When we lose something of importance, we search for it everywhere. We look under and above everything, and we can't rest and have peace of mind till we find that what we are looking for. How much greater should our concern be about something missing with regard to the Word of God! It reminds us of the parable in Luke 15:8, the woman who lost a peace of silver, she swept the whole house diligently till she found it.

We see many different and contradicting concepts about the opening of the 7 Seals, we should be very concerned about it and search earnestly for that which is missing, whatever it is which prevents us from having a clear understanding of it. When we lose something, the first step is to try to trace and remember what we did just before we lost this thing. Let us use the same principle and look at some quotations preached before the Sealopening in March 1963.

"Don't you write it!" John saw the same thing, and it had already be written outside of the Bible; and had seven seals on the back of the Book, that no man could open those seals, that was them voices. Here's the Bible, written, which is a mystery Itself. But on the backside of the Bible, the revelations was shown to Daniel, say that there's seven voices to be uttered; and no man could open, no man knowed what it was. But the Bible said, and it told Daniel and also John, "That in the last days these seven voices would be known by the real true Church." You get it?

As Daniel heard the seven thunders, and forbidden; and John heard the voices, and this Book was sealed, and the back of the book was sealed with Seven Seals; but in the days of these Seals to be opened, "The mystery of God would be finished." In other words, God would be known to His Church; not in three people, but as one Person. "The mystery of God would be revealed," and when that was completely revealed, then the seven mysteries would open to the Church; because, in there, the Church would be living under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Him moving in and out and showing His signs of being alive and among us, living among us, and we're then worshipping the living Christ that's among us.
39 EPHESIAN.CHURCH.AGE -- JEFF.IN -- ROJC 131-183 -- 60-1205

The whole mystery of the Book, it's sealed up in these seven seals. This is one of the most greatest chapters in the whole Book of the Revelation. Look:
And I saw in the right hand of him that sat upon the throne a book written within and... written within (inside)... written (that's what we're reading this morning).., and... the backside, sealed with seven seals. Outside the Bible, what the Bible doesn't even say, it's sealed in here with seven seals (the mysteries of God).
92 REV.CP5.PT1.BRUISED.SERPENT - JEFF - ROJC 717-746 - 61-0611

As we analyse the meaning of these quotes carefully, we see that the contents of all 3 explain the same thing. The Prophet points here to the fact that this Book has two sections, one is the WRITTEN Word on the inside of the Book, the other section is on the back or backside of the Book, not written "within" the Book.

Brother Branham said "...and this Book was sealed, AND the back of the Book was sealed with 7 Seals". To the very best of my understanding, that can only mean one thing, that is that both sections are sealed with 7 Seals. That is the Prophet's interpretation of Revelation chapter 5, with this thought in mind, let us look closely at the following quotes.

So this is one thing they might squabble about, this in here, about what it is, but He's the One that divinely interprets It. But on the backside here there's no one can do it. It belongs to Him and Him alone, and He's the One that can reveal those seven mysteries out.
161 REV.CP5.PT1.BRUISED.SERPENT - JEFF - ROJC 717-746 - 61-0611

And I think, if the Lord willing, I want to take, the next time that we start, on the Seven Seals of Revelation, and the seven natural seals. And, then if we get through in time, take the seven seals on the back of the Book, see. Now, that may take a little time. See, there's seven seals that's opened; there's seven plagues, seven trumpets, all those sevens; and them seals we could take first. But then on the back of the Book is sealed with seven seals. Daniel heard the Voice as It thundered, and was forbidden to write it. John was forbidden to write it. But it was sealed on the backside of the Book, that is, after all of the mysteries of the Book has been given out and revealed. You notice Daniel said there, "The mysteries in the days of these voices, the mystery of God should be unfolded by that time." See, "the mystery," who God is, how He was made flesh, all these things should be unfolded by that time. And then -- then we're ready for the Seven Seals on the backside of the Book, that's not even revealed to man, not even wrote in the Bible, but they'll have to be just exactly compare with the rest of the Bible, and I think it'll be a great thing.
2 IN.HIS.PRESENCE -- JEFF.IN -- V-11 N-4 -- 62-0909.2E

Notice, the end-time messenger, his job will be to get the saints ready, the Bride ready for the Bridegroom. That will be his Message. Now you want to learn ABC's so you can study algebra later? When these other seals on the back is opened they'll only be revealed to them. That's right. Learn ABC first. What is ABC? "Always Believe Christ," (not your creed), Christ. See? Believe what He says, not what somebody else says.
249 THE.EVENING.MESSENGER -- MESA.AZ -- V-8 N-5 -- 63-0116

These last three quotes confirm the same again, 7 "natural" Seals of the written Word "within" the Bible, and the back of the Book sealed with 7 Seals also. If the 7 Seals inside the Book are "natural" Seals as the Prophet calls it, then it appears that the other 7 Seals on the backside of the Book are "supernatural".

