In some of the previous chapters, we have briefly explained the most important details of the day of Redemption. But because of the seriousness of the coming of the Lord on the day of Redemption and the correct placing of this greatest and most important event in all human history, we want to study this crucial subject once more and add many more quotations and Scriptures to confirm and validate this chapter as the true interpretation of the Word of God as it is revealed to us by the Prophet William Branham.

As we have seen already in the former 10 chapters on this website, the Bible and the Message declare the Lord's day to be the day of Redemption when the Lord Jesus will leave the Mercy Seat and come down to earth in His corporal body as the Kinsman Redeemer to fulfil Revelation 5:6 to 8:1. All the saints of all ages, from Adam to the last one, will be gathered behind the Curtain of time to witness and partake in this other Sealopening, the opening of the "great Book" which the Prophet referred to as the section on the backside of the Book, It is also known as the Lamb's Book of life.

All those believers whose names and righteous deeds done (in the body), and their words spoken (by the Spirit), and their thoughts (in the soul) are recorded in that section of the Book, foreknown by God since before the foundation of the world already. All those souls who have lived and died during the past 6000 years, are waiting in their Theophany bodies right now in the Heavens for the last living saint to come to the knowledge of the full Revelation of Jesus Christ as it is written in the "little Book", which was opened and "unsealed" in March 1963. All those "dead saints" and the genuine living saints whose righteous lives are recorded on the back of the Book, they are sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise, the earnest, the downpayment, the pledge or deposit of our salvation until, or unto, the day of Redemption, until the day that Jesus comes for YOU as the Prophet puts it.

Now, you won't see Him in a physical body, until He comes for you at the great general resurrection. Then we will see Him. And then we will know as we're known, see Him as He is. That's the hour we're all longing, waiting for, that time.

...the day of your redemption." Argue with Him, not me. That's what It says. I'm reading It. All right. "You're sealed until the day of your redemption," until the day that Jesus comes for you.
96 GOD'S PROVIDED PLACE WRSHP - L.A.CA - V-18 N-2 - 65-0425.2E

The contents of the first quote is enough to confirm much of what we have said so far in this chapter, but the emphasis is on the fact that the Kinsman Redeemer will come for you and me personally. Even so millions times millions will be gathered behind the Curtain of time at that time, each individual saint will have a personal encounter with the Kinsman Redeemer. You and I will be independently redeemed and claimed as His possession when you and I will be presented faultless before Him at the end of our earthly journey just before your and my body is raised up or changed on that day as the following quotations illustrate.

... you're sealed until the day of your redemption." That's the seal of the covenant--now, is the baptism of the Holy Spirit.
E-20 WITNESSES -- PHOENIX. AZ -- 54-0303

And now, He's given us the Holy Spirit, a Seal until the day of our redemption when we shall be presented to the Father, faultless, standing washed in His Blood.

You're in Christ Jesus, anchored away in the Kingdom of God until the day of your Redemption to be presented faultless before Him.
130 ACTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT - JEFF. IN - V-26 N-9 - 54-1219.2E

How long? Until the day of your redemption, not till the next revival, but till the day that you're redeemed from this earth.
E-35 ABRAHAM -- BROOKLYN. NY -- 56-1208

Until the day of your redemption! There's that Rest, Comfort, Advocate, Seal, Deliverer. Oh, I get kinda excited...
95 WHAT IS THE HOLY GHOST -- JEFF. IN -- V-4 N-2 -- 59-1216

... you know what happened, and you're sealed all the way till the day of your redemption, your destination of this earthly journey.
37 THE PATMOS VISION -- JEFF. IN -- ROJC 69-130 -- 60-1204.2E

It's God saying, "I have received you now, and I will give you this Seal that you're just waiting for that time," to our full redemption, and that is that we have been partially already redeemed.
82 REV. CPT. 5 PT.2 -- JEFF. IN -- ROJC 747-793 -- 61-0618 are sealed until the day," not of your death, but "of your redemption." See, after death is done over, you are still sealed.
72 TESTIMONY OF A TRUE WITNESS - JEFF. IN - V-15 N-6 - 61-1105

...sealed until the day of (your) redemption. Hold that Word, redemption, see--until the day that the Book of Redemption has been revealed, and the Redeemer comes to claim His possession.
78-2 THE BREACH -- JEFF. IN -- 63-0317.2E

"Grieve not the Holy Spirit of God, whereby you are sealed until the day of your redemption, when the body is raised up."
52-8 THE TOKEN -- JEFF. IN -- V-2 N-19 -- 63-0901.1M



The first and foremost fact about Redemption is the understanding that Eve's disregard of God's Word and her acceptance of the devil's lie was her first deadly sin in her soul, the physical act that followed was her second transgression. Adam knew what the consequences of Eve's offences would be, he did not disbelieve God's Word in his soul, but to save his Bride, he did partake of her second transgression with the understanding that God would somehow make a way of Redemption for both of them.

According to Romans 5:14, Adam is the prefigure of Jesus Christ Who was to come later, both Adams gave their lives for the salvation of their Brides, but the second Adam, the Lord Jesus did this without sin unto salvation. He was tested and tried for three and a half years, He was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin as Hebrews 4:15 tells us. His soul remained sinless and blameless because He did only the will of the Father, His soul could therefore not be left in hell as Acts 2:27 explains, and, secondly, His body would not suffer to see corruption. The body of the Lord Jesus was at all times under strict control and subjection of His believing and obedient soul to prevent any such transgressions as described in Romans 7:18 to 20.

For I know that in me (that is, in my flesh,) dwelleth no
good thing: for to will is present with me; but how to perform
that which is good I find not.
For the good that I would I do not: but the evil which I would
not, that I do.
Now if I do that I would not, it is no more I that do it, but sin
that dwelleth in me.

With this background, the spiritual mind does know and understand that the redemption of our souls must take place before the dust of the earth will release the bodies at the resurrection of the dead in Christ. The change of our corrupt and dishonourable weak bodies to incorrupt and glorified bodies (1 Corinthians 15: 42 and 43) is the direct result of our souls first being judged and found and presented to be blameless, faultless, holy and unreproveable in His sight as it is written in Jude 24, Colossians 1:22 and many more Scriptures. Brother Branham confirms this in the following quotes.

Then God, through Jesus redeemed our soul, and has a blessed body waiting for us, that will never be sick. Even above temptation, a body like His own glorious body, then we shall see Him as He is.

Man's got to die. His soul is full of sin, and his body is full of sickness, and death is pronounced on him. He's got to go. His soul is sick and his body is sick.
And Jesus come to redeem both of them (That's right.), not just one. His soul... He came to bring complete redemption. And we only have the earnest of our complete salvation now.

When you're sick in your physical body, until this body has been redeemed, it's subject to sick-ness again. Exactly right.

Because that your body is not yet redeemed. Your body is not redeemed. No matter how much, how good you are, and how saintly and how holy, how much Holy Spirit, that's only your soul. And your soul is not completed yet. It's just got the Blessing, the promise of God, which is the earnest of our salvation.
40 DEMONOLOGY 1 PHYSICAL - CON. IN - DE 21-40 -- 53-0608.1A

You are part of the earth, your body. Your soul is part of God, an attribute of God, displayed here on earth in a body. The body's to be redeemed. Now the soul's redeemed, because it was in sin. So God come down by process of justification, sanctification, baptism of the Holy Ghost, and redeemed your soul. And you, being part of the earth, it's redeemed by it. You're in the process now, it's growing on.
49-1 FUTURE HOME -- JEFF. IN -- V-3 N-5 -- 64-0802

And so then when that last soul comes in, then the time of redemption is finished. Then the Lamb comes forth to claim His rights to what He has redeemed, and that is all creation. The earth and everything belongs to Him. See? He has redeemed it with His Own Blood.
234-1 THE THIRD SEAL -- JEFF. IN -- 63-0320

Yes, there is one Mediator between God and man, and that's Christ Jesus. That's what the Scripture says. There He stands and until the last soul has been redeemed, and then He comes forth to claim what He has redeemed.
410-5 THE SIXTH SEAL -- JEFF. IN -- 63-0323

These quotations explain the Redemption plan of God very well, we see that the Lord Jesus died on Calvary to redeem both our souls and our bodies. When we came to the knowledge of the truth, we were justified, sanctified and baptised with the Holy Ghost which is the earnest of the salvation of our souls by which we were sealed until the day of our Redemption. Those genuine saints who have died, their souls entered their heavenly Theophany bodies and they were translated behind the Curtain of time to join all the other saints of all the previous ages to wait there for the coming of the Lord and the breaking of those Seals on the day of Redemption.

