will come from the Mercy Seat, the bloody Lamb just "as It had been slain", as they took Him down from the cross. The Lord Jesus in His nailscarred, corporal body is the only One who can take the Book and loose those seven Seals on the backside of It. We, the Bride, will be there to partake in this event, we will see the seven Spirits of God personified and embodied in Him. Verse 7,

And he came and took the book out of the right
hand of him that sat upon the throne.

After the 1963 Sealsopening of the written Word, Brother Branham said that each one of those 7 Angels was one of the Seals. The following quote tells us that no Angels, or no angelic Beings will be involved at the opening of the Seals on the backside of the Book, only the bloody Lamb Himself can do that, nothing else.

...the original Owner that had the Book of Redemption in His right hand, and no Angel, no angelic being--nothing else could take the place. And this bloody Lamb walked out and took the Book out of His hand. What was it? Brother, this is the most sublime thing in the Scripture. An act, that not an Angel, not nothing could do it, and the Lamb come and took it from the right hand of Him that sat upon the Throne. What is it? Now it belongs to the Lamb. Amen.
102-4 THE BREACH -- JEFF. IN -- 63-0317.2E

The Prophet calls this act "the most sublime thing in the Scriptures", and that is exactly what it is, the day of Redemption of our souls first, and also the bodies. Verse 8 in Revelation 5 reveals something very interesting,

And when he had taken the book, the four beasts
and four and twenty elders fell down before the Lamb,
having every one of them harps, and golden vials full
of odours, which are the prayers of saints.

That's those that's under the altar that have prayed here long ago, see, they had prayed for redemption, prayed for resurrection, and here these elders are pouring out the prayers be-fore, because "Now, we've got a representative! We've got a Kinsman in Heaven that's come forth to make His claims."
110-3 THE BREACH -- JEFF. IN -- 63-0317.2E

All the prayers prayed since the fall in Eden, all those pleas for the salvation and redemption of the soul and the resurrection of the body are stored in golden vessels in Heaven to be poured out on that day. All those genuine saints who did pray those prayers will be present to see them answered and fulfilled. The next verse shows us again that this event is mainly about redemption,

And they sung a new song, saying, Thou art worthy to
take the book, and to open the seals thereof: for thou
wast slain, and hast redeemed us to God by thy blood
out of every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation;

It is obvious that this can only happen after the last one has come into the fold, every verse confirms that fact. We will join in that song at that day, "us" includes me and everyone else who understands and is longing for that day, all the representatives of all the nations, kindreds and tongues.

It was at the meeting the other night, that little Assembly of God brother and sister sang that song, "I wonder if John saw me when he saw all the nations gathered. Did he see me?" Sure, he did, if your name was on that Book. And when...
John's name was on it, too, and he wept because there was nobody that could touch It. And then one of the elders come and said, "Weep not, John, for the Lion of the Tribe of Juda has prevailed."
127 THE HARVEST TIME -- PHOENIX. AZ -- V-18 N-6 -- 64-1212

I believe with all my heart that John also saw me when he was translated in the Spirit from Patmos into the Lord's day, which is still in the future. The next verse, Revelation 5:10, tells us that we will be Kings and Priests, we will reign with Christ a 1000 years.

And hast made us unto our God kings and priests: and we
shall reign on the earth.

Talk about redeeming grace, you'll hear my voice, I know you will. Not only mine, but everyone. You'll hear their voice when they sing the story: redeeming grace, how He redeemed us.

And I beheld, and I heard the voice of many angels
round about the throne and the beasts and the elders:
and the number of them was ten thousand times ten
thousand, and thousands of thousands;

The voice of all the Bride, the ten thousand times ten thousand and thousands of thousands, and Brother Branham's voice and mine and all the fellow believers will worship at that time as explained in verse 11 and also in verse 12,

Saying with a loud voice, Worthy is the Lamb that
was slain to receive power, and riches, and wisdom,
and strength, and honour, and glory, and blessing.