We are still in the natural part, the ABC stage as he called it in the last quote, we receive the revealed and "unsealed" written Word through books and tapes, through the "natural" 5 senses. That's why we have so much "squabbles" about it as the Prophet foretold in the first quote of the last 3, we can see that he knew in 1961 already how the situation would be in the worldwide Message as we experience it today. But when the last genuine believer has come into the fold, then it will be time to loose the supernatural ALGEBRA mysteries which are sealed on the back of the Book. They will only be revealed to them, not a mixed multitude. There won't be any "squabbles" at that time, because the Lord Jesus Himself, "He's the One that can reveal those seven mysteries out".

There is also a puzzling question in Revelation 5:2 and 5, it says:

And I saw a strong angel proclaiming with a loud voice, Who
is worthy to open the book, and to loose the seals thereof?

Any book, or scroll, or any container which is sealed cannot be opened before the seals are broken first. That is the very purpose of the seals, to keep the contents secure inside the container, or a book. But here in Revelation 5:2 and 5, the Bible says that the Book is to be opened first, and then the 7 Seals to be loosed. We understand the answer now to the puzzling question, 7 Seals were broken to open the Book, the section of the written Word. But there are 7 other, different Seals which will be loosed to reveal the contents of the other section on the backside of the Book .

The following quote explains this revelation of two times seven Seals once again in such a way, that it can't be denied. The Prophet tells us that the 7 Seals he was coming to speak of next, was just the manifestation of the 7 Angels of the 7 church ages. That would be "when they come this time", to open the 7 written Seals . "This time" was two and a half month later at the Sealopening in March 1963.

"But, there are seven other Seals that's on the backside of the Book ..." It is very obvious and as plain as anything can be that the seven other Seals will be loosed at another time and place, after the Sealopening in Jeffersonville in March 1963.

Now, you remember when that was told there ... the angels and the Church Ages. And now in this, it will dovetail right into these Seven Seals that we're corning to speak. And The Seven Seals that we are trying to speak of when they come this time, is the Seven written Seals. And these Seven Seals, as you know, is just the manifestation of the Seven Angels of the Seven Churches. But there are Seven other Seals that's on the back side of the Book , that's outside the Bible. Notice, we will get to it in a moment.
30-1 IS.THIS.THE.SIGN.OF.THE.END.SIR - JEFF - V-2 N-11 - 62-1230.2E

Did you notice that when the Seven Seals, that followed the Seven Church Ages; when the First Seal was opened, that there was a Thunder? The First Seals in the Book was opened, there was a Thunder. Would not the First Seal on the outside Book open the same way? God doesn't change His program.
43-4 IS.THIS.THE.SIGN.OF.THE.END.SIR - JEFF - V-2 N-11 - 62-1230.2E

And when the First Seal of the Seven that was opened in the Bible, it come forth - - just one, but a blast that shook the whole thing. A Thunder. And then, if the Seals that's on the backside would open, would not it be a Thunder too? I don't know. I can't say.
43-7 IS.THIS.THE.SIGN.OF.THE.END.SIR - JEFF - V-2 N-11 - 62-1230.2E

In these last two quotations, the Prophet tells us that when the first Seal of the seven in the Book , in the Bible, WAS ( past tense) opened with a Thunder, WOULD NOT (future tense) the first Seal on the backside open the same way? He is talking about the two first Seals of the 2 times 7 Seals opened at different times, one in the past and the others in the future.



Let us look at a few quotes preached at the Sealopening of the written Seals and after that till the end of the Prophet's ministry.

And the whole thing here is Seven Seals - - got the mysteries of God from the foundation of the world all sealed up in there, and revealed by Seven different Seals; that if God willing -- let him -- let us pull back these Seals and look down through the Book and find out what it's all about.
90-6 THE.BREACH -- JEFF.IN -- 63-0317.2E

Now, the mystery of the Book are revealed when the Seals are broken. And when the Seals completely are broken, the time of redemption is over, because the Lamb left the intercession post to walk to take His claim. He was a Mediator between that, but when the real revelation happens on the Seals as they begin to break, the Lamb is coming forth from the sanctuary.
124-5 THE.FIRST.SEAL - - JEFF.IN. - - 63-0318

And now these Seven Seals that this Book is sealed with, and those Seven Seals ... Now ... and then after these Seven Seals are completed, we find in Revelation 10 there was seven mysterious thunders that John was commissioned to write but then forbidden to write those. And at the time of those thunders, we find Christ, or the Angel come down with a rainbow, and put His feet on the land and sea and swore that time had run out at that time.
283-5 THE.FOURTH.SEAL - - JEFF.IN - - 63-0321

There they are; these trumpets are let loose on the Jews (don't your see?), not on the Gentiles. The Gentiles, when them Seals is opened is sealed away. Time has ended; the Church is called.
24-4 FEAST.OF THE TRUMPETS -- JEFF.IN -- V-3 N-16 --64-0719.1M

May they take this today, that Token that I spoke of last night, hold It before them and walk into this Astronaut (grant it, Father), where visions, powers, and worlds beyond, known and, 0 God, where all the great mysteries of God is unfolded in those Seven Seals, and made known to man. Grant it, Father.
95 COUNTDOWN - - BAKF.CA - - V-22 N-9 - - 64-0209