But the natural bodies of all those deceased saints were buried and went back to the dust of the earth, to the same destination where also the bodies of the vilest sinners go, for the bodies there is no difference between a holy saint and a wicked criminal because the bodies of the believers are only potentially redeemed up to that time.

When the last soul has been redeemed, then the only Mediator, Saviour and Kinsman Redeemer will leave the Mercy Seat and come down to earth to meet all the saints, His complete Bride, to confirm and CLAIM each individual and to CLAIM everything else which He had redeemed. This can only be done by the physical, corporal Lord Jesus, the Lamb Who will come on the scene "as It was slain" as Revelation 5:6 tells us. There is a specific reason why it can only be done like that and no other way.

Even so we will be presented before Almighty God as blameless, faultless and holy in His sight, because our souls believed and were obedient enough to fulfil our personal portion which we were fore-ordained to complete, there remains a lot of mistakes, sins, failures and wrongs done in the flesh which can not be "swept under the carpet" or just be ignored and overlooked. Just like Paul asked Philemon to receive and forgive Onesimus and to put that Brother's past wrongs on his own account, so will our "Attorney" in His nailscarred body tell the righteous Father that all our wrongs committed in our bodies are paid for by His suffering and death on the cross, where He has taken all those sins upon Himself.

We want to clarify beyond any doubt this most important fact that the day of Redemption of our souls will be BEFORE the resurrection of the dead in Christ and the changing of our bodies. This undeniable certainty is almost unknown and often fiercely denied, but it is confirmed time and again in the Message and in the Bible. Therefore, many true and sincere Brothers and Sisters in Christ might be forced to take a firm stand and let every man be a liar who denies this truth, but let the words of the Prophet and the Bible be true that we might be justified in our sayings and overcome when we are judged on that very day as Romans 3:4 admonishes us. Brother Branham gave us very clear guidelines in this respect.

And then when man receives the Truth, hits the right highway and starts moving on, and find these realities, moving on, what does it do? The unbelieving brother, he will look at him, it's like he's... He, he can't accept It. If he does, he has to leave his church. If he leaves his church, he stands alone.
126 UNFAILING REALITIES OF GOD - JEFF. IN - V-16 N-1 - 60-0626

That's the way it is today. How can a man bless these things that's taking people further from God all the time? There's only one thing to do. If you have to stand by yourself, curse the thing in the Name of the Lord and stay with it, when you're absolute...
And you say, "Well, Brother Branham, you make people hate you."
God will love me. That's my Absolute. Can't rest on an arm of flesh, you got to rest on the Word, what God said do.
27-1 THE ABSOLUTE -- JEFF. IN -- V-3 N-18 -- 62-1230.1M

Don't put your confidence in a man. When that man leaves the Word of God, you leave the man. See, you leave the man. Stay with God. God is the Word.
172 INFLUENCE -- SHP. LA -- V-17 N-8 -- 63-1130.1B

Will we take God's Word, or will we take what man said about it? Will we take what some organisation has made up as a creed and accept that, or do we take what God said? If God's Word is true, we believe God's Word regardless of what anything else is. We let every man's word be a lie, and God's be the truth--the true seed of Abraham.
21 ABRAHAM THE PATRIARCH -- BAKF. CA -- V-22 N-7 -- 64-0207

It's you as an individual before God. It's, you've got to stand on your own feet. You're the one that has to make the testimony. Each one of you has to do that--answer to God for the revelation.

The Prophet preached often about Job, he explains how that man of God wondered why a plant would die down and then sprout again, but when a man died and is buried, he is gone and not to be seen again. Elihu came to visit Job, he is a type of Christ who spoke on behalf of God, he explained to him why it is like that and what must be done before man can rise again.

Now, he said, "Job, you're watching those flowers. They're in God's way, they haven't sinned, there's nothing about them that's sinned. But man sinned, and that's the reason you don't see him no more when he goes down. He goes down in shoal, or--or hades, and you don't see him no more. But yet, Job, there's coming One, a Just One, who'll stand in the breach, and put His hands on a sinful man, and a Holy God, and bridge the way, and stand in his place, and make intercessions for him. Then the man shall rise again."

Elihu said, "But there's coming One, a Just One, a One that'll stand in the breach, put His hand on a sinful man and a holy God, and then the man will rise again out of the ground just like the flower rises out of the ground.

There are at least 25 quotations in the Message, preached between 1950 and 1965, like these two. On that day, we "sinful" saints will be assembled in the first Heaven on one side of this chasm, this divide or breach which had opened up between God and man after the fall in Eden. On the other side of this gulf will be the One on the Throne Who holds the Book in His right hand, this sealed title deed of the whole earth which no man can take and nobody can even look at because no one is fully redeemed at that point in time. Then we will see the Just One, the Kinsman Redeemer appear and step into the centre of this divide, the breach, and put His hand on the Holy God to take the Book out of His right hand and break the Seals and redeem us all, every individual saint according to our "life stories" recorded in that section of the Book and thereby bridge that chasm and restore the souls of the believers back again to the same condition that Adam and Eve were before the fall. Then, after this event, only then can the bodies of the saints rise again from the grave as Elihu described to Job.

When Brother Branham preached "The Breach" in March 1963, he gave a very definite description of this gathering of all the saints from Adam to the very last one which also includes me. He mentioned those "man beneath the earth that ever lived and died," and "the ones that had died" to be present at that time, including Job just as Elihu had told him. Those two phrases tell us once again that this event will be before the resurrection of the dead. The Prophet said that this is "the only way you'll ever be redeemed", no other plan, time, place or possibility to be fully redeemed.

Here is the Book of Redemption. Here is the plan of redemption. Here is the only way you'll ever be redeemed, for here is the title deed to redemption of the whole heavens and earth. "Let him come forward, if he will." Oh my! "Now speak or forever hold his peace. Let him come forward and claim this Book. Who's worthy to do it?" And John said there was no man in Heaven found worthy; no man on earth found worthy; no man beneath the earth that ever lived and died was found worthy; no man was found worthy.
The Angel's call was a call for the Kinsman Redeemer to appear. God said, "I have a law, a Kinsman Redeemer can be a substitute." Where is that Kinsman Redeemer? Who's able to take it?
And it come from Adam, all the way down through all the apostles, and prophets, and every-thing else, and nobody was found. Now, what about that? Nobody in Heaven, nobody on earth, nobody that ever lived. Elijah was standing there. Moses was standing there. All the apostles was standing there. All the ones that had died--all the holy man, Job, the sages. Everyone was standing there, and nobody was worthy even to look at the Book, let alone take it and break the Seals! ...But this had to be a kinsman redeemer--no man, because there was none of them redeemed. No man was worthy to look at it.
93-1 THE BREACH -- JEFF. IN -- 63-0317.2E

He had the sins of the world on Him. Not because that He was a sinner, but "He was made sin" for me and for you. All the sins of the world from Adam until His coming, rest upon His shoulder. And God was not punishing His Son. He was punishing sin. See how horrible it was? He was making a propitiation. He was making a way of escape for all those that God, by His foreknowledge, knowed would come.
39 POSITION IN CHRIST -- JEFF. IN -- AD.3 -- 60-0522.1M

Because, it's, redemption has two parts. Redemption, anywhere, has two parts. That is, it's "out of" and "into." It takes two parts to make redemption, "out of", "into."
57 A PARADOX -- PHOENIX. AZ -- V-19 N-1 -- 65-0117

Many insist that the crucifixion of the Lord Jesus on Calvary was the day of Redemption, but that is only partly true, that was the day when Redemption was paid for by the sacrificial Lamb for everyone from Adam to the last one. As the last two quotes above inform us, the Lord Jesus made a way for us on that day to escape the worldly sins and the curse of unbelief, to come OUT OF all that. But at the end of time, all the truly redeemed saints from Adam to the last one will be confirmed when the Kinsman Redeemer will tell everyone of us: "Well done my good and faithful servant, enter INTO the joy of the Lord".