When we stand there, and--and we know we've met each other first, and greeted each other, and then to stand by Him Who caused it all, and sing the songs of redemption! As Brother Jack has many times made the statement, "When Angels will circle the earth, with bowed heads, not knowing what we're talking about." See, because they never been redeemed. But we had to be redeemed, and how we will crown Him the King of kings and Lord of lords.
8 TESTIMONY -- SHP.LA -- V-17 N-5 -- 63-1128.1M



The next verse in Revelation 5 is very important, because it defines the timing and placing of this greatest of all events. Brother Branham said that we will all meet behind the curtain of time, a place he referred to as the first Heaven.

And every creature which is in heaven, and on the earth,
and under the earth, and such as are in the sea, and all
that are in them, heard I saying, Blessing, and honour,
and glory, and power, be unto him that sitteth upon the
throne, and unto the Lamb for ever and ever.

Let us look carefully at the following quotations for an accurate explanation of this verse of Scripture.

The 3rd mystery is the mystery of the translation of the living saints at the end time of this age: I Corinthians 15 and also Thessalonians 4:14-17.
31-1 IS.THIS.SIGN.OF.THE.END.SIR. - JEFF - V-2 N-11 - 62-1230E

There will be very few saved -- translated in that time. One of the mysteries of that church being taken up ...
35-3 IS.THIS.SIGN.OF.THE.END.SIR. - JEFF - V-2 N-11 - 62-1230E

There are hundreds of millions of Christians world-wide who are waiting for the Rapture to take place. That translation is not a mystery, but this translation mentioned in these two quotations is a great mystery and is almost unknown.

Here are men standing on their feet that feels that they haven't been where they should be--ready for this rapture; for it may take place before the First Seal be opened to us.
115-1 THE.BREACH. - - JEFF.IN - - 63-0317E

... waiting only now for them seven mysteries right at last, on the coming of the Lord and the rapture of the Church that might happen before morning. Oh, my.
193 WARNING.THEN.JUDGMENT - - JEFF.IN - - V-8 N-3 - - 63-0724

... is just in condition for the coming of the Lord, the rapture, the next thing. And all that lacks could happen within an hour.

The next thing left is for the rapture of the Church. It could come at any time and not disrupt any Scripture in the Bible, as far as I know it. God knows that's true.
151 JUST.ONCE.MORE.LORD - - SHREVEPORT.LA - - V-17 N-11 - - 63-1201E

The generally known Rapture could not take place within a few hours, the resurrection and other events will take place first before that Rapture, it would certainly disrupt many scriptures. The next five quotes show us that this mystery translation will be before the changing of our natural bodies.

What's He coming to do? First thing will take place? Before Jesus ever comes to the earth, what will be the first thing? The church will be what? Raptured. 

And when it is, there'll be the rapture of the church will go up, and then the return of Christ. And remember now, when... What's the next thing we're looking for? The rapture of the church.
34 TEN.VIRGINS - - JEFF.IN - - ROJC 425-492 - - 60-1211M

The next thing is what? The rapture, the rapture. The Son appears and we're changed. We can't go to get Him in the air.
E-73 JEHOVAH.JIREH - - TULARE.CA - - 61-0226

... and here we are right here today waiting for the rapture...?... Immediately after that come the change and the son.

And the next thing happens to the church is the rapture. We'll have to be changed and caught up in the air to meet Him. We can't meet Him on earth; we've got to go in the air to meet Him. It's the coming Son, the promised Son. Amen.

If we are changed back to young men and women, still we can't meet Him, because we have to meet Him in the air. There has to be something done besides change us back to young men and women; we've got to be changed and caught up in the air to meet Him. And the next thing coming is the rapture of the church, and the change of the body of the sleeping saints to meet the Lord Jesus in the air.
143 TRUE.EASTER.SEAL - - JEFF.IN - - V-14 N-3 - - 61-0402

And now, we find the next thing in order for the Church now, is a changed body, not us old people go back and be young so much. But we will, and we will be there young, just as certain. But we got to have a changed body in order to receive the Son, because we're going to meet Him in the air. Rapture will come, a changed in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye.

The last two quotes explain that the change for this translation is not a change in the natural body, it is another change, the Prophet explained it like this:

... one of these middays, your soul's going to pull from your body like a tooth being extracted. You're walking on brittle threads that might break through at any time. But what do I care? What do you care? For He will lift him up with His everlasting wings. He will catch him. When that soul breaks out of here. 
122 ACTS.OF.THE.HOLY.SPIRIT - JEFF.IN - V-26 N-9 - 54-1219E

But we'll drop... This old robe of flesh, we'll drop and rise and seize the everlasting prize, and shout while passing through the air, "Farewell, farewell, sweet hour of prayer." It'll all be over and we'll go home, lay this old body down and exchange it for a crown and a robe yonder, that'll fade not away.