If there is those here, Lord, who was in your thinking before the foundation of the world, surely this is wakening them up. I trust that every one of them was. And there, Father, we will know when You come, and the great book is opened, we will understand then.
191 IDENTIFICATION - - TUL.CA - - V-22 N-14 - - 64-0216

Yes, sir. My, how you forget. But let us have all of our deeds done right, because they're in a book, a record that is to be played at the day of the judgement.
20 WORKS.IS.FAITH.EXPRESSED - - SHP.LA - - V-7 N-1 - - 65-1126

Those 3 quotes from the Seals, and the last 4 preached after the opening of the seven written Seals, give us some important ideas about the seven Seals on the backside of the Book. "Them Seals" will be opened after the last sheep has come into the fold , when the whole body of the Church, called the Bride, is complete. It will be at a time of a great and mighty manifestation of the Holy Spirit in and through the Bride when the Lord will come to open the "great Book". Our personal "lifestories" are sealed in that Book, our righteous deeds and works by which we will be judged in righteousness to be confirmed as overcomers.

The following quotations confirm the indisputable fact that the Sealopening on the backside of the Book can only take place AFTER the last one has come in and is saved. Some ministers preach that this has taken place already, by predestination in the mind of God before the foundation of the world. That is a false conception of predestination, everything that God has foreseen must and will be demonstrated and displayed in it's time and season. Some of the next quotes state that the last name must be manifested and declared on earth, not only in the mind of God, and be "sealed away" before the Lamb can leave the sanctuary as an Intercessor.

And he saw the Lamb. He proceeded out; John hadn't saw Him, because He had been way back into the eternities--even making intercession...
He was there to clear you and I. And oh God! I hope He's there tonight. For every sinner, the Lamb been slain.
97-2 THE BREACH -- JEFF. IN -- 63-0317.2E

And what did He do now? He's been back here interceding until His Blood has atoned for every person, and the Lamb, now, knows what's written in the Book. So, He knowed from the foundation of the world their names were in there, so He has stood back here and re... and done mediator work like this until... mediatorial work 'til every one that's been put in the Book has been redeemed and is finished, and now He walks out. See?

Now, the Lamb in the time of intercessory back here, He knew that there were names in there that was put in there from the foundation of the world and as long as them names have never been manifested on earth as yet, He had to stay there as Intercessor. Do you get it? Perfectly--predestination. See?
125-6 THE FIRST SEAL -- JEFF. IN. -- 63-0318

Therefore as long as there was one name that had never yet been clared--declared in earth, Christ had to stay there as an Intercessor to take care of that name. But as soon as that final name had been splashed in that Clorox or bleach, then His intercessory days was over. "Let him that's filthy be filthy still. Let him that's holy--he's holy still." See. And he leaves the sanctuary, and then it becomes a judgment seat. Woe unto those outside of Christ then.
Now, notice: But it is to be revealed when the Lamb leaves His intercessory place from the Father. (Now, that's Revelation 5). Now, He takes the Book of Seals--the Book of Seals or a Book sealed with Seals--breaks them and shows them, (look) at the end of the age now, after the intercessory is over; the church ages has done finished up.

This quote spells out the sequence of events once again very clearly and explains Revelation 5 in detail. After the last one is declared on earth, the church ages will be completed, the Mercy Seat becomes a Judgment Seat and the Lamb will come to take the Book and break and reveal the other Seven Seals. To deny that or change it would be a deadly error. Let us continue with many more quotes preached during and after the 1963 Sealopening.

See, it isn't God, as we'd think, just going to hunt Him out a few thousand people of this age and take them. It's the very Elected out of every age! And that's the reason Christ has to stay on the mediatorial seat back there as an Intercessor until that last one comes in at the last age. And these revelations then of what it has been breaks forth upon the people, and they see what's happened. See? Do you get it now?

But see, the kingdom still belongs to Satan. He has still got this part in his hand because, why? It is redeemed by Christ but He is doing the part of the Kinsman Redeemer taking His subjects, until the last one name is put on that Book, has already received it and been sealed away. Now, do you got it? Then He comes from His Throne, His Father's Throne, walks forward, takes the Book out of God's hand from the Throne and claims His rights. The first thing He does is call for His Bride. Amen!

When the last subject, who's name is on the Lamb's Book of Life, has received the Message and is sealed with the baptism of the Holy Spirit until the day of Redemption, which is that day when the Lord Jesus comes from the right hand of the Father's Throne and take His Book, the Lamb's Book of Life, and open those other seven Seals. All these quotes confirm that, the Prophet's explanation of the timing of this greatest event in human history is so crystal clear that a child can easily understand it. Could anyone deny that the last one has not come into the fold yet, that it is still a future event ? We see where the Prophet said that it would be so simple that it will pass over the top of the people and they will not even see it.

"I think Irenaeus was a student of Polycarp." (That's correct, exactly.) "Irenaeus said, 'Jesus will return when the last elected member of the Body of Christ comes in'"

And so then when that last soul comes in, then the time of redemption is finished. Then the Lamb comes forth to claim His rights to what He has redeemed, and that is all creation. The earth and everything belongs to Him. See? He has redeemed it with His Own Blood. And when He come forth to take this Book to open it, why...my, they was!...John didn't weep any more.