On the day of Redemption, the living saints will leave their natural bodies and enter into their Theophany bodies to be translated behind the Curtain of time to join the dead saints, all the members of the Bride are waiting there in the Heavens for that glorious day to meet the coming Lord Jesus, the Kinsman Redeemer. Sometimes the Prophet calls this whole Sealopening the seventh Seal, sometimes he says that those Seals will be revealed under the sixth Seal.

All the Trumpets sounded under the Sixth Seal, because the Seventh Seal there was silence. No one knew; that was the minute or hour that Christ would come, as He revealed it to us.
22-3 FEAST OF THE TRUMPETS -- JEFF. IN -- V-3 N-16 -- 64-0719.1M

Now, as soon as this Church, the Bride is drawed together, she is taken up; in that mystery of the Seventh Seal, or the Seventh Seal, the mystery a-going.

It's time for the Sixth Seal, pretty soon, to be opening up, and when she does, oh my--the end! The Bride has done gone forth. She's done... The Queen has done went to take her place. She's being married now to the King, while this was going on. And Israel's remnant is sealed and ready to go, and then nature let's go.
440-6 THE SIXTH SEAL -- JEFF. IN -- 63-0323

And the opening of the Seals under the Sixth Seal and under...
37 RECOGNIZING YOUR DAY -- JEFF. IN -- V-5 N-1 -- 64-0726.1M

You're finished. Them that's outside, and after the Book is taken by the Lamb, the Sixth Seal is revealed and all the seals, it's over. It could be. I hope it isn't; it could be.
45-3 SOULS IN PRISON NOW -- JEFF. IN -- V-2 N-22 - 63-1110.1M

The sixth Seal is the Judgment Seal, the devastating effects of that Seal will be brought upon the world by Moses and Elijah during the three and a half years tribulation after the church has been raptured to the Wedding supper. But just before that time, the sixth Seal will "produce itself", it will start instantly when the Lord Jesus leaves the Mercy Seat which will change into a Judgment Seat at that time. Under the sixth Seal, the Lord will come to meet His Bride as the righteous Judge to pronounce Her faultless, and blameless and holy and that act will automatically condemn the rest of the world's population as guilty and ready for Judgment because they spurned God's salvation Message when grace and mercy was available.

Here now, we find that the Sixth Seal has been opened to us; we see it, and we know that this Seventh Seal cannot be broke to the public until that hour arrives. Now, there was some reason that God let this seven voices be thundered, because it must come (See?), for the... We find that Christ, the Lamb took the--the Book in His hand, and He opened that Seventh Seal. But you see, it's a hidden mystery. No one knows it. But it--it's right along with what He said: no one would know His coming; they also would not know about this seven thunder mystery. So you see, it's connected together.
That much we have a understanding of it today, because the rest of it is all unfolded, but this is not unfolded.
575-6 {392} SEVENTH.SEAL.THE -- JEFF.IN -- 63-0324E

This quote explains it all. The understanding we have so far is that when the time arrives that the sixth Seal will be manifested here on earth, at that time the Lamb will come and take the Book, and brake the seventh Seal as we will clearly see in the next quotes.

But under the Sixth Seal, where these Trumpets opened, remember under there, we find out that the Lamb came forth, appeared on the scene. He had left the mercy seat. His work of redemption was finished. And He came forth and took the Book out of the right hand of Him that sat upon the Throne, and time was no more.
24-1 SOULS IN PRISON NOW - JEFF. IN - 63-1110.1M

The Lamb had redeemed it, but He could not come forth until every name was revealed, and that was taken place under the Sixth Seal, before the Seventh broke. Then the Lamb came for what He had redeemed. He come to claim what He had redeemed.

The Bride is sealed in with Christ. The last member has been redeemed. The Sixth Seal has produced itself. The Seventh Seal brings Him back to earth. The Lamb come and took the Book out of the right hand of Him and sat down, and claimed what He owned--what He had re-deemed.

He stood in the cloud; and He is coming in the clouds of glory. Overshadowed by a cloud; not a little white thunderhead up yonder, but the cloud that He comes in is a cloud of glory, all these angels with Him. Hallelujah! My, that's the way He is coming, coming in a cloud of glory.

Jesus will return to the earth in a visible body, for a Church, a Redeemed, the Bride, and take Her out of here.
148 SHALOM - PHOENIX. AZ - 64-0119

The Prophet tells us that "the seventh Seal brings Him back to earth" where he will take the Book out of the right hand of Him that sat upon the Throne (Revelation 5:7) to redeem the Old Testament saints and the believers of the seven Church ages according to their belief and righteous deeds recorded under the first, second, third and fourth Seal on the backside of the Book. Brother Branham had a dream in which he saw this greatest of all events unfold, he describes it like this:

I dreamed about a month after that that I was standing one day, and I was watching the great time that... Not the judgment now. I don't believe the church ever comes to the... I mean the Bride goes to the judgment. But I was there when the crowns were being given out.
453-2 THE SIXTH SEAL -- JEFF. IN -- 63-0323

We understand what the Prophet is talking about here, the Bride will never be judged at the White Throne Judgment or purified in the Tribulation, but She will go to this glorious Judgment of righteousness which he had seen in this dream. There is only one time and occasion when the crowns will be given out, that is at this Sealopening on the backside of the Book. The Prophet continues to tell us what he saw in this wonderful dream:

And the great big Throne set up here, and Jesus and the recording Angel and all was standing there. And there was a stair-steps--like coming down this way of white ivory (run down in a circle and made a panoramic like this and went out), so that all this great host standing out there could see what was happening. And I was standing back over to--way back to one side. And I was just standing there, never an idea I had to walk them steps. I was standing there, and I would see a recording Angel would call a certain name, and I know--recognized that name. I looked and way back out there, here come the brother walking, or the sister, walk up here like that, the recording Angel standing there by the side of Christ--just a dream now--and I was watching, and their names was on there. It was found in the Book of Life; He'd look out over them and say, "It was well done, my good and faithful servant. Now enter in." I looked back where they was going, there was a new world and the joys. And said, "Enter into the joys of the Lord that's been for...yours since the foundation of the world." See...

And I started walking up through there and just as I made the first step, I stopped and I thought... I looked at His face, and I thought, "I want to get a good look at Him this way," and I stopped... Why, it's going to be a wonderful thing. Don't miss it; don't miss it! By the grace of God, do all you can do, and then it will be up to God to take care of the rest of it...
453-3 TO 455-3 THE SIXTH SEAL

May God help us to understand and do all we can not to miss this meeting. This simple illustration based on the Prophet's dream and Scriptures will hopefully be useful to imprint the importance of this event on the mind of every believer.

The fifth Seal is the last one to be opened, those Jewish souls under the Altar will witness this Judgment and rewarding of the "overcomers", the saints of all ages, by the righteous Judge. After we have all been fully redeemed and walked up those steps and entered into the joys of the Lord, those souls had observed our full restoration and they do not want to be left out. Revelation 6:10 tells us what they say:

And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord,
holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood
on them that dwell on the earth?

...what happens is the Gentile Bride is selected in the seven church ages and goes up, and when it does that way, all these Jews that's martyred along there, because of blindness, (laying under the altar) God comes over and says, "You see what it was? Now, I will give each one of you a robe."
They said, "How long, Lord? Are we going in now?"
Said, "No, no, no, no. Your fellow-man, the Jews, have got to suffer a little bit, yet. They've got to be martyred like you was martyred. The beast has got to get them when he breaks his covenant."
370 -5 THE FIFTH SEAL -- JEFF. IN -- 63-0322

God does not deal with the Gentile Bride and Israel as a nation at the same time. Those Jews cannot receive white robes at this time because God is still calling the last saints to complete the number of His chosen Bride. After that Sealopening, when we all have been fully redeemed and entered into the joys of the Lord, only then can those Jews receive their white robes under the fifth Seal, because at that time God will be dealing with Israel again. This is a further undeniable proof that there has to be another Sealopening because the Gentile dispensation did certainly not end in 1963.