Our innermost beings today, our hearts are overrun with joy, when we think that someday, this old earthly tabernacle that we're now dwelling in, like the cage that holds the bird, this lump of clay, our souls will take its flight like the bird from the cage someday to the arms of its Lover. When we see You coming, this robe of flesh we'll drop and rise.

Why, it's the most glorious thing I ever thought of to meet my Lord. This old robe of flesh I'll drop and rise and seize the everlasting prize, go back to a young man again, and live forever with my Lord, with all my people.
186 END.TIME.EVANGELISM - - JEFF.IN - - V-10 N-5 - - 62-0603

The next rapture takes place is II Thessalonians for the church, the Bride, to be resurrected to be raptured into glory. "We which are alive and remain (That's the body that's left on earth.) will not prevent or hinder them which are asleep; for the trumpet of God shall sound first, and the dead in Christ shall rise. (See?) And we which are alive and remain shall caught up together with them."
176 RAPTURE.THE. - - YUMA.AZ - - V-5 N-14 - - 65-1204

The soul will leave the living body and enter the Theophany body to be translated in that way into that other dimension behind the curtain of time to join those who have already died, they are waiting for us over there.

And in that great day when the Rapture comes, if I never get to shake their hand here on earth, may I see them there in that Rapture as we meet to each other, just before going up to meet the Lord in the air.

Many of those old saints has fell asleep since then, but we're still joined in heart. And I think that vision that morning of seeing them over there, and the blessed and glory of the young statues of man and womanhood still look like they did, you know, when they was here on earth. I think they're waiting our coming. Someday we will join them, God being willing.
23 WHAT.SHALL.I.DO.WITH.JESUS - - JEFF.IN - - V-6 N-6 - - 63-1124M

I believe we're all going up now, one of these days. And if we happen to fall asleep before that time, I'm taken from you, remember, I'll meet you over there. I know it's there. 
295 IS.YOUR.LIFE.WORTHY - - JEFF.IN - - V-5 N-5 - - 63-0630E

According to 2 Corinthians 5:1, when a true believer dies, his or her soul leaves the deceased natural body and enters the Theophany body to be translated to that glorious waiting place at the first Heaven. In the following quote, Brother Branham calls that transfer a rapture.

Now, with your heads bowed and this in mind, knowing that we're bowing our heads to the dust from which we were brought, someday will return; knowing that you got a soul in there that has to answer to God... And if you feel that you're not just ready for that rapture, that if it would come tonight, and you'd want to be remembered in prayer, just raise your hand.
211 THE.RAPTURE - - YUMA.AZ - - V-5 N-14 - - 65-1204

This translation of the souls of the living saints is exactly the same, except that our natural bodies will be safely kept alive somewhere while the soul is fully redeemed in glory by the Kinsman Redeemer. After that Sealopening, we will return again into the natural body to be changed and glorified.

I said, "Then if Paul makes it, I will too, because I preached the same thing he did, without compromising on one word."
And all them people screamed out, "We are resting assure on that." Said, "Then we'll go back to earth and receive a glorified body, and live together through forever in this condi-tion."
E-38 JEHOVAH.JIREH - - YAKIMA.WA - - 60-0803

I said, "I've preached the same message he did."
And them millions raised their hands and said, "We are resting on that." There you are (See?), right there. Yes. Said, "Then together we'll go back to the earth for a body that can eat, and we drink, and live together through all the ceaseless ages there." That's the coming of the Lord. All right. 
213 TEN.VIRGINS - - JEFF.IN - - ROJC 425-492 - - 60-1211M

He said, "Then when Jesus comes, then we're... And He judges you for your ministry, then we go back to earth and take up bodies." (Well, I--I thought about it then; that's exactly the Scripture.) Said, "Then we go back to earth and take up bodies;
382-4 THE.FIFTH.SEAL. - - JEFF.IN - - 63-0322

I charge thee therefore before God, and the Lord 
Jesus Christ, who shall judge the quick and the dead 
at his appearing and his kingdom;

2 Timothy 4:1 says that the quick or living saints, and the dead saints will be judged and rewarded as overcomers at the appearing of the Lord Jesus Christ. Mt. Transfiguration also represents the same in type, Brother Branham gives us the interpretation.