It has been slain. After It had been slain, It had raised again and was sitting on the Throne, way back in behind the Throne like this, interceding for all those souls that would come. Then when the last one was here and it was completed, God still held the Book of Redemption. See. Now, He is just doing the Kinsman work now...

"All the Father has give Me will come. No man can come unless the Father calls him, and all He has give Me will come to Me," He says. That's it. He just--the Lamb sits there making intercession until the last one comes in. The little bell rings and He walks out and takes His possession then, see?--so, brings His Church Home, His subjects...

When the Lamb was slain, the names were put on the Book. He's standing in the Holy Place tonight in Glory as an Intercessor, making intercessions for everyone of those souls whose name is on that Book. And nobody knows that name but Him. He's the One that's got the Book in His hand. And He knows when that last one comes in, then His intercessing days is over. He comes forth then to claim what He has interceded for. He's doing the Kinsman Redeemer work now and comes forth to receive His own.

On the second last day of the opening of the seven written Seals, Brother Branham unchangeably and firmly established once again that “tonight” the Lamb was still the Intercessor and will be till the last sheep has come into the fold. He cannot intercede unless there is Blood as the next quote tells us. How can so many read this and defiantly say it is not so? God's vengeance will be terrible.

Hebrews 10:29 Of how much sorer punishment, suppose ye, shall he be
thought worthy, who hath trodden under foot the Son of God, and hath
counted the blood of the covenant, wherewith he was sanctified, an unholy
thing, and hath done despite unto the Spirit of grace?

You cannot intercess unless there's Blood there! Yes, there is one Mediator between God and man, and that's Christ Jesus. That's what the Scriptures says. There He stands and until the last soul has been redeemed, and then He comes forth to claim what He has redeemed.

The Lamb came forth, walked up to Him that had the Book in His right hand, and received the Book. Climbed upon the Throne and sat down. That's it. It was over. When?--when the seals was revealed. When the last one that was... Everything that He had redeemed...
25-2 SOULS IN PRISON NOW -- JEFF. IN. -- V-2 N-22 - 63-1110.1M

Without spot or wrinkle, She's going to be there, and the Lamb died for that purpose. Then when the last name on that Book was redeemed, the Lamb came forth and took the Book. I'm the one that did it!

But under the Sixth Seal where these Trumpets opened... Remember, under there we find out that the Lamb came forth, appeared on the scene. He had left the mercy seat . His work of redemption was finished. And He came forth and took the Book out of the right hand of Him that set upon the throne, and time was no more .

The moment the Lamb leaves the Mercy Seat, it becomes a Judgment Seat which will produce the sixth Seal at that time. We all know the manifestation of the sixth Seal is still in the future, after the last member has been redeemed by the Blood of Jesus and is sealed until the Lamb comes back to earth in the seventh Seal to take the Book and open those other Seals on the backside of the Book. That is the true identification of the “missing link,” the most important detail of the entire Message.

The Bride is sealed in with Christ. The last member has been redeemed. The Sixth Seal has produced itself. The Seventh Seal brings Him back to earth. The Lamb come and took the Book out of the right hand of Him and sat down, and claimed what He owned--what He had redeemed. Is that right? It's always been that Third Pull.

Maybe this is the last year. I don't know, friends. I'm telling you. I don't know. It'll never be told, but when God takes that last name and redeems it from that Book of Life, that's all of it.

And then, when the last name comes out, that was put on the Lamb's Book of Life, that was slain before the foundation of the world; when that last name has been redeemed, His work is finished. He comes forth to claim what He has redeemed. That makes our heart bleed. But if it went on a thousand years later, there would not be one redeemed. And no one can be redeemed unless they were put on the Lamb's Book of Life before the foundation of the world. Who are they? I don't know. Nobody else knows. See? Just God alone. I'm trusting that every one of us, our names are on that Book. If mine was on there, I'm sure to be there. If it wasn't, I won't be there, that's all.
45 HE THAT IS IN YOU -- JEFF. IN. -- V-6 N-12 -- 63-1110.2E

See, their names were put on the Book of Life, the Book of Redemption. Jesus come to redeem those that had their names in the Book. And when that last name is redeemed, the Lamb takes the Book and walks away; that's all, redemption is over, it's closed.
176 SIR WE WOULD SEE JESUS -- NY.NY -- V-18 N-7 -- 63-1112

Think deeply, friends. Might be your name is the last one that goes on the Book. We're at the end-time. Now think real deeply...
227 WHT SHL I DO W JESUS CLD CHRIST - JEFF - V-6 N-6 - 63-1124.1M

When the Lamb come and took the Book out of the right hand of Him that sat upon the Throne, that was the Book of Redemption. And all those names was put in there before the foundation of the world. When that last name was called, the Book, the plan, everything else was revealed then, the Seven Seals was opened by the Lamb.
11 WORLD AGAIN FALLING APART -- SHP.LA -- V-17 N-4 -- 63-1127

If there is someone who is still in doubt, these quotes tells us once again that when the last one has come in and is redeemed , when the last name is called, then the seven Seals will be opened by the Lamb. It will be too late for salvation at that time, and the Message will go to the lost rejectors.