Revelations 6:1 to Revelations 19:21 is connected with the seventy of weeks; therefore we must stop and explain before we go further. We must stop and explain why these seventy of weeks, 'cause if you don't you'll miss those Seals, you'll miss those Trumpets, you'll miss those vials, those Plagues, those three unclean spirits like frogs, those three Woes, the casting out of the red dragon, the woman in the sun. You'll miss it all if you don't, 'cause it takes place right here in this seventieth week. That's where it takes place.

It is very sad that this most important part of the Message has indeed been missed. Revelation 6:1 is the start of the opening of the last seven Seals as the following quote clearly and distinctly tells us. It will take place after the Gospel has gone back to the Jews again, at the start of the last half of Daniel's seventieth week, just before Moses and Elijah appear on the scene. We cannot afford to miss this correct placing of the day of Redemption, the full redemption and salvation of our souls are at stake. It will be there and then, or never at all.

All this now that we see will help us by His grace as we endeavor to approach these last Seven Seals. See where we'd have missed it? From Revelation 6:1 to Revelation 19:21, we would've missed it, 'cause (See?) we'd have been trying to apply it back there in this Gentile age, where you see it's over in this age. See? Now, we have proved it by the Word of God, and by the history, and by everything, and by the signs of the times, by the days, that there's nothing else left. We're at the consummation of the Gentiles. What are--what are we going to do about it? It's my soul and your soul; it's my life and your life; it's the life of our loved ones.
193 SEVENTY WEEKS OF DANIEL -- JEFF.IN -- DA 89-141 -- 61-0806

Those souls under the Altar have to wait another three and a half years till Moses and Elijah have taught the 144 000 living Jewish saints the same Revelation of Jesus Christ as we have received. At the time of the seventh Trumpet, as Revelation 11:18 explains, the dead should be judged and rewarded (the souls under the Altar), and the servants the Prophets (Moses and Elijah), and the saints who fear His name (144 000) at their own Judgment of righteousness as the Lord Jesus had told those souls at the opening of the fifth Seal. Then, after that event, nothing will stand in the way anymore for the battle of Armageddon to take place.

And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come,
and the time of the dead, that they should be judged,
and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants
the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy
name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them
which destroy the earth.

Notice, now, exactly the continuity of the Scripture, exactly the same. Under the Seventh Trumpet is to Israel the same as the Seventh Seal was to the Church. We find under the Seventh Seal, that when these souls that was under the altar there that received robes; they were given robes, not that they earned them, because they were in the dispensation when God was still dealing with grace with the Gentiles, not Jews. Israel is saved as a nation; God deals with Israel as a nation. Gentiles is a people for His Name, not a nation for His Name, Israel.
23-1 FEAST OF THE TRUMPETS -- JEFF. IN -- V-3 N-16 -- 64-0719.1M



This is the most crucial part on the day of Redemption, it is a very important link in the whole chain of events at the Coming of the Lord. After the Kinsman Redeemer has fully redeemed every saint by judging and confirming each one as a blameless and faultless overcomer, then will He take His Own Throne as the Son of David in the heart of every Bride member. Matthew 25:31, Hebrews 1:8 and 3:6 are some of the Scriptures which confirm this essential truth.

When the Son of man shall come in his glory, and all
the holy angels with him, then shall he sit upon the
throne of his glory:
But unto the Son he saith, Thy throne, O God, is for ever and
ever: a sceptre of righteousness is the sceptre of thy Kingdom.
But Christ as a son over his own house; whose house are
we, if we
hold fast the confidence and the rejoicing of the hope
firm unto the end.

At the end, at the coming of the Lord Jesus when He has left the Father's Throne, we will meet Jesus "yonder", up in glory, after the church ages are completed. That will be the time and place when the Headstone will take His own Throne in the centre of our hearts as the following quotations explain.

We find out that first there was nothing on the Throne, and now there's Someone on the Throne so it showed that Jesus had come with His Church up into Glory and was set on His Own Throne, "Sitting on the Throne," that's after the Church age... ..."Where's His Throne at now if He's not on His Throne now? He isn't on His Throne now. No, sir.
111 REV. CPT.4 PT.2 24 ELDERS - JEFF. IN - ROJC 585-643 - 61-0101

And we are in the seventh church age before the King takes His Throne. And remember, the pyramid never did have a capstone on it.
51-2 FUTURE HOME -- JEFF. IN -- V-3 N-5 -- 64-0802

Jesus stand the Headstone on the Throne, when His saints has crowned Him the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, and He's the Headstone.
56-3 FUTURE HOME -- JEFF. IN V-3 N-5 -- 64-0802

And the Lamb was standing out here. The thunder, where the Lamb had left. Left the Father's Throne to go to take His Own Throne. Glory! Now, don't miss it, friend.
139-6 THE FIRST SEAL -- JEFF. IN -- 63-0318

Now someday He rises from the Father's Throne, and goes to take His Own Throne. Now He comes forth to call His subjects. How is He going to claim them? He has already got the Book of Redemption in His hand.

Left the Father's Throne to take His Own Throne. He now has come forth from His intercessory work to claim His Own Throne His redeemed subjects. That is what He come forth from the Throne to do.

When God made man, He made Him thus: for He made this little certain compartment in the man, for His own throne, His control tower.
E-7 LOOKING AT THE UNSEEN -- LA. CA -- 59-0410

Now, the first Throne was in Heaven, judgment seat. The second Throne was in Christ, the third Throne is in man.
236 REV. CPT. 4 PT.2 24 ELDERS - JEFF. IN - ROJC 585-643 - 61-0101

Now, the third part of the man is his spirit and his spirit is in the center of his heart, and in the center of the heart is where God comes for the Throne.
240 REV. CPT. 4 PT. 2 24 ELDERS

The Throne of God, of Christ, is erected into your heart; and He's setting on God's Throne, but in the Millennium He sets on His Own Throne; which, He swore that he'd raise up this man, His Son, David's Son, to set on His Throne.
134 TRYING DO GOD A SERVICE -- SHP. LA -- V-7 N-2 -- 65-1127.1M

In that great Millennium to come, God in the form of Christ, sits upon the throne of David; and the Church, His Bride, Husband and Wife together.
16 SIRS WE WOULD SEE JESUS -- DAL. TX -- V-19 N-8 -- 64-0304

"And they ruled and reigned with Christ," and Christ ruled with a rod of iron the nations. Then the Gospel... Then the manifested sons of God with the authority just like He had when He was here (See?), there will come the millennium in that reign (See?), upon the ashes.
723-177 QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS -- JEFF.IN -- COD -- 62-0527

Almighty God, in the form of Christ, will incarnate Himself into His Bride with the same full baptism as Jesus received at the river Jordan, to be One with God as Jesus and Jehovah God are One. That is the very reason why God created man in the first place, to live in man and direct everything through man throughout all Eternity. At this present time we have the promise of Eternal life, but at that hour of incarnation, the promise will become an unchangeable and an irreversible reality.

Notice, and when this Holy Spirit that we have, becomes incarnate to us, the One that is in our midst now in the form of the Holy Ghost, becomes incarnate to us in the Person of Jesus Christ, we will crown Him King of Kings.
161-3 THE FIRST SEAL -- JEFF. IN -- 63-0318

When Jesus incarnates Himself in His people, the very Life that was in Christ is in this person

He has been doing the work of the Kinsman Redeemer, but there will come a time that when the redeeming work will be over, and when the redeeming work is over, then he leaves the Throne of God, where He is seated now, but that is not His Throne. "He that overcometh shall sit with Me in My Throne as I have overcome and have sat down on My Father's Throne." That is not His Throne. That belongs to Spirit, God--Christ, the Lamb. It doesn't belong to Him. He is the incarnate God, see, which is the same God made incarnate.

When God gave Christ His Bride, (the Spirit gave the flesh, the Bride) He was pierced in the side under His heart, and water, blood, and spirit came forth; that become flesh of His flesh and bone of His bone. We are the flesh and bones (the Bride will be), the flesh and bones of Christ--exactly. They are the... That is His Bride.