Now, look at transfiguration. We was every one represented there. There was the living saints that had raptured, there was Elijah standing there; and there stood Moses, the dead saints...?... Also, both of them had Quickening Power. Whether the one died and the other didn't die, they're all there.
46-2 THE.RISING.OF.THE.SUN - - JEFF.IN - V-3 N-12 - 65-0418M

We're all represented there in transfiguration. Look what we are seeing today. Notice just what we're seeing today, the quickening power of God. We was all there.
There was the dead saints represented in Moses. There was the resurrection and Jesus Christ glorified. Elisha, Moses, Elijah, and Jesus all standing on the mountain: the dead saints, the raptured saints, and Jesus glorified.
37-4 THE.EASTER.SEAL - - PHOENIX.AZ - - V-2 N-6 - - 65-0410

Moses was--represented the ones that had died and was sleeping in the grave, 'cause Moses died and was buried; nobody know where he was buried at. But he represented the ones that were asleep when He come. And Elijah represented the translated ones, who didn't have to die. See? There you are.
388 THE.UNCERTAIN.SOUND - - JEFF.IN - - V-16 N-3 - - 60-1218

Logically, this meeting has to be before the resurrection of the dead in Christ, or else the wording of these explanations would make no sense whatsoever. Elijah represents us, the living saints, and this rapture will take us behind the curtain of time to meet all the dead in Christ who were represented by Moses. We will all be judged in righteousness "yonder", and confirmed according to our belief in God's Word and our works and deeds, as it is recorded and sealed on the backside of the Book up there. We will be lifted up to partake in that Sealopening as the follow quotations explain.

And John, in the Spirit, standing up here in heaven... He's just been lifted up now from the Church Ages (See?), saw the Church Ages, and then he was taken up in the 4th chapter. He said, "Come up higher; I'm going to show you things that will come."
And he saw One setting upon the throne with this Book in His hand, in His right hand. Think of it. Now, and then in this Book was the title deed to redemption. And it was sealed with Seven Seals.
92-4 THE.BREACH - - JEFF.IN - - 63-0317E

... we are to see--receive a messenger that will take all those loose ends out there and reveal the whole secret of God for the rapturing of the Church.
And then there's coming forth seven mysterious thunders that's not even written at all. That's right.
128-1 THE.FIRST.SEAL - - JEFF.IN - - 63-0318

... And white robes were given to every one of them; and it was said to them, that they should rest yet for a little season, until their fellowservants also and the--and... brethren, that should be killed as they were, should be fulfilled.
Now, for they at this time, if you notice, this Fifth Seal being opened (See?), the Church is gone. It just can't be the souls under--the--the early church.
361-3 THE.FIFTH.SEAL - - JEFF.IN - - 63-0322

... the next, coming on down, "has redeemed us." Sure it was the Bride, the raptured saints. Could you... And here... Certainly, the--the Lamb had the Book in His hand. He'd done left the Throne of mediatorial grace. See?
502-2 QA.ON.THE.SEALS - - JEFF.IN - - 63-0324M

"When will it be, Brother Branham?" I cannot tell you. I do not know. But one of these days, if we never meet again on this earth, we're going to meet yonder at the--at the judgment seat of Christ. And you'll find out that in that room, the revelation coming from God ...
568-2 THE.SEVENTH.SEAL - - JEFF.IN - - 63-0324E

See, everything will be finished for the Gentile church when the Bride is taken from the earth. The Spirit of God leaves the earth: "He that's filthy is filthy still; he that's righteous is righteous still; he that's holy is holy still." In other words the sanctuary becomes smokey, where the--the Attorney stands to plead the case. Christ leaves the sanctuary; His day of mediatorial is over. The rapture comes; He leaves from the sanctuary, goes forth and takes the Book of Redemption, and claims everything He redeemed.
1032-Q-306 QUESTIONS.AND.ANSWERS - - JEFF.IN - - COD - - 64-0823E

Once again, this quote spells it out good and proper. The Bride will be translated from the earth to meet the coming Lord in the air, when He will come down from the Mercy Seat to take the Lamb's Book of Life and claim and fully redeem each Bride member personally. The same quickening power that translated the Prophet behind the Curtain of time in 1960 will also rapture us at that time in the same way to meet the Lord in glory yonder.