And the last name goes on that Book, or, the last name that's redeemed, that was put on that Book, that settles it. He comes to claim what He redeemed. And it might be a strange time. Did you ever think: people will go right on preaching, the church will go right on even thinking they're getting people saved. It's too late then, it's all over, see, and the Message will go to the totally lost...
13 WORLD AGAIN FALLING APART -- SHP.LA -- V-17 N-4 -- 63-1127

That Church is a predestinated Church. Every name that was ever put on that Book, Jesus came to redeem. And when the last name is redeemed, the Book is closed. Now, He didn't intend that no one would be lost, but His foreknowledge let Him know who would be lost.

Therefore, He could predestinate, and then their names were put on the Book. And then when that Book of redemption is closed and sealed with seven seals, while it's being worked out by the--by the mysterious powers of God. And some day when the Book of redemption is finished, the Lamb takes It. And then the last name is called off of that, the Lamb comes forward to call for what He has redeemed, that's His Church. And I believe that time is close at hand.
9 GO AWAKE JESUS -- SHP.LA -- V-17 N-9 -- 63-1130.2E

What if it's like this? Maybe there's a little boy in here tonight, or a little girl, was born over in Seattle, Washington. Now that book holds her name. He come to redeem whose name was on that book. "Redeem" means bring back from where it fell from, and in the human race she was fell. And she can't accept it now--she's too young. So the church will slug right along, just play along. We will have meetings, and so forth, till that last person is brought in. Then that book is closed. There's no more added. Then it's all over until... When that time will be, none of us knows, but let's just keep doing all that we can to His glory until that time is over.

The last 2 quotes and the next one show us something else of great importance. When the last person is saved and redeemed and brought in, the last one who's name is on the Lamb's Book of Life, then that Book will be closed at that time and sealed with seven Seals. Then it goes into the right hand of God, and the bloody Lamb will be the only One Who can claim it at His coming.

So we're--we're trying to get every soul saved so that Jesus can come. And He cannot come until that last one that has the name on the Book of Life, that was put there before the foundation of the world, when that name is called, that's the last one then. He came to redeem, to bring back. Redeem is to bring back.
And when he brings the last one in... He's setting at the right hand of God tonight doing His mediatorial work. And when that last soul is saved that was redeemed and seen and knowed by God before the foundation of the world, when that last soul's saved, that closes the Book. Then the Lamb comes out and takes the Book out of the right hand of Him that sets upon the throne. Then it's... then He's coming then. He's coming to the earth.

The last quote, preached a year after the Sealopening of the written Word, summarises and verifies the whole subject in such a understandable way, it is just like reading a report in the newspaper. But despite the simplicity of it, these facts are almost unknown in the Message worldwide. The following quotations were preached AFTER March 1963, they repeat once again that the Lamb has not yet come forth from the sanctuary. He has not yet taken the Book, it is still a future happening.

Grant it, Lord, that the Kingdom of God will soon be established in the earth. You are coming for Your delegates. One day the Lamb is going to leave the sanctuary, come forth to take the Book out of the hand of Him Who is the deed Owner of it.
216 GREATER THAN SOLOMON - HOT SPG. AR - V-20 N-11 - 63-0628.2E

Now you see the Seals? When He was in His mediatorial work back there redeeming. But some day He comes forth to get this Book that He's redeemed, and all that's in this Book will be Him...
75-3 CHRIST IS THE MYSTERY -- JEFF. IN -- V-3 N-7 -- 63-0728

There's no more mercy. When the Lamb takes the Book, that's it. That's all of it, and it looks a whole lot like it could be now. Maybe we have another day. Maybe today is that day.
56-1 SOULS IN PRISON NOW -- JEFF. IN. -- V-2 N-22 - 63-1110.1M

As you people here's had the tapes on the seven seals, when the Lamb come forth to claim His redemption, what He'd redeemed, time was finished then. He's in the work now, doing the work of redemption. But some day He walks from the sanctuary to take up the book of redemption that He's purchased with His own blood. Then the hour's over. He comes forth then to claim what He has redeemed.
E-86 CONFERENCES -- TUCSON. AZ -- 63-0608

The Prophet explains here in this last quote that the tapes of the seven Seals, the opening of those seven written Seals in March 1963, opened and "unsealed" all the previously hidden mysteries to us so that we know what will happen at the end of time, and be able to prepare ourselves now for that greatest event in human history. These veiled secrets were concealed in the Bible throughout all the former ages and were revealed by the Holy Spirit and the seven Angels through the endtime Prophet to make ready and groom the saints which will be alive and remain unto the Coming of the Lord, Who will come down to earth to claim His Bride.