Watch, it's the Church speaking to Him now, "waters." Revelations 17:15, said, "Waters means thickness and multitudes of people." Now, "His voice," or this Being that was standing there looking like this, Christ in His Church, as the Bride and Christ being one, like husband and wife is one; the Church and Christ being molded together into one Person, the same Holy Spirit.
...Now, Christ, molded into one, "And the voice of many waters, many people." Not just the one; it was the whole Church, the Seven Churches molded together in one great ransomed Body of the Lord.
211 THE SEVEN CHURCH AGES -- JEFF. IN -- V-26 N-2 -- 54-0512

At that day, the Kingdom be given over to the Father... He might be All in All. "While he's yet speaking, I will hear." David and Christ. David sitting on the Throne, the King over the whole human race. "And while they're yet thinking, I will know what they're thinking about; before they speak, I will answer.
67-1 CHRIST IS THE MYSTERY -- JEFF. IN -- V-3 N-7 -- 63-0728

And Jesus will not be on His Father's Throne, He will be on His Throne. And the Father will hover over the Son, which the Father and Son will be One. "And while they are yet speaking, I will answer. Before they can think, I'm thinking for them." That's right.
237 QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS -- JEFF. IN -- COD 993-1060 - 64-0823.2E

With that full baptism, the Bride will be the flesh and bones of God as Jesus was in His earthly ministry. We will not ignorantly think our own faulty thoughts anymore, and say wrong things and act foolishly any longer, but God will be in full control of every saint and think and speak on our behalf. Every thought we will have will be a Divine revelation, every word we will speak will be the infallible truth and every move we make will be an act of God. We will be no more directed and influenced from the outside through the five senses, but from the inside by the "Commander", the Son of David on His Throne in our hearts as Isaiah 55:3 and 4 explains.

Incline your ear, and come unto me: hear, and your soul
shall live; and I will make an everlasting covenant with you,
even the sure mercies of David.
Behold, I have given him for a witness to the people, a leader
and commander to the people.

That everlasting covenant with all the believing souls of all ages will be confirmed on the day of Redemption, the sure mercies of David who is a prefigure of Jesus Christ because he was a Prophet, Priest and King. As the Son of man, Jesus was the perfect witness of the Power of God, and during the church ages He was and still is the Son of God, the Leader in the form of the Holy Ghost. At His coming, He will be incarnated as the Son of David into His Bride as the Eternal "Commander" on His Own Throne. Just as Isaiah 11:4 prophesied of Jesus, we will not judge by what our eyes will see and our ears will hear, but we will then be directed by the same incarnated "Commander" Who dwelt in the heart of the Messiah. Ephesians 3:19 confirms that we will have the same baptism of the fullness of God as the man Jesus had.

...and he shall not judge after the sight of his eyes, neither
reprove after the hearing of his ears.

And to know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that
ye might be filled
with all the fullness of God.

He said, "Then when Jesus comes, then we're... And He judges you for your ministry, THEN we go back to earth and take up bodies." (Well, I--I thought about it then; that's exactly the Scripture.) Said, "Then we go back to earth and take up bodies; then we eat. We don't eat here, neither do we sleep." Said, "We eat down there. But we go back to the earth."
382-4 {407} FIFTH SEAL THE -- JEFF.IN -- 63-0322

After the full redemption of our blameless and faultless souls, and with the incarnated fullness of God in us, we will come back to earth again to pick up the glorified bodies. Then the dust of the earth can no longer hold back the bodies, because the full redemption of the believing souls includes the redemption of the bodies for the resurrection of the dead and the bodychange for the living saints. The same God Who raised Jesus from the dead will be incarnated in us, and He will quicken our mortal bodies to be raised and changed into glorified bodies.

ROMANS.8:11 But if the Spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the
dead dwell in you, he that raised up Christ from the dead shall also
quicken your mortal bodies by his Spirit that dwelleth in you.

Without this baptism of the fullness of God, the resurrection of the dead in Christ and the changing of our bodies cannot take place, because the incarnation of Christ will anoint us to have the necessary resurrection power. Then the Bride will be the last Trump, she is the instrument used by God to speak His Words to call the dead in Christ to come forth at the resurrection as the following quotations describe. The first quote explains in detail that the last living saints who have come into the Body of Christ will start the resurrection by calling those saints whose funerals they have attended or know about, just like the Lord Jesus called Lazarus from his grave. Those resurrected ones will call those who lived and died before them, and this "chain reaction" will go all the way through all the ages till Seth will call Abel, and Abel will call Eve and Adam out of the dust of the earth to conclude the resurrection of all the redeemed believers of all ages before we "which are alive and remain" shall be changed.

His great, glorious Presence shall strike the earth. "He cometh in clouds." Oh, I love that! "Clouds," there will be wave after wave, of His glory, will come across the earth, and the resurrection of the saints shall come. When that blessed Holy Spirit that's lived in their hearts, and they died, with their corpses laying there, and the tear stains over their cheeks, and things like that, they're placed out here in a graveyard. A great wave of that same Spirit, and a "whoossh," wave after wave!
"He that was last will be first, and he that was first will be last." How can it be that way? That's the order of the resurrection. I won't know nobody in the generation before me, or the generation after me. I will know those in the generation of this. And every generation will come, successfully, right as it went down. "They which were last will be first." Sure, it has to be. See? I will know my people. The next fellow my dad, will know his people; his grandfather, his people, on down like that.
Wave after wave, after wave, after wave, and the saints arising from everywhere! Won't that be wonderful?
97 THE SEVEN CHURCH AGES -- JEFF. IN -- V-26 N-2 -- 54-0512

Same Holy Spirit that saved the Lutherans, that sanctified the Methodist, that baptised the Pentecostals, is now setting in order the coming of the Lord Jesus. When it'll be so powerful, that Body will come into this group of Church that'll draw the rest of them from the grave! There'll be a resurrection! That's what the Holy Ghost is for.

Adoption time, when God can pour into us His Fullness, His Power, His Resurrection, that when the Church and Christ become so close together till Christ becomes visible among us, and raises the dead, and we go into the rapture.

And we've got to have rapturing faith in a Church that can be changed in a moment in a twinkling of an eye to go out, or we will not go. But don't worry, it'll be there. It'll be there. And when the power of this church rises, it'll bring its brethren; the power of that church rises, will bring its brethren; the power of that church will bring the other brethren; then there'll be a general resurrection. And we're looking forward to it.
21 Q & A ON THE HOLY GHOST -- JEFF. IN -- COD 407-466 -- 59-1219

... the cap's coming on the pyramid, and it's the end time, when the Christ and His church is so much alike till it's going to call the dead from the Methodist, Lutheran, and all those back there, and there'll be a resurrection. Them that fell asleep in the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh watch, will rise one of these days, to meet Jesus in the skies.
128 ELIJAH AND MEAL OFFERING - PHX. AZ - V-9 N-4 - 60-0310

You get it? These people who died in here are depending and waiting on us. So this Church has got to come to perfection in order to bring the resurrection, and they're under... souls under the altar, waiting for this Church to come to its perfection.
53-1 STATURE OF A PERFECT MAN -- JEFF. IN - V-2 N-18 - 62-1014.1M

Don't you see the church shaping up? Luther, justification; Wesley, sanctification; then come the Holy Ghost. And now, church getting honed and fixed, without spot or wrinkle, so Him that had no spot or wrinkle can come down and connect it together for the resurrection, for the church of the living God to take its flight into the glory, see.
E-157 HAVE NOT I SENT THEE -- PHOENIX. AZ -- 62-0124

Eve took Satan's lie. Mary took God's Word. And through Mary's seed replenishes the earth again through His Bride, through the Word, and will bring up the Millennium. Through that goes forth the Word, and the Word is planted into every predestinated heart, and the Spirit comes down and waters it, and they cannot die.
89-1 SPOKEN WORD ORIGINAL SEED - JEFF. IN - V-3 N-2 - 62-0318.2E

When the headstone comes, there will be a church here on earth to receive it. It will have a ministry just exactly like His. It will just go right in there, bringing up the feet--Luther--and all the rest of them for the resurrection.

