This web-site is dedicated to sincere Christians and to the followers of the Endtime Message which was delivered to us through the seventh Messenger and Prophet William Marrion Branham. The various chapters are intended to assist and clarify the essential parts of the Message of our time for any believer who wants to search for all the truth of God’s Word as it is written in the Bible and interpreted for us by Brother Branham.

At this present time, we find many different groups and "camps" within the confines of the Message with widely opposing views on doctrines. After closely analysing the progression of the Message since 1977, we can see a definite reason how these diversities came about. The cause and origin, more than anything else, is the placing or misplacing of the undisputable fact that the corporal Body of the Lord Jesus, the bloody Lamb, will at a certain time leave the Mercy Seat, the right hand of the Father’s Throne, and come and take the sealed Book out of the hand of Him that sat on the Throne to loose the seven Seals as explained in the Bible in Revelation chapter 5:6 to 8:1.

After about 1985, 2 groups emerged worldwide within the Message which changed the common unity experienced until that time. One faction proclaimed that the Lord Jesus has left the Throne, the right hand of the Father, and that there is no more Blood on the Mercy Seat since the Sealsopening in March 1963. They are very adamant about it, they see no possibility that it could be any other way. They insist that they have lots of proof to confirm their belief, but there is not a single quote to definitely verify and validate that concept.

The other group endorses that the Lord Jesus is still on the Mercy Seat, they have a lot of proof and many quotes to back up their doctrine. But they have no answer to the obvious question of how the Seals could have been opened in March 1963 without the Lord Jesus leaving the Mercy Seat. He has to leave the Mercy Seat first before He can take the Book and loose the Seals thereof.

Over many years, scores of diverse groups, and beliefs, and interpretations have emerged all over the world, but almost all of them have their roots in one of those two conceptions. But as the Prophet said many times, where there is a Bible question, there is also a Bible answer. That is what this web-site is all about, to provide and confirm that answer, to search for that “MISSING LINK” which can connect those seemingly contradicting beliefs. This will have to be done in such a simple way that everybody can understand it, as long as it is exactly according to the Bible and the Message to bring about a unifying conclusion and consolidating effect upon the Bride of the Lord Jesus Christ. The following chapters are supposed to do just that, we hope and trust that every believer who visits this web-site will study it with an open heart as diligently as the Bereans did in Acts 17:11.                                                                                                 
                                                                                                  Emil Fichter

To enable the reader to clearly distinguish the differences in the text, my comments are written in green, the quotations taken from the Prophet's Message are printed in blue, and the Scriptures from the Bible we print in black.

All the quotations printed in blue are taken from a computer programme which is a accurate transfer of the verbal message taken from the more than 1100 magnetic tape recordings preached by Brother Branham.

The last numbers at the end of the title beneath the quotations represent the date when that particular sermon was preached.

Example: 65-0728 = was preached on 28 July 1965