He's already redeemed us, but He hasn't took the possession yet. He cannot until the time appointed, and then will come the resurrection, and then the earth will be renewed again, and then He will take possession, His possession which He got when He redeemed us, but will do it at the appointed time. Oh, my.
This is described in this seven-sealed Book that we're talking of now. All right. The Book of Redemption, it's all described in here. All that what Christ WILL DO AT THE END will be revealed to us THIS WEEK in the Seven Seals if God will let us. See? All right; it'll be revealed. And revealed as the Seals break and are released to us, then we can see what this great plan of redemption is and WHEN and HOW it's going to be done. It's all hidden in this Book of mystery here.
90-1 {140} BREACH.THE -- JEFF.IN – 63-0317E

"THIS WEEK," from the 17th to the 24th of March 1963, during the opening of the seven written Seals at the Branham Tabernacle in Jeffersonville, this great plan of Redemption was revealed, exposed, uncovered, explained, unveiled etc. It foretold what Christ WILL DO at the END, and WHEN and HOW He will come as the Kinsman Redeemer from the right hand of the Father on the day of Redemption, when the plan of Redemption will be fulfilled in Glory on that great and dreadful day of the Lord.



Brother Branham, like any other Prophet of the Lord, must stay word by word with the Bible, the written Word. He could only reveal what is already written in the Bible.

I've brought you the gospel . I have not called myself this. But you have said that you believe that God called me to be His prophet. What does the word "prophet" mean in Hebrew? A divine interpreter of the written Word. The Word of the Lord came to the prophet or the seer. I told you the truth.

This same principle applied even to the Lord Jesus when He came the first time. He came as a Prophet like unto Moses as the Bible predicted in Deuteronomy 18:18. He was the Messiah, and He referred to Himself many times as the Son of Man which is also a title given to Prophets like Ezekiel and others . In Luke 24:27 and 44, Jesus explained to His disciples that His whole ministry was according to the Scriptures, as it was recorded in the Bible. Luke 24:

27 And beginning at Moses and all the Prophets, He expounded
unto them in all the Scriptures the things concerning Himself.

44 And He said unto them , these are the words which I spake unto
you , while I was yet with you, that all things must be fulfilled, which
were written in the law of Moses, and in the Prophets, and in the
Psalms, concerning Me.

In this last verse, we see that the Lord Jesus ( the man ) told His disciples that during the three and a half years of His Son of man ministry, He had told them all things (the hidden mystery) which must be fulfilled, as it is written by Moses, the Prophets and in the Psalms (written Word). He was the endtime Prophet for the Jewish dispensation.

We have the Message of a son of man, the end time Prophet for the Gentile dispensation. Revelation 10:7 explains that in the days of the voice of the seventh angel (the man ) ... the mystery of God (the hidden mystery ) should be finished, as He has declared to His servants the Prophets (who wrote the written Word).

The meaning of Luke 24:44 and Revelation 10:7 is the same, Brother Branham's ministry was the "unsealing" of the written Word only. He explained that time and again before and during the Sealopening.

The Book that is written within is then completed, when this.. . all those mysteries have finished to be sounded. Now, let me read it again, so you will be sure. Now look: But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, (the last angel ) when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished ...
36-1 IS.THIS.SIGN.OF.THE.END.SIR - JEFF - V-2 N-11 - 62-1230.2E

The Book that is written within is then completed when this angel ceases. Now please understand this! When the Seventh Angel's message is completed: the godhead mystery, the serpent' s seed mystery, all the other mysteries of all these things
36-7 IS.THIS.SIGN.OF.THE.END.SIR - JEFF - V-2 N-11 - 62-1230.2E

Notice, the Book written . When this angel finishes all these loose-end ministries that through the battle they fought Luther, fought in Wesley, fought in the Pentecostals, fought ... but there is
coming one, says the Bible, that in the days of his sounding, all these mysteries ... The Oneness run off on Jesus' Name.
37-2 IS.THIS.SIGN.OF.THE.END.SIR - JEFF - V-2 N-11 - 62-1230.2E

Now there is writing on the inside of the Book, but the backside had Seven Seals on the back of it that wasn't written in the Book. Now, this is the revelator talking - - John. Now remember it wasn't written in the Book, "And in the days of the voice of the Seventh Angel all this mystery that is written within should be finished". It should be taken care of in that day.
Now do you see what I mean? Are you following me?
37-4 IS.THIS.SIGN.OF.THE.END.SIR - JEFF - V-2 N-11 - 62-1230.2E

But in the day of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished as he hath declared to his servants the prophet. Now, see, the mystery of this seven-sealed Book will be revealed at the sounding of the seventh church angel's message. See? The seventh angel begins to sound, and there's the Messages wrote out there, and we got it in tape and book form.
73-3 THE.BREACH - - JEFF.IN - - 63-0317.2E

... the sounding of the Seventh Angel's Message, the mystery of God should be finished that's been declared by His holy prophets. (That's the prophets who has wrote the Word.)
72-2 THE.BREACH - - JEFF.IN - - 63-0317.2E

And today I have been studying as usual and trying to think of the things that would be more appropriate to say and the - - how to say it and then depending on the Lord to give to me the interpretation and meaning of this Word that's written. And I am grateful to Him for what He has done for us through the week that we ... of the opening of these Seals.
229-5 THE.THIRD.SEAL - - JEF.IN - - 63-0320