The Dynamics of this Church will be a refilling of the Holy Spirit, that we have worked in a small measure, while the Headstone is coming down to unite with the Body. But when that Head and Body unites together the full power of the Holy Ghost would raise Her up just exactly like... Even the dead, that's dead in Christ for hundreds of years ago, will rise in the beauty of His Holiness and take a flight through the skies. The Dynamics is the Holy Spirit.
116 WHT. SHL. I DO W. JESUS CLD. CHRIST - JEFF - V-6 N-6 - 63-1124.1M

And now sin caused all this to happen, and God through this age is gathering up His material.
13-5 FUTURE HOME -- JEFF. IN V-3 N-5 -- 64-0802

And Jesus cannot come until a Church, a Body of believers and the ministry that He once left will have to be the same as it was then to... And then, that brings... "Them without us is not made perfect," Paul said, Hebrews 11. "Without us they cannot be perfected." They must have this ministry to raise up the Lutheran, Wesleys, and all them down through their ages.
120 QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS -- JEFF. IN -- COD 993-1060 - 64-0823.2E

For the hour will come when we will have to have rapture Power, not only to heal the body but to change it in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye. Christ will be so real into their bodies, till He can change it, by His great death and what He purchased.
95 COUNTDOWN -- BAKF. CA -- V-22 N-9 -- 64-0209

...even as Jesus would one day come and inject Himself into the human race, into human bodies, even to the extent of a resurrection wherein we would have bodies like unto His glorified one.

These confirmed and endorsed facts and prophesies are almost unknown, the other Sealopening on the backside of the Book, the Adoption, the day of Redemption and the coming of the Lord are unheard of mysteries for the greater majority of believers worldwide. The following quote tells us in no uncertain terms about the importance of the Lord's day, placing it certainly before the resurrection and it lets us know the consequences for us if Jesus does not come visibly. No, the resurrection of the dead in Christ is not the next event, not at all, the day of Redemption and the incarnation must come first.

...the Second Coming of Christ. And this great subject that we have here before us now is one of the most vital subjects in the entire Holy Writ. There's nothing so important as the Coming of the Lord Jesus. For if He does not come, we have been found false witnesses, our dead that's in the grave are perished, and there is no hope left for us if Jesus doesn't come visibly the second time.
18 SECOND COMING OF THE LORD -- JEFF. IN -- V-9 N-2 -- 57-0417



But then, if the Pentecostal message was the last message which justification, sanctification, and the Baptism of the Holy Ghost... The last three messages of the last three church ages forms the complete birth.
251-5 THE THIRD SEAL -- JEFF. IN -- 63-0320

The first three stages of them went through the dark ages, then the third three stages comes the church out from justification, sanctification, and the Baptism of the Holy Ghost again- incarnate God made manifest among us.

The third Seal includes Luther, Wesley, the Pentecostals and the Message. Justification, sanctification and the baptism of the Holy Ghost is crowned with the Message of the full revelation of Jesus Christ. The Message is spoken by the Lamb, through the voice of His seventh angel.

No denominations has a right for the interpretation of the Book. No man has a right to interpret It. It is the Lamb Who interprets It, and the Lamb is the One Who speaks It, and the Lamb makes the Word to be known by vindicating and bringing the Word to Life.
76-1 THE BREACH -- JEFF. IN -- 63-0317e

Revelation 6:5 And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third
beast say, Come and see. And I beheld, and lo a black horse; and he that
sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand.
6 And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of
wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see
thou hurt not the oil and the wine.

Now look here, “And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts...” What was it?—the Lamb! It wasn't the four beasts. The Lamb said it. Why! He's going to take His Own; that belongs to Him. Amen. “Don't you touch that Oil.” No, sir.
275-4 THE THIRD SEAL -- JEFF. IN -- 63-0320

There are many believers with different opinions, trying to establish in which Seal we are at this time. The Prophet clearly identified his ministry with the “oil and wine,” mentioned at the end of the third Seal. There has never been a greater revelation of God's Word as in this day, causing a tremendous stimulation among the saints. Brother Branham said often that the Holy Spirit is our Messenger, the mighty Angel of the Covenant, Jesus Christ, Who came down to give us the Message through His Prophet while His body remained on the Mercy Seat. He is the Lamb Who provides the oil and wine.

Now oil typifies Spirit, and wine symbolizes stimulation of revelation. Boy, I like to run all over the place! It's a wonder I didn't wake up the neighborhood... Wine is a stimulation. Glory, I feel it right now! —stimulated with joy and shouts.
271-3 THE THIRD SEAL -- JEFF. IN -- 63-0320

Call them out, Lord. May now they repent; come quickly to You and be filled with the Oil and the wine and be changed from that denominational robe of...?... death unto the snow- white robe of Eternal Life, given out by the Bridegroom...
332-1 THE FOURTH SEAL -- JEFF. IN -- 63-0321

Bringing the wealth of the world to him, into himself—into the church itself, and he's still riding. Oh, sure he is. Yes, sir! —still riding.
271-1 THE THIRD SEAL -- JEFF. IN -- 63-0320

We are still in the third Seal, the black horse rider is still riding, even in the Message. We see some Message pastors who have kept the “pennies” and became rich, and others preach the doctrines of those who sponsor them. The third Seal will continue till the last one has come into the Message.

After the doors of the Gentiles is closed, oh, God will anoint a church then. “He who is filthy, let him be filthy still...” And God will anoint the church with the Power of God...

And seeing the signs that God... Even down, as far as I know, to the very last one that the church is going to receive before the Fire falls from Heaven. The same Pillar of Fire...
195 INFLUENCE -- NEW YORK NY -- 63-1114

When the last saint who is recorded in the Lamb's Book of Life has come into the Body of Christ, the third Seal will end and the fourth Seal will start with the squeeze. The mark of the Beast will be im-posed upon the whole population of the whole world, upon every nation, kindred and Religion.

And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book... (“touch not My oil and wine”)...
304-1 THE FOURTH SEAL -- JEFF. IN -- 63-0321

The living “oil and wine” Message believers who were called and chosen under the third Seal, will be severely tested and tried at the beginning of the fourth Seal. It will bring a separation of the true believers from the others, the Holy Spirit will accomplish this in a short and powerful demonstration with another manifestation like Ananias and Sapphira had in Acts 5. The followers of any false doctrine in the Message will fall away, but those who were stimulated by the true “oil” will go all the way.

The church needs a Holy Ghost revival. It needs a house cleaning. These are eagles; don't feed them on chicken food. They're eagles. Get them out there where they have to fly or die. That's all. And God will watch over His heritage. He's n--never too far away.
25-4 AS EAGLE STIRRETH -- TULSA.OK -- V-2 N-12 -- 60-0403

And you'll either have to belong to some of those denominations or be ousted. And that's the time where we have to show our colors and be sure that we know, not a guess work, but know THUS SAITH THE LORD where you're standing.
57 THE PATMOS VISION -- JEFF. IN -- 60-1204e

You know, the hour will soon arise when—when right among us will be... the Holy Spirit will speak out like It did in Ananias and Sapphira. See, that hour is arriving.
60 COMMUNION -- TUCSON AZ -- 65-1212

It is tightening; and then when that time comes, and the press comes to a place to where you're pressed out, then watch, (what I am fixing to tell you in a few minutes) WATCH THE THIRD PULL THEN! It will be absolutely to the total lost, but it will be for the Bride and the Church.
7-4 LOOK AWAY TO JESUS -- JEFF. IN -- 63-1229e

But you young people remember that you heard a minister say that—that it will finally wind up that that is the mark of the Beast. When she forms that World Council of Churches and she will give birth to her son—the antichrist.

I believe, one of these glorious days, when this united confederation of church goes together, and the new pope is brought out of the United States and put over there according to prophesy, then they'll form an image like unto the beast. And I tell you, the true Church of God will be drove together.
87 ACTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT -- JEFF. IN -- 54-1219e

This will take place at the beginning of the fourth Seal. At the time of the squeeze, when the mark of the Beast will be enforced upon all mankind, the antichrist will be voted into his office to continue as the false prophet. Then the living saints will leave to join the dead in Christ for the day of Redemption in Glory, and Satan will be cast out of Heaven at that point in time and he will incarnate himself into the false prophet which will transform him into the Beast, the pale horse rider, who will reign and rule for three and a half years till he will be destroyed at the battle of Armageddon.