I seen tens of thousands times thousands coming, young men and women running, throwing their arms around me, screaming. I looked right back and seen myself laying on the bed. Oh, Lord, let me look a-past the curtain of time. What is it? It's quickening power that'll catch us away: that great quickening power.
35-2 EASTER.SEAL -- PHOENIX.AZ -- V-2 N-6 -- 65-0410

Let us come back to Revelation 5:13, all these different explanations now give us a clear understanding of that verse, we quote it again and add verse 3 of the same chapter and also Philippians 2:10, because those 2 verses confirm the same thing.

And every creature which is in heaven, and on the
and under the earth, and such as are in the sea,
and all that are in them, heard I saying, Blessing, and
honour, and glory, and power, be unto him that sitteth
upon the throne, and unto the Lamb for ever and ever.

And no man in heaven, nor in earth, neither under the
, was able to open the book, neither to look thereon.

That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things
in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth;

On the Lord's day, all the saints of all ages gather in the first Heaven for this convention of all conventions. All the souls will be in their Theophany bodies while the corporal bodies of the living saints remain safely somewhere "on the earth". The natural bodies of the dead saints will still be "under the earth" in the grave at that time, and the bodies of those believers who drowned "in the sea" will still be in their watery grave at the coming of the Lord to open the seven Seals on the backside of the Book. That tells us in no uncertain terms that this great event of the day of Redemption will take place BEFORE the resurrection of the dead in Christ and the changing of our bodies.

Whether I'm a spoonful of ashes or whether I'm living when He comes, it matters me no dif-ference. Amen. Doesn't matter, because I've caught the vision. The veil rolled back, and I see Him ...
171 HOW.CAN.I.OVERCOME - - JEFF.IN - - V-4 N-12 - - 63-0825M

We may be buried under stones and in bogs and in the bottom of the sea, wherever it may be, but when the Son of God comes, and the warm breezes of eternity begins to bathe the earth, His Blood-washed children will raise their head and give praise to God.



We want to add and briefly describe one more event, another wonderful preview of the coming of the Lord. In May 1960, Brother Branham had an experience which had an enormous impact on him for the rest of his life. Waking up one morning, he sat up in his bed and while he was pondering about certain Scriptures, he was taken out of his body and translated behind the curtain of time. He was in another dimension which he called the first Heaven, but he was only transferred as high as the ceiling and not further than seven metres from his natural body on the bed.

There lays my body." I was just laying there with my hands back like that (See?), just as stiff. I thought, "Well, that not twenty feet from me." And there I was looking ...
119 THINGS.THAT.ARE.TO.BE - - RIALTO.CA - - V-4 N-6 - - 65-1205

Thousands of Brothers and Sisters, all at the age of about 20 years came running to greet him. The Prophet was informed that all those saints were converted through his ministry, they had died and were, and still are, waiting there for the coming of the Lord to be judged and confirmed as overcomers before they can go back to earth to pick up the glorified bodies at the resurrection. When Brother Branham was taken out of his body and translated to be joined with his converts in the first Heaven, his physical, LIVING body remained "on the earth". He was hugged and greeted by all those deceased believers whose natural bodies are still in the grave or in the sea, that is "under the earth" and "in the sea". This amazing experience which the Prophet had is a very revealing and enlightening illustration and example for us to understand and prepare ourselves accordingly, to know what to expect and be ready for the coming of the Lord.

The last verse in Revelation chapter 5 is a further description of the worship and adoration of the Lord Jesus by all the saints of all ages and the heavenly host when He comes from the Mercy Seat to take the "great Book" and break those other seven Seals and redeem each one individually. No believer can afford to miss this great gathering of Revelation 5, I trust that this chapter will contribute to strengthen the faith and belief of many of my beloved Brothers and Sisters till we meet at that time and place in glory.