Now, I have to say this just the way it comes to me; and then ... And if it come to me and didn't compare with the rest of the Scriptures, then God never give it. See, the Scriptures has to ... everyone; it's just one great big thing, like that. Scripture has to agree with Scripture, and anything contrary to the Scripture ... If that Angel of The Lord told me anything that wasn't Scriptural, I wouldn't believe Him.
267-4 THE.THIRD.SEAL - - JEF.IN - - 63-0320

And then I thought, "Well, what is it, Lord?" And I walked up and down the floor awhile. I'd kneel down and pray, go back and pick up the Bible, sit down, and read - - walk back and forth. And then all of a sudden when I got quiet, there it just unfolded like that. Then I'd grab a pen right quick, and go to writing it down like that, whatever I was seeing or doing - - watching it like that 'til I got it wrote down. Then I'd take the rest of the day to go down and trace this out and see if it tied all the way down through the Scriptures. Then it - - "prove all things." See.
569-1 THE.SEVENTH.SEAL - - JEF.IN - - 63-0324.2E

After March 1963, the Prophet refers back to that Sealopening many times, and he always confirms that the written Word, the Bible, had been revealed. It was the winding up of all the Scriptures, all the loose ends which the reformers left out.

Look here where we're at: right here at the top of the pyramid; right here where God has proved it, that the Bible through the seven seals has perfectly been revealed, waiting only now for them seven mysteries right at last, on the Coming of the Lord and the Rapture of the Church that might happen before morning. Oh, my!
193 WARNING.THEN.JUDGMENT - - JEFF. IN - - V-8 N-3 - - 63-0724

The seven Angels, which brought forth the winding up of all the Scriptures because all the mysteries of the entire Bible lays in the Seven Seals. We know that. That is... The Book is sealed with that. It's the mystery of the entire Book laid in those Seven Seals that the Lord let us bring, and there's man sitting here today was right there present with me when it happened.
22-4 SOULS.IN.PRISON.NOW- - JEFF.IN. - - V-2 N-22 - - 63-1110.1M

So the Message of the Seven Seals, in their closing, that's the Message of the entire Bible. The Seven Seals closes the New Testament and sealed it up, that is true. Now, we know that that is by prophetic utterance, by scientific, and by the Word. Three has give the witness to it, that it's the truth.
24 HE.THAT.IS.IN.YOU - - JEFF.IN. - - V-6 N-12 - - 63-1110.2E

And He sent me back, said that the time was at hand for these Seven Seals which held the seven mysteries of the entire Bible, was sealed in with these Seven Seals. And how these angels down along the road, messengers of the Church Ages, opened to a certain part of that. But in the seventh hour, the seventh messenger, that all these mysteries should be finished. See?
64 SHALOM - - SIERRA.VISTA..AZ - - V-13 N-5 - - 64-0112

Immediately after that, the Angels of the Lord appeared and told about the Seven Trumpets - - or the Seven Seals; and I was to return back here to Jeffersonville and preach the Seven Seals. And there if I've ever said anything that was inspired, it was in that. There where the Angel of the Lord met us in a... The Bible become a new Bible. There It opened up and revealed all the things that the reformers and things had left out. It was the complete revelation of Jesus Christ, altogether new to us, but perfectly, exactly with the Scripture. That was the Word which has always been. I was so inspired and directed.
7-4 FEAST.OF.THE.TRUMPETS - - JEFF. IN - - V-3 N-16 - - 64-07l9.lM

...and said the Seven Seals of the hidden mysteries of the entire Bible would be opened and fulfill Revelations 10, that in the Seventh Angel's Message these things should come to pass! This day this Scripture is fulfilled before our eyes! This day this Scripture is fulfilled.
23-3 THIS.DAY.THIS.SCRIPTURE - - JEFF.IN - - V-3 N-8 - - 65-0219

Theologians has had different ideas, but since the opening of the Seven Seals, the mysterious Book that's been mysterious to us... According to Revelation 10:1-7, all the mysteries that's wrote in this Book that's been hid down through the age of the reformers is supposed to be brought out into view by the angel of the last church age.
30 WHO.IS.THIS.MELCHISEDEC - - JEFF.IN - - V-3 N-10 - - 65-022l.2E

It is to prophets. And the Lord said He did nothing, in His unchanging Word we just talked about, until first He shows His prophets. And the end time, them seven seals that this Bible has sealed up, the sevenfold mysteries of all of Christ, has to be revealed first, and it can only be brought to a prophet.
178 DOES.GOD.CHANGE.HIS.MIND - - L.A.CA - - V-18 N-4 - - 65-0427

But since the opening of those Seven Seals, of them Angels just behind the mountain yonder, This has become a new Book. It's the things that's been hid, is being revealed as God promised in Revelation 10, He would do it. And we are the privileged people that God has chosen, of the earth, that we might see and understand...
77 GOD'S.POWER.TO.TRANSFORM - - PHOENIX.AZ - - V-16 N-5 - - 65-0911

The Book of the Revelation is the last Book of the Bible. It's sealed to unbelievers. In there the Bible says in the 22nd chapter, "Whosoever shall take one word from It or add one word to It, I will take his part from the Book of Life."
74 THE.RAPTURE - - YUMA.AZ - - V-5 N-14 - - 65-1204