And if it be Your will, Lord, just before that Church is raptured, may there rise Power. O God, fill these vessels. Raise them up, Lord! Shake this world once more! We know it will be past time, there'll be no repentance, it'll be too far for them then.

That's the reason I do believe that when that Bride is called out and elected and set in the Book of Life, there'll come a sound from Heaven that'll take such a baptism of the Holy Spirit in—to that Bride that'll take her from the earth, in a rapturing grace.

But in Revelation 12:7-9, Satan the spirit, the devil, which is up there, now, accuser of our brethren, all right; the Church is taken up, and Satan is cast out. When the Church goes up, Satan comes down. Then Satan incarnates himself in the antichrist and is called the Beast.
170-1 THE FIRST SEAL -- JEFF. IN -- 63-0318

The third Seal includes Luther, Wesley, Pentecost and the Message. The fourth Seal will start with the squeeze when the last saint has come into the fold and the mark of the Beast will be required, it will continue to the end of the world. The Prophet said that the seventh Seal has three folds.

And now, as certain as I stand in the platform tonight, I had the revelation that revealed—It's in a threefold manner. That, I will speak to you by God's help of a fold of It.
557-3 THE SEVENTH SEAL -- JEFF. IN -- 63-0324e

Now, do you notice on the opening of this Seventh Seal, it's also in a threefold mystery. This one I have... will speak and have spoke, that it is the mystery of the seven thunders. The seven thunders in Heaven will unfold this mystery. It'll be right at the coming of Christ, because Christ said no one knew when He would return.
575-4 THE SEVENTH SEAL -- JEFF. IN -- 63-0324.2E

“The seventh angel's Message would be the last Message.” And then, oh, we find out over here in Revelation 10, “In the days of the Message of the seventh angel, the mysteries of God should be finished,” the seventh Seal would be pulled back. It should be there.
170 SHALOM -- SIERRA VISTA AZ -- 64-0112

I tried to lay that in there; and then, the Holy Spirit spoke and said (under inspiration)—said, “Blessed is he that cometh in the Name of the Lord.” And before I could say anything, I'd done said it over. “Blessed is he who believes the Lord HAS come in this.” You see?

Right here in the presence of Jesus Christ, right here where He's moving, working, infallible proofs of His being here. Here it is, ever way could be proven He's here. The next thing you will see of Him, will be His corporal body coming in glory. Then he that's filthy...

We see that the Prophet's Message is the first fold of the three folds of the seventh Seal. This first fold runs side by side with the end of the third Seal, they overlap. In 1 Thessalonians 4:16, the Bible refers to this first fold as the “shout,” when the Lord Himself descended in Spirit form from Heaven.

For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout,
with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God:
and the dead in Christ shall rise first.

Gabriel announced the first coming of Christ. And Gabriel will announce the second coming of Christ. Amen. He's the Archangel, standing at the right hand of His Majesty in Glory.

An Angel is coming to bring the separation, the segregation between the right and the wrong. And no one can do that but the Angel of the Lord. He's the One that is going to tell which is right and which is wrong... We know that this is the coming harvest time now.

Our heavenly Father, knowing that the sun is swiftly going down, time shall be no more. One day the great Archangel will step out on the scene of time, from out of Eternity. And the Trumpet of God shall sound and every man and woman will answer to what we know to be the truth, the Word of God.
E-152 PARDONED -- TUCSON AZ -- 63-1028

Brother Branham does not specifically refer to the second fold of the seventh Seal, but he explained the first and the third fold very clearly which points out what the second fold must be. It will take place at the same time as the first part of the fourth Seal, at the time of the squeeze when the Angel of the Lord will be “among us” to sustain us with His Power when the enemy will come in like a flood. Those of us who will refuse the mark of the Beast will lose all our earthly properties and we will be kept alive by the third pull until we receive the call to come up hither to join the dead in Christ for the day of the full redemption of our souls and bodies, which will be the third fold of the seventh Seal.

To everyone that hears this Word, John represented him... and he represented the entire Church; that, every man or woman, boy or girl that ever believed in Christ and accepted Him on the same grounds, he'll be summonsed someday, “Come up hither!” be caught up before the Tribulation. Remember, the Tribulation time hasn't set in yet.

Now, as soon as this Church, the Bride is drawed together, She is taken up; in that mystery of the seventh Seal, or the seventh Seal, the mystery of going.
39-4 FEAST OF THE TRUMPETS -- JEFF. IN -- 64-0719m

The Bride is sealed in with Christ. The last member has been redeemed. The sixth Seal has produced Itself. The seventh Seal brings Him back to earth. The Lamb come and took the Book out of the right hand of Him and sat down, and claimed what He owned—what He had redeemed. Is that right? It's always been that Third Pull.
50-4 SOULS IN PRISON -- JEFF. IN -- 63-1110m

That's the way the Church will be caught up in the air, in the middle of the air, and meet the Lord on His road down. Oh, what an affair it will be, love at the first sight!
148 THE TEN VIRGINS -- JEFF. IN -- 60-1211m

Now, for they, at this time, if you notice, this fifth Seal being opened, the Church is gone.
361-4 THE FIFTH SEAL -- JEFF. IN -- 63-0322

When we will receive the call to “Come up hither,” we must be ready to be translated behind the cur-tain of time to meet the dead in Christ, in that mystery of the third fold of the seventh Seal. Then the sixth Seal will produce Itself when the Lamb will leave the Mercy Seat to come to take the Book and open those other Seals to all of us, the gathered saints of all ages, the living and the dead.

Now, He's coming to receive what He has redeemed; that's His work He has done, He's come to receive it. Oh, what a time! And proving it, the seventh Seal proved it. Come back and took the Book of Redemption.
26-1 SOULS IN PRISON -- JEFF. IN -- 63-0322

He said, “Yes, Paul stands too, with his group that he preached to.” I said, “I've preached the same Message he did.” And them millions raised their hands and said, “We are resting on that!” There you are, see, right there! Yes. Said, “Then together we will go back to the earth for a body that can eat, and we drink, and live together through all the ceaseless ages there.” That's the coming of the Lord. All right.
213 THE TEN VIRGINS -- JEFF. IN -- 60-1211m

The Judgment of the righteous Bride behind the curtain of time and the third fold of the seventh Seal, which is the opening of the other Seals on the backside of the Book, is one and the same event. It is the second coming of the Lord, and then we will come back to the earth to pick up our glorified and redeemed bodies before we will be raptured to the Wedding supper. Like the forth Seal, the fifth and the sixth Seal, and the seventh Seal will continue till the end of the world, till the end of all things.



God has divided the world's population into the Gentiles and the children of Israel. For the last 2000 years, during the time of the New Testament, the Lord has called His chosen ones out of "the world of sin" to come into the body of Christ which is His Bride. When that covenant will be completed, the Bride will be raptured and God will deal with Israel once more for three and a half years to fulfil the remaining last half of the last week of the 70 weeks covenant which God had made with Israel according to Daniel 9:24 to 27.

In Genesis 3:17, God cursed the ground of the earth because of the sins committed by Adam and Eve who were formed out of the dust of the ground. Therefore, the Bride, Israel and the earth need redemption which they will receive at the end of their respective dispensations. The three steps of the seventh Seal are three separate comings of the Lord Jesus at different times to redeem the Bride, Israel and the earth independently.

First: Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him,
Second: and they [also] which pierced him:
Third: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen.