So we're living in the Laodicea Age, and these Seven Seals that's held that Book is a mystery to people, should be open at that day. That's what He promised. Now, it won't be nothing outside the Word, because you can't add to the Word or take from the Word. It's got to remain always the Word. But the revelation is to reveal the Truth of It, what it is, to make It fit with the rest of the Scripture.
76 THE.RAPTURE - - YUMA.AZ - - V-5 N-14 - - 65-1204

There are many more quotations like these in the Message, but these few are enough to prove the point that the Prophet, right up to the end of his ministry, identified the opening of the seven Seals in March 1963 as the Seals of the WRITTEN Word only. The seventh Messenger's ministry was to reveal all these previously hidden Scriptures, all the doctrines and teachings of the entire Bible. There is not a single quote between March 1963 and December 1965 which declares that the seven Seals on the backside of the Book have been opened and loosed.

Brother Branham was told that his Message will forerun the second coming of Christ, not fulfill it, but forerun it. Malachi 4 says that he would be anointed with the Spirit of Elijah, to turn the hearts of us end-time believers back to the teaching which the Pentecostal fathers had at the beginning. This must take place before the coming of the Lord, before the great and dreadful day of the Lord.

I will restore, saith the Lord." So help me, I make this prophecy . Before the coming of the Lord, the true apostolic faith , the true apostolic teaching , the true Bible Spirit , the true, It's on Its road now, trying to eat Its way up, grow out again.

And, behold, in the last days I'll send to you the Elijah, the prophet, and he'll change the thoughts of the people, turn the hearts of the children back to the apostolic Teaching of the Bible . And it shall be Light about the evening time."

Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Paul, James, Peter, John and Jude wrote about the coming of the Lord on that great and dreadful day. It is the greatest day for those who are ready, and the most dreadful day for those who will miss it. They called it the Lord's day, the day of Redemption, the Judgment of the righteous and the fullness of Adoption, and Brother Branham linked all those Scriptures of the apostolic fathers with the opening of the seven Seals in Revelation 5 to 8:1. The 1963 opening of the written Seals was for the end-time Bride only, but the other Sealsopening will be for all the saints of all ages, from Adam to the last one. This is another confirmation that there are 2 times 7 Seals opened at different times.

And it come from Adam all the way down through all the apostles, and prophets , and everything else, and nobody was found. Now, what about that? Nobody in heaven, nobody on earth, nobody that ever lived... Elijah was standing there. Moses was standing there. All the apostles were standing there of--of all the ones that had died , all the holy men, Job, the sages . Everyone was standing there , and nobody was worthy even to look at the Book, let alone take It and break the Seals .
93-1 {159} BREACH.THE JEFF.IN 63-0317E



We started off with this question. How could the seven Seals be opened, and yet, according to the Prophet, the corporal body of the Lord Jesus is still on the Mercy Seat? We understand that He has to leave the Mercy Seat first, before He can come and take the Book and proceed to open the seven Seals.

The answer, the identification of this "missing link", is the fact that this Book mentioned in Revelation 5 has two sections. The first one is the Word "written within", and the second section is on the backside, sealed with seven Seals. Brother Branham tells us plain and clear that both sections are sealed with seven Seals. He said time and again that the seven "written" Seals, previously hidden in the Bible, were opened in March 1963 when he was anointed by the Holy Spirit and the seven Angels to reveal these mysteries to prepare us for the other Sealsopening on the day of the Lord.

And now, the opening of the Seven Seals that was given by the Holy Spirit , the Seven Seals only was to make known what had been left off in the dispensations behind us.

The physical, corporal body of the Lord Jesus remained on the Mercy Seat. But one day, after the last Bride member has been manifested and declared on earth, and has accepted the Message, and come into the Body of Christ and is saved, redeemed, filled with the Holy Spirit and sealed away, then He will come from the right hand of the Father's Throne. First He will gather all His saints of all ages together somewhere yonder, the living and the dead, and then He will appear in our midst "as He was slain" as John in Revelation 5:6 explains. Then He will take the Book and loosen the seven Seals that are on the backside of the Book. That will take place when time shall be no more, it will be the fulfillment of Revelation 5:6 to 8:1. That is the true revelation of the Message.

And there wasn't nothing, nobody in heaven, or in earth, or anywhere, was worthy to come take the Book, or to even to look on It. John wept with great... Because the whole Book of redemption was there. It was at the meeting the other night, that little Assembly of God brother and sister sang that song, "I wonder if John saw me when he saw all the nations gathered. Did he see me ?" Sure he did, if your name was on that Book . And when... John's name was on it too, and he wept because there was nobody that could touch It.
127 HARVEST.TIME PHOENIX.AZ V-18 N-6 64-1212

Did John see me also? I am sure he did see me present (Revel. 5:9) when he was translated into that future day of the Lord in Glory where this great event will take place, as Brother Branham was told behind the curtain of time. This appointment with the Lord Jesus should be the utmost priority for every believer.

With this fundamental understanding, everything else will unfold wonderfully, we will continue with this subject in many more chapters, to see the whole Message come together to present a more complete picture of the Word of God.