Now, do you notice on the opening of this Seventh Seal, it's also in a threefold mystery. This one I have...will speak and have spoke, that it is the mystery of the seven thunders. The seven thunders in Heaven will unfold this mystery. It'll be right at the coming of Christ, because Christ said no one knew when he would return.
575-4 THE SEVENTH SEAL -- JEFF. IN -- 63-0324.2E

...this Seventh Seal is the end of time of all things. That's right. The things written in the Seventh Seal Book, (sealed up of the plan of redemption from before the foundation of the world), it every bit ends. It is the end; it is the end of the struggling world. It's the end of struggling nature. It's the end of everything. In there is the end of the trumpets. It's the end of the vials. It's the end of the earth. It's even the end of time--time runs out, the Bible said so.
Revelation the (7th) 10th chapter and 1 to the 7th verse. Time runs out. The angel said, "Time will be no more," when that... in the days of this great thing to happen. Everything runs out in this time--the end of the... at the end of this Seventh Seal.
Notice, it's the end of the church age. It's the end of the Seventh Seal. It's the end of the trumpets. It's the end of the vials, and even ends the ushering in of the Millennium--that's on the Seventh Seal.
It's just like firing a rocket into the air, and that rocket explodes here and it goes up, and then it explodes again. It puts out five stars. One of those stars explodes and blows out five stars from it; and then one of them stars explodes and blows out five stars from it, see; it fades on out. That's what the Seventh Seal--it just ends the time for the world. It ends the time for this. It ends the time for that. It ends the time for this. It ends the time...everything just ended up on that Seventh Seal.
556 THE SEVENTH SEAL -- JEFF. IN -- 63-0324.2E

Brother Branham explains that the seventh Seal ends the time for these three stages, and each one of these three stages is itself divided into three folds. For the Bride and Israel, each stage starts with a Prophet's Message, then a final separation and preparation of the chosen ones and the concluding day of Redemption conducted by the Lord Jesus Himself. In the days of the Prophet Noah, the earth was baptised by full immersion, then it was claimed by the Blood of Jesus dripping from the cross, and it will be redeemed and purified by fire at the battle of Armageddon.


  FIRST STAGE: The seventh Seal is the end of the Church ages. It ends the time for this.
The Prophet W. Branham with the son of man ministry, the shout, calls the Bride as explained in Luke 17:30, Revel.10:7, Malachi 4:5&6.
The Angel of the Lord separates the true Message believers in a short and powerful demonstration of the Holy Spirit.
The Kinsman Redeemer, the righteous Judge fulfils Revel. 5:6 to 8:1 on the day of Redemption when He meets all the saints of all ages.

And now, as certain as I stand in the platform tonight, I had the revelation that revealed-- it's in a three fold manner. That, I will speak to you by God's help of a fold of it.
557-3 THE SEVENTH SEAL -- JEFF. IN -- 63-0324.2E


  SECOND STAGE: The seventh Trumpet will also end the time for Israel. It ends the time for that.
The Prophets Moses and Elijah call the 144 000 at the time of the 7 Trumpets and the 7 vials according to Revel. 11:1 to 7.
The Lord Jesus Christ separates the 144 000 and reveals Himself to them as explained in Zechariah 12:10 to 14 and 13:6.
The Lord Jesus judges all the true Israelites as explained in Revel. 11:18 and as foretold in Revel. 6:10 and 11.

Notice, now, exactly the continuity of the Scripture, exactly the same. Under the Seventh Trumpet is to Israel the same as the Seventh Seal was to the Church... How perfect then the seventh Trumpet and the seventh Seal is, perfectly together, the persecution of the Jews.
23-1+4 FEAST OF THE TRUMPETS -- JEFF. IN -- 64-0719.1M

    It ends the time for this.
  THIRD STAGE: The seventh Seal is the end of all things and the world.
The Prophet Noah at the end of the first 2000 years. The earth's water baptism.
The Lord Jesus at the end of the second 2000 years. Claimed with the Blood.
The Lord Jesus at the end of the third 2000 years. Earth purified by fire.

Revelation 19:11 to 21, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and His armies come from the Heavens to judge and make war at the time of the end of all things. That will be the end of the struggling world and the struggling nature, it will also end the ushering in of the Millennium at the end of the last stage of the seventh Seal.

The Bride, when She's taken from the church, then the church age will cease. Laodicea goes into chaos; the Bride goes to Glory; and the tribulation period sets in upon the sleeping virgin for three and a half years while Israel is getting its prophecy; then tribulation sets in upon Israel; and then comes the battle of Armageddon which destroys all things.



When you're sick and tired of this whole life, and you love the appearing of the Lord Jesus better than you love your food at the table, or your wife, or your children, then there's a crown laid up for you, not a crown, a gold crown they put upon your head, but a body free from pain of... crowned in the glory of God...
E-40 MAKING A WAY -- JEFF. IN -- 56-0304

...waiting for the coming of the Lord Jesus the second time in glory. How happy we should be for this great hope that lies within us, and to be able to give a answer to every man that would ask us of this hope that lies within us.
E-23 WITNESSES -- CHICAGO. IL -- 56-1004

You can speak to them on this, altogether, message that should be taught everywhere, of the coming of the Lord, and they laugh at it, and it's the most needed message in the land. But the spiritual people, the borned again, knows that something's fixing to happen, and their happy about it. Because it's the coming of the Lord Jesus the second time for His Church. But the unsaved, they don't know what it's all about. It seems to be a supernatural move.
E-8 THE CALLED OUT -- CHICAGO. IL -- 58-0109

We should know how to tell the people to prepare for this great event that's coming. If the coming of the Lord is so great, it's the most essential thing that we can do, is to get the people prepared for it. Because if He comes, and we're not prepared, then we will be left out.
E-15 GOD'S PROVIDED WAY -- LA. CA -- 59-0415.1A

For we're looking forward to the greatest event that ever happened in all human history, or ever will: the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, to catch a Church to Himself and to take Her to Himself. What a glorious time that will be. There's many great events has happened in the world, many great things, but nothing like that.

"It's the greatest moment I could think of, the coming of the Lord. That's the greatest thing that I can think of." That's why I'm here how now, is because I believe He's a coming. The most... That's the coronation of my days. That's right. When I can see Him.

He just revealed Hisself to a little handful. See, it's those who are looking for something, those who have a--a pulsation in their heart--beating, waiting, longing for something to happen. It's those who believe it'll happen, and is waiting for the event, that's who Jesus will come for, for those who love His appearing. If you love anybody, and you're expecting them to appear, you're making every preparation for it. That's the way the Church should be tonight, making every preparation for the coming of the Lord, watching every sign post.
E-17 WATCHING HIS STAR -- LA. CA -- 59-0411

We trust that You will be with us and give us a spiritual insight of Thy close coming, that we might prepare our hearts daily for that great event that's been looked for for thousands of years. Truly all nature is groaning, crying to be released.

"The greatest event that could ever take place, that thrills my heart more than anything else... to know the appearing of Jesus Christ."
That's right. Why, this mortal will take on immortality; old age will drop away from it...
My! there'd be something mentally wrong with a person that didn't love his appearing--that is, if you're right to... If your soul is right, it's a-longing.

"And He will appear the second time, to all those that love His appearing," who love and longing for it. It's a love affair.
103 THE TOKEN -- SHP. LA -- V-17 N-6 -- 63-1128.2E

I've lived since I was a little boy, and my only achievement I've ever had is to see Jesus Christ coming. I gave my life for that purpose. I still in the pulpit, as an old man, I believe the same story. And the greatest thing I can think of is to see Jesus Christ coming from the heavens to receive his own.
75 ABRAHAM THE PATRIARCH -- BAKF. CA -- V-22 N-7 -- 64-0207

I ain't afraid of communism. It's the coming of the Lord is going to catch you unprepared, is what it is, to the church.
151 GOD IS IDENT BY HIS CHAR -- BEAU. TX -- V-13 N-1 -- 64-0311

I'm interested in the coming of Jesus Christ for a church! Ministers ought to be busy about that, and seeing what the Scriptures promised today. I'm not looking for a taking over of communism; I'm looking for a coming kingdom--Jesus Christ...
E-50 WHEN THEIR EYES WERE OPENED -- BEAUMONT. TX -- 64-0312 proclaim the unsearchable riches of Jesus Christ to a dying world that's without God, without Christ, without hope--no hope of going with Jesus when He comes.
E-1 INFLUENCE -- BEAUMONT. TX -- 64-0315

The last sentence in the last quote is such a widespread reality, such a frightening fact, because too many ministers and believers are misled by the "revelations" and opinions of others, different to what God's Prophet and the Bible really teach us. As individual believers, we must prove all things and hold fast to that which is good as 1 Thessalonians 5:21 says, and we must let go and cast out every doctrine which is not according to the Word of God. This chapter of the coming of the Lord on the day of Redemption contains enough quotations and Scriptures and plain common sense for any true believer to recognise it as a truthful and most essential teaching of the end-time